How to disable touchpads tab-to-click while typing in Gnome

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If you want the tab-to-click-feature of your laptops touch-pad to be disabled while typing, there is a handy command for:

syndaemon -i 0.5 -t -K -R -d

la "0.5" defines, that 0,5 seconds after the last keystroke the touchpads tab-to-click is inactive (no special keys like the superkey are affected). la -d argument make s it a daemon, it runs in the background.

It is possible to start this command during boot. Create a file in the following "hidden" directory in your home folder (Press "h" so see hidden directories while using the gnome filemanager):


the mane of the file is not important ("touchpad-config" for instance), but it has to have the following ending:


In our example, it would be:


After that, make the file executable as a program (Filemanager => properties => rights management)

Open the file with an editor (gedit for instance) and paste the following into the file

[Desktop Entry]
GenericName=Dont touch me while typing!
Comment=Blocks tap to click while typing
Exec=syndaemon -i 0.5 -t -K -R -d

Save and reboot. This method could also work with KDE, after changing the last line of the script accordingly. I you want the feature to be disabled, simply delete or rename the script and reboot. Alternativly, you can slay the daemon by listing it with ps -x an using the kill command.







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