Antergos based Simple Home Server

Last updated 6/15/2018 - 6/18/2018

Why would you want a home server?  You can put all your data on the server and utilize a smaller Hard Drive or SSD in your desktop/laptop computer.  You can share files between multiple computers.  Why have music files, pictures, etc. duplicated on multiple computers?  Put data files from multiple desktops in one place that is easily backed up, instead of backing up multiple computers.  Makes it a lot more convenient if you have hardware problems on your computer.  Data recovery is not necessary as any important data will be on the server computer.  If you have a lap top that is used for both home and business use, you can put your personal data on the server and leave the business files on the lap top and keep things separated.  The list goes on.

If you are not comfortable at the command line, this how to should go a long ways to getting comfortable with CLI.

The How to / Tutorial itself is a link to a LibreOffice .odt file.  The reasons being that the user can print the how to out and follow along while installing without having a additional computer to read the how to from.  The user can easily jot down notes on the paper copy as they go along.  It makes it easier for me to edit and maintain the how to on my own server.  The how to is quite lengthy so it is not eating up disk space on Antergos's server, and when the how to is uploaded the bandwidth is from my web server and not Antergos's server. 

If you have any questions, constructive comments, or a way to make it more easily understood, feel free to contact me.

Click here for LibreOffice Version

Click Here For PDF version








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