Installation Fix for Ukranian users

Installation Fix for Ukranian users

If you live in Ukraine, you will surely have already heard of that particular server blocked by the internet providers.

because the first mirror which is automatically selected for you is based on domain (which is blocked by most of your ISP’s).

Because this fact you will receive the error message: “cannot create download package” 

Here’s what may serve as workaround (close the installer and open a terminal, by moving the mouse in the upper left corner of the screen and type terminal, the terminal icon will show up and you can click to it or just press enter):

Edit your mirrorlist:

nano /etc/pacman.d/antergos-mirrorlist

and comment the row that contains domain (it should be the first one)

But also the sourceforge mirror from Automated Mirror Selection can use a banned server, as sourceforge auteselect nearest mirrors too so it would be best to also not use this one!

That it looks like this: 

#Server =$repo/$arch

# Russia #Server =$repo/$arch

Then run cnchi (the installer) again (from terminal)  with these parameters:
sudo -E cnchi -dv --disable-rank-mirrors

Now you will be able to install Antergos!





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