As you know, Antergos utilizes the rolling release model. With a rolling release model, all of the packages that make up the distribution receive updated versions as they are released by upstream developers. Unlike most other distributions, the state of the Antergos package “ecosystem” is never frozen and is very much a moving target. Because of that, our installation media is unique in the way it performs the installation.

When you download an Antergos ISO, you are not downloading anything that will actually be installed onto your system. The ISO simply provides an environment from which you can run our installer. The installer downloads the latest version of each and every package that it installs to your system. Which of course means an internet connection is required in order to install Antergos.

Many users have requested a smaller ISO. Some said they have very slow connections, while others were downloading the ISO at an off-site location. Though it took us much longer than we would have liked, I am happy to announce the immediate availability of the new Antergos Minimal ISO! In order to reduce the file size we stripped out everything that was not essential to running the installer. When we say “Minimal”, we mean it. There is not web browser, no terminal emulator, or any other applications. The only thing you have to interact with is the Installer.

So, I bet you are wondering how we did it? We started with only the packages from the core repo and then selectively installed only what the installer required to function. We went with Openbox to handle the window management and user session. We installed tint2 so the network applet would have a home on the screen. For the wallpaper we chose nitrogen. So how well did we do? Well, let me just say that I was/am a little disappointed that we couldn’t get it any lower than we did. Though, if you compare it to the install media of most other distributions (instead of comparing it to our default ISO) then I’d say we did pretty damn good. Take a look at the numbers:

ISO ImageFile Size
Linux Mint 17.1 64bit1.4GB
Ubuntu 14.10 64bit1.1GB
Fedora 21 64bit1.4GB
Antergos Live 64bit838MB
Antergos Minimal 64bit467MB


Are you ready to try the new ISO? If so, be sure to stop by the download page and grab a copy! So what’s next? We are discussing the possibility of building a Live ISO image for each desktop that we support, though no decisions have been made. We are also considering ways we can minimize or eliminate the downloading of packages during installation. Apart from the ISO, we’ve been working hard on the next release of our installer. We plan to release a beta of Cnchi v0.8 very soon, so be sure to monitor our blog if you want to take it for a “spin”. Cheers!



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