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Even though we're located in a secretive nuclear bunker, rebuking authorities regarding the rights of individuals, that doesn't mean we're cold and non-communicative to our clients. We hold the highest esteem for your business. Our team is reaching out to our clients every day, providing them with the best possible service. Our goal is to create long lasting business relationships. Despite the fact that most of our clients want to stay anonymous, we managed to get a few testimonials:


Norton by Symantec - CA, United States - "Our experts are dedicated to protecting and educating people around the world so they can go boldly, not blindly into the ever-changing landscape of the Internet." Click here for more info.


John McKinzie - Tucson, AZ - "I was happy to find a hosting solution where I could test new torrent and social media technology research without having to worry about the DMCA knocking down my door."


Timofey Khruschev - Moscow, Russia - "I was concerned that my technical research in animation would be confiscated by my powerful competitors if I located it on an secure server in Russia. I found the CyberBunker and have been able to sleep at night. Thank you!"


Bao Tan - Beijing, China - "I run news and blog agencies in China. My government try to get my sites offline many times. I am so happy our servers are hosted at CyberBunker! We are allways online No Matter What my government says! Freedom of speech for all!"


Hans-Dieter Mayer - Berlin, Germany - "Before I moved to CyberBunker I was chased by bodies that pretended to protect the rights of artists. As we all know, most of them are only there to fill their own pockets. Since I was no longer vulnerable to this kind of extortion, I became a very successful entrepreneur.."


Hans Pandeya - Boston, MA - "CyberBunker is music to my ears. The Pirate Bay, one of the world’s most popular BitTorrent search engines, is used world-wide to search and download unauthorized copies of films and other copyrighted content. Despite all the challenges, the world's largest BitTorrent search engine is still available anywhere. Guess why?"


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