Antergos Repo Priority

What Is It?

The  antergos-repo-priority package is a utility that automatically determines if the Antergos repo appears after the Arch repos in  /etc/pacman.conf and if so, saves a copy of the file as   /etc/ , adjusts the priority of the antergos repo, and then notifies you of its actions advising you to review the new file and then replace your /etc/pacman.conf with the modified copy.

What Do I Need To Do?

If you have not modified your pacman configuration file in any way from the default that came when you installed Antergos then you can simply replace your current file located at /etc/pacman.conf with the modified version located at /etc/pacman.conf.pacnew.

If you have made changes to your pacman configuration file (eg. added any custom repos) you should review the pacnew file to ensure that everything is okay before replacing your current pacman configuration file with the pacnew file.

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