deepin Topbar and an easy tweak

deepin Topbar and an easy tweak


The topbar is something that just completes the whole desktop experience. It comes with a bunch of plugins/modules which lets the user choose to have some plugins/modules active in the dock and some in the top panel. I was on the hunt for a clock, haha! No matter how hard I try I never get used to the look of the deepin dock-clock. Plus to slide open system preferences just to get a clear glance at the time can feel like a step too much. So topbar was the answer.

Install "deepin-topbar" via AUR, download, let it build and launch it from the app grid. Right-click and choose it as an startup-item.



At the far-left you have the topbar menu. Go to "Preference setting" and tick/untick modules to be shown. The clock shows the date by default, and there is no obvious way to remove it so that the clock just displays the time - or is there?


Open ~/.config/deepin-topbar/Time/config.json and make it like this:


"Format": "HH:MM",

"Is24": true


Log out and back in or end the topbar process and start it again to see effect.

deepin Topbar 24-hour clock without date


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