Call For Beta Testers: Numix Frost Themes 3.0 and LightDM Webkit2 Greeter 0.2.3

by | Nov 3, 2015 | Changes/Bug Fixes, General News |

We need your help to ensure that the following packages are ready to be moved into our stable repository!
Numix Frost Themes

Numix Frost 3.0 Beta

Our Numix Frost Themes received the following changes:

  • Gtk3 theme was completed rewritten using the Sass CSS preprocessor (thanks to @Satyajit from Numix).
  • Cinnamon theme was updated with many bug fixes and refinements (thanks to @zagortenay333).
  • All other components, received bug fixes including Gnome Shell, Gtk2, Xfwm4, & Openbox.

LightDM Webkit2 Greeter 0.2.3 Beta

Our LightDM Webkit2 Greeter received the following changes:

  • Add lock_hint property to JavaScript API (for use in greeter themes)
  • When launched as a lock-screen the greeter will behave more like a screensaver.
  • Added fade-out animation when the greeter exits.
  • Old and broken default theme has been replaced by the antergos theme.
  • Code prettify/formatting.

Ready To Install The Packages?

The packages can be installed with pacman on the command line or with the Pamac GUI after adding our staging repo to your pacman.conf. Head on over to the Wiki for the details!

Don’t Forget To Report Bugs Over On Github!

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