The Wonders of the Holy Land

Holy LandDiscover the Wonders of the Holy Land, the birthplace of the world’ s three largest religious groups; the Hebrews, Muslims and Catholics.

This is an extraordinary event where you will hear the strongest prophecy for Hebrews, Christians and Muslims. You will also see on our screen the most important places in Israel and some of the landmarks revered by the world’ s religions. See why believers continue to pilgrimage to these holy sites. What do they hold in their hearts and of their faith?

Filled with unexpected surprises, you will also get to know a prophet slave who predicted with unerring accuracy the destruction of Jerusalem 600 years before it happened. How did he know this? Was he in contact with supernatural forces?

You be the judge, after watching the fascinating presentation of The Wonders of Holy Land. You will be fascinated by this event and we explore and discover the Holy Land together.