Located in Switzerland

Independent hosting in Switzerland will guarantee no interruption due to legal threats.


We are looking for lively interaction with users and a great community concerned about privacy in the digital world.


We still offer all the downloads which are no longer available at TrueCrypt.org.

Non Anonymous

Anonymous development on a security relevant Project is no longer an option. The TrueCrypt.ch team will stand with their real name!

In Development

Two teams, CipherShed and VeraCrypt, are currently leading the TrueCrypt replacement initiative. And that is very good news. We work with both teams for the better of the community.

Real OSS

The ongoing complete (100%) rewrite of the TrueCrypt code by Ciphershed is a massive undertaking and will take its time. In the mean time we put together the whole TrueCrypt Source into a github repo: feel free to clone.