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Channel Awesome has come under fire for sexual grooming, assault, and firing its most prominent producers! Current damage control includes blocking everyone on Twitter and posting an apology that's more half-assed than their content today!
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This page contains an hero.
Nostalgic Meme
(Mr. Glasses reviewing 'Kickassia')
Family photo
Mike Michaud, Founder of TGWTG.
Often mistaken for Hellboy's Albino twin-brother.
The god unfunny awful hosts of TGWTG (except for the AVGN... yet). $ is something only one of them is seeing a lot of, and that person isn't even on their shitty site to begin with. Anyone else either jumped ship to IRL or became an hero thanks to their fuckery. / Channel Awesome (AKA Mike Michaud's Home for Battered Ex-ScrewAttack Members and Rejected YouTube Partners) is a website consisting of several terribly unfunny video contributors drowning in a sea of equally terrible member content. It is the Auschwitz of video sites due to all the Jew contributors producing videos there.

A typical Channel Awesome video usually entails a cosplaying cam-whore awkwardly staring at the camera while trying too hard to be witty, sarcastic and funny in a Charlie Brooker-esque manner. They either miss the point of several factors in a TV show/movie/video game, nit-pick the most trivial flaws, or miss out on potential gags. This is all done while being cut between video cameos of other TGWTG members having pre-scripted, poorly acted arguments. Along with 99% of the videos being commentary on other media, most of their "humor", forced memes, and general identity comes from repurposing, parodying, or outright stealing from other movies/TV shows/whatever, so next to nothing they make is actually theirs... much like Carlos Mencia. They get around this by capping off their 20 minute shows with rushed 10 second snippet reviews so as to vaguely qualify as "commentary" for "fair use".

These are then all followed up by several pages of ass-kissing or butthurt fans, saying how excellent or incorrect their chosen messiah is. These same people then travel on over to Wikipedia, TV Tropes, and other similar sites to rewrite the relevant work page to conform to their opinion and spam the site with as many unfunny quotes and failtastic memes as they can possibly shoehorn. It's an effect not quite unlike the cancer that is killing /b/.

I know it's just a bunch of 20-somethings having fun, picking on the easy targets for laughs, not truly an attempt at academic criticism, etc etc. Still, he's getting a little too used to confining himself to TGWTG where he can say or do anything and hordes of fans will jump in to spew blind praise before they even finish watching it, as well as pounce on anyone who criticizes him. Kind of ironic, really, that the "critics" on this site surround themselves with fans that stifle any criticism.


— Finally, somebody with a brain on this site!

Lubed up and ready to go.

After Doug Walker was kicked off YouTube, a bald, fat man by the name Mike Michaud immediately jumped on the chance to give Doug his own website so he could suck in 10,000 fucking dollars a month from his loyal monkey. Mike also founded Channel Awesome so he could make even more money from the internet's many man-children, and ultimately decides which talentless hack can post reviews on his website. Most of these reviewer parasites follow the shtick of giving themselves Ad-Lib-style names like "That (Noun) with the (Noun)" or some variation of "Critic" in honor of their sugar-daddy who lets them distribute their shitty videos on his egocentric website.

Mike Michaud[edit]

One of the men behind it all. Mike Michaud was a guy who worked in a warehouse before he saw Doug Walker online and came to the thought "Hey, I could be a manager and get money out of him". Unfortunately, Mike Michaud is instead a bald dumbfuck whose appearance displays exactly what implies. His only method of management is to sit on his ass and play Xbox all day, jerk the dick of what guy is earning his shit minstrel troupe money, engage in the classic act of sexual discrimination to anyone of the opposite gender, and blame everything that goes wrong on the female half of his "entertainment group". He also actually believed his shitty managed project of Barfiesta would destroy Facebook, that doing any IRL connecting and self promotion would just be a waste of time, valued any braindead untalented fuck just like him on their crack team of intrepid rifftrax spewers, and even performs loophole seeking contractual exploitation and conning people out of what he says he will reward people with, including stealing shows from under a creator's nose, supporting scam level e-begging campaigns if he ever goes into the red, and firing you if he decides to not play Halo that day and if you are busy that day. As we can see, they are truly on the wings of victory over the winds of success (lol more like catching fire and getting torn up in a tornado of fail)

Nostalgia Critic[edit]

Moar info: Doug Walker.

The Nostalgia Chick Contest[edit]

Moar info: Nostalgia Chick.
Nostalgia chick face weenies.gif

Being the pimp that he is, Nostalgia Critic held a competition allowing whichever female user could suck his dick dry to partake in reviewing shitty stuff with him under the moniker the Nostalgia Chick. Three contestants entered.

Lindsay Ellis is a smug leftarded, Mactarded, vegetarian, nigger-loving, passively self denying Eurocentric feminist hypocrite film student with a shit degree from San Diego that reviews movies and TV shows catering to young girls. After swallowing every last drop of NC's cum with a smile on her face, the Dudette quickly found herself crowned the Nostalgia Chick. Upon seeing a very special work of art from a loyal fan, she quickly pondered quitting the internet, only to review Armageddon in September.

When Lindsay suspends her feminist rhetoric, she routinely over addresses racial stereotypes even in the subtlest to nonexistent instances. Through such feats as dancing like a retard in public and dragging her fat, ugly nerd friend Nella into all her videos, she actually some how manages to be less funny than Doug. She currently reviews pop culture music in an attempt to prove that women are useful for more than making sandwiches and being beaten/raped (SPOILER ALERT: They aren't), and further digs up her ass to pull out anything made out of smug and the secretions of that implanted organ of a film major Bachelor's degree in order to prove her unsurprisingly shortsighted first world only included view of the world and whatever shit stinking excuses of an attempt at criticism.

Nostalgia Chick's BFF.

Despite Lindsay's loudly espoused Current TV hipster politics, every male fanboy on TGWTG never fails to praise even the worst video she shat out, including a half-assed review of the Last Unicorn where she literally went hiking and "improvised" her analysis (read: she pulled the script right out of her ass). Although she won't date any of her fans (unless the individual is either a black person or a curry muncher), her fans collective sexual desperation stands as the only explanation for their mindless devotion, which extends to grossly overpaying for anything this bitch touches. For instance, when she was selling her useless crap on eBay to help pay for her Master's Thesis, her $0.25 bow tie sold for over $500 fucking dollars. Even GoddessMine couldn't pull a trick this good. Unfortunately, so long as their fans remain permavirgins devoid of any dignity, Lindsay Ellis will stand above criticism in the eyes of her fans.

It has come to the attention of fans (who might not give a shit) that Lindsay had an abortion. Apparently, her mother was raped at one point in her life and had one too(it was a shame it was not her). So she decided to make a film about her dead fetus. Literally days after this premiered, Doug Walker thought it would be funny to do a It's a Wonderful Life parody. In this travesty of a one sketch, it involved Lindsay being successful and didn't have the abortion if Doug was never born. Thanks for keeping it classy, Doug.

In January 2015, Lindsay ended her association with Channel Awesome and retired the Nostalgia Chick character. Talk about a total ABORTION, AMIRITE

That Chick With The Goggles[edit]

That Chick With The Goggles Vore

Krissy Diggs, a person of African descent who, true to her stereotype, was the most useless contributor, making a plodding video once a year that was about a minute long. Apparently, her lack of contributions were due to a computer virus which compromised her security and, in the process, deleted fucking everything. Looks like someone should have taken Computer Science III. Her last appearance was a very small bit in Kickassia, but who can blame her for wanting out after that?

She eventually stopped contributing after TGWTG stopped paying Krissy with Watermelon and Fried Chicken for her videos, and was sick of being TGWTG fap material. The Goggles did nothing.

Since all three were in the finals, and the fans were about to riot and kill everyone due to the possibility of their favorite fap material going away, Doug gave The Dudette the title of Nostalgic Chick while the rest would be allowed to continue posting crappy videos to the site.

Inked Reality[edit]

Inked Reality is Channel Awesome's latest foray into whoring out another site, but after learning their lesson with Bar Fiesta and Blistered Thumbs, that their viewers are too Autistic to click on a site that isn't splattered with Doug's face, decided to keep them on TGWTG.

Inked Reality is to its subject as Blistered Thumbs to vidya games, a bunch of overweight perma-virgins bleeting on about shit noone cares about. But this time them bitching about either comics, animu or reuploads of animations from newgrounds.

With the exception of their second poster boy, Linkara and Happy Harry, Inked Reality is populated by contributors no one watches, hence the rather sparse amount of names below...

Blistered Thumbs[edit]

Blistered Thumbs

Blistered Thumbs (previously named: Bored Shitless) was created when TGWTG decided they weren't ripping off AVGN enough. So realizing that the Internets really didn't give a shit about a review site unless the subject matter was video games, they desperately whored up a bunch of random video game reviewers from all over the Internet, the majority being ScrewAttack (an actually funny site when compared to Blistered Thumbs) rejects.

Since Doug has received far too many complaints from his cock worshippers, the admins have finally decided to give this pile of shit its own site. Ironically, however, more and more people are visiting TGWTG in order to watch this shit (probably because nobody cares about movies, just video games). So one can now notice Nostalgia Critic updates being rammed up the ass of visitors to the site because nobody gives a shit about Channel Awesome's precious leading manchild anymore. Angry Joe posted a video begging kids to copy/paste existing articles from better websites and rewrite them. They're not compensated for their work and they won't get any real credit for college or the actual journalistic field, but hey!, at least you could get know the staff from Channel Awesome and participate on their podcasts and crossover movies (a.k.a Shitassia 2: Electric Boogaloo).

As Blistered Thumbs own site has been launched it appear that nothing has change from the typical bullshit content we've seen time and time again. In response to this a thread was created on their forums asking for answers. In place of that we get mouth breathing tards who suckle the teats of their fellow creators. Even some of their staff gets involved in this mess. The OP tears open every asshole of fellow staff members in their home territory and much lulz ensues.

The site ultimately closed since it became clear that nobody gave a shit about it.

Oh, and how they all got fired?

They were all given texts by Mike Michaud telling them to clean out their desks. PROFESSIONAL!!


Name Still on TGWTG? Network Notes
Kaylyn Dicksion Saucedo, is TGWTG's obligatory weeaboo dyke crowdfunding her life in some shack in California, once spent the majority of her time blithering about her latest convention attendance and ranting about why cartoons/animation suck these days besides anime, but now just endlessly prattles on about her boyfriend Vic Mignogna and hypocritically making jokes about rape.
Pirate jesuotaku by eframtrabbit.jpg
Jesuotaku, or "Jacob" Hope Chapman is an ugly girl to man tranny and post E-famous whore now going Hollywood level infamous. Long time a Reject Weeaboo, Jesu has long gone under the radar due to being a That Guy with The Glasses hack contributor of poorly acted half assed reviewing and criterion analysis of the Japanese animation medium of Anime. She's currently trying to get back into YouTube reviewing again and is starting another kickstarter that she won't honor.
Obscurus Lupa is another unfunny addition to the cesspool that is TGWTG. When TGWTG realized that the site was a complete cockfest, they foolishly decided that the proper remedy was to get more women reviewers (IRON LIZ DOES NOT COUNT). Her main claim to fame was, aside from aging faster than warm milk, starting the #ChangeTheChannel hashtag with MarzGurl and Holly "Two-Tons" Brown.
Lewis Lovhaug is a pro-feminist, neo-con closeted bisexual sick fuck who currently spends his time reviewing comic books on Channel Awesome, where he pretends he was never a bad webcomic writer with Sonichu-level art skills and a retired man-slut who hung out on adult websites in search of cock.
Rsz btsage 4746.jpg
Bennett the Sage
A fat, shit stupid clone of Mr. Plinkett as if he was the guy's own basement dwelling son, and makes even pork pie hats look like fedoras. Don't be fooled by what he reviews; this guy is so oldfag of an anime fan that he just up and dropped watching anime in 2000 and jerks himself off to his own self satisfaction whenever "classics" come on. Hell, his "reviews" need fifty thousand quotations because many of them are the parrot and switch tactic of ripping off what the fuck Doug does most of the time, only with anime. All this fat fuck is is just a whiny, smarmy laughable dysphoric diseased dick who plays nothing but video games and make fun of things or Spoony Rage at that which don't meet his criteria of "being anime enough" over a form of animation that isn't even meant to appease his smarmy unfunny shit head, or is more laudable and manlier than him. Even other hardcore otaku think this guy is a tryhard wannabe faggot who skims over anything he reviews and does it for a quick buck. Once was a "rival" to Hope Chapman because of their anime tastes; unsurprisingly, showed us why anime fags like him can't get laid, even with the opposite gender in the fandom. Unsurprisingly was a "reviewer" on Blistered Thumbs before it choked on a dick.
Angry Joe Liar.jpg
Joe Vargas (aka Angry Joe, AKA Hungry Joe from his recent huge weight gain) is one among the festering shitpiles of video game reviewers on That Guy With The Glasses He is of Puerto-Rican heritage, so that makes him half-beaner. The batshit insane Joe produces a multitude of videos such as Let's Plays, movie reviews, angry rants, first impressions and the most popular, his Angry Reviews.
ToddInTheShadows Real Face.jpg
Who cares?
Kenneth Munson is a hideous creature from the swamps who needs to wear a mask in order to hide his ugly mug. Tries to come off with a Phantom of the Opera persona. Doesn't work. He is also a staunch anti #GamerGater, and it doesn't take much to trigger him. Literally just Tweet to him "I support GamerGate" and he'll fly off the wall (block you).
An unfunny retard who's gimmick is 9gag tier English jokes like drinking tea and saying m8. Reviews sequels because it's easy to tear into films that everyone knows are crap by just reading the title. Now became popular after leaving TGWTG for eating weird shit for weeks at a time.
Mike Ellis
Who cares?
TGWTG co-founder only noteworthy for being a massive pervert who sexually harassed multiple people despite being married, and got so pissed at one person for rejecting his advances that Michaud got some people to act as bodyguards for her so he wouldn't try anything.
Film Brain - Shit Eating Grin.jpg
A balding autist and with a speech impediment that forces him to extend the last vowel of every sentenceeeee. No one knows if he does this deliberately or if he was born with such an ear-raping voice. Either way he should do everyone's ears a favour and put his tongue in a blender and go live in the woods.
Who cares?
Token nigger. Reviews rap music, because that is what niggers like.
Brad Jones Fell Of A Porch.jpg
Brad Jones
Channel Awesome
pretty cool guy reviews porn and makes movies on bread crumbs but soft spoken because he constantly is being pleasured in the ass due to work employer relations.

Still at TGWTG as he's best buddies with Nostalgia Critic.

Guru larry.jpg
Guru Larry
Channel Awesome
Like Brad, another cool guy & Former television host. Reviews games that nobody cares about, as they were only released in England. Hates DarksydePhil, but then again, who doesn't? WPFavicon.png Guru Larry

Still at TGWTG because he thinks it's funny.

TGWTG - Needs More Gay.jpg
Needs More Gay
Who cares?
No, that is really the name Jamie Maurer went with. Being a complete faggot he actually believes that movies should have more gay instead of less.
Some Jerk with a Camera
Who cares?
Tony Goldmark (also known as: Some Jerk with a Camera) reviews theme parks in either Disney or Universal. Tries to be either a cross between Weird Al, Dr. Demento, and The Simpsons; but even then... we could include some more politically incorrect 4chan jokes; but nope, he's a feminist, and he wants none of that. Once got kicked out of Lego Land for looking like a pedo (srsly)
Rocked Reviews
Who cares?
Rocked Reviews (Luke Spencer) is a type of rock reviewer that's worse than either Todd in the Shadows or Rap Critic would ever do... making his content painfully unfunny and boring at the same time. Unlike Todd, his only saving grace is he hasn't gone full SJW for some Nostalgia Chick poon.
TGWTG Foldable Human.jpg
Foldable Human
Who cares?
Dan Olson is a pedophile, who tried to frame 8chan for pedophilia by downloading tons of CP onto his computer only to reupload it to his own website, for educational purposes. He still has the originals just in case. Recently this CP-peddler had a bit of a spat with TFYC where he said they were thin-skinned and asked them Archive today-ico.png to delete their account.
Finally, in the middle of September 2011, The Amazing Atheist had parted company with TGWTG. Leaving in a hissy-fit and bitching he left because TGWTG kept placing his videos at the bottom of their schedules and that they "only looked after their own". Soon after his depature, he went banana.
James Rolfe is the man that Doug Walker owes his entire existence to for ripping off his Angry Reviewing style. From a stupid crossover rivalry fight scene to a 30 second cameo in the biggest internet travesty possible, James has really shown how far off the deep end he's gone for self whoring. Still, James one day hopes to make a movie that is similar to Kickassia. On another note, you have to wonder how awkward it is when Guru Larry and The Game Heroes run into him whenever the folks at TGWTG invite James to a get together.
Spoony Rage.jpg
Missing, Presumed Dead.
Spoony was fired from TGWTG when his videos got too edgy for them to handle.
TGWTG LittleKuriBoh.jpg
Team Four Star
LittleKuriboh is the man responsible for Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series. He's also a big TGWTG fan boy and thought it would be great to do crossover videos with Spoony in order to get into the TGWTG family. In the end it backfired, but now he's with Team Four Star and likely doesn't care anymore (he did do a crossover with Doug, though).
Jewfag rider kick.jpg
Weeb that provided guides for playing old, untranslated Japanese games. Committed suicide in 2014. Was revealed to have been sexually grooming underage fans and contributors in a botched attempt at damage control on Mike Michaud's part in 2018.
For their shittastic Third year aniversary To Boldly Flee, Doung and Rob and co deliberately ASKED him to make shitty Babylon 5 style CGI and special effects "in parody". However, when audience backlash got severe and when Doung's penis shrived back into his crotch, they intentionally pressured and put all of the blame onto Phelous. Joke's on them; one of the many who have talent left you the shit you asked for. The Customer is never wrong, right?
Who cares?
Jason Pullara, or his moniker Lordkat "Lardass" is one the biggest faggots to ever be on TGWTG. He is a near 40 something edgelord guido of a cynical pedant fro Staten Island who lived in his parent's basement all his life, and saw the opportunity to Jew out even more, and was offered a better deal than TGWTG, which he turned down. Which explains why he currently works as a Encoding Engineer at Talkpoint, and not as a web content creator. His only contributions to the internet were telling Spoony to fuck off and kill himself for great justice and failing to start up TGWTG's Porn section by having sex live on streaming internet. Lately is hosting TL;DW videos bawwing about TGWTG and potentially explosive drama for having been on the roster of cum dribbling dick sucking for cents at a time and revealing up bit by bit of how big Doug's, Rob's, and Mike's cocks are. Currently proudly boasting about his molehill of a shit YouTube channel and lurking around KiwiFarms to cover his ass through dicksucking while forever failing at business and failing to garner any charisma to a real audience. Lesson learned: Don't lurk around your parent's basement forever, you'll get as entitled as this.

*Official status with CA currently unknown

**Never actually made videos for CA

Their shit movies[edit]

ThatGuyWithTheGlasses Babies.png


In 2015 AD, Lordkat reveals the truth[edit]

When he isn't being the opposite of Chris Farley (ie. an unentertaining self pitying self righteous myopia diseased obese nerd who acts like a dick to make up for the fact that he is a fucking backlogged asshole joke of a human being), Lordkat is also a most valuable source of information regarding what and what have the Walkers and Michaud have been doing behind the scenes of That Guy With The Glasses.

Sometime in 2013, Lordkat was kicked out faster than anyone on This was because IRL at Magfest 2013, the group did a live stream session but forgot to turn off the camera. A few minutes later, Lordkat and a woman soon came into the room and began to have sex. Say what you will (and believe us, we've said a lot), but at least Lardass here got pussy and the entire world got to witness it, unlike.... well, everyone else above.

Aside from that eye blinding affair, Lordkat was kicked out with less of a goodbye and more of a fuck off, compared to Spoony, who gave away his position as a woman raping serial killer along being a total hardkore gamer faggot, but was serenaded with dick lapping affection by both his fans and the Walkers and Michaud for how much money they brought them. We know what you do Noah. Quit hiding it.

Two years after having totally hid away from the internets and having lost his fanbase for "sexual assault", Lordkat then popped back out from the black hole he created by his weight and proceeded to go back live on camera. Thankfully, this is where he provided nonstop eyewitness evidence and backtalk on what TGWTG truly does off camera.

Be forewarned, all of this is TL;DR, but for what it is, Lardass lays it damn thick on all of these fucktard thinskinned twofaced double standards hypocrite faggotasses. Have fun.

Oh, and enjoy Wednesday the 13th gift. We found out how Lardass's lonely concave penis is going to die one day.

More Evidence[edit]

As of 2015, Mike Micheaud gives off a very professional case of CEO management and inner company synergy bonding. This all includes:

  • Firing ObsurusLupa when she didn't respond for 15 minutes, when in fact he was never ever available in the years prior to talk due to him playing X Box One all day!
  • Refusing to post up videos and firing people off hand at his own whim and without any warning!
  • Lacking integrity and lacking the proper discipline and dedication to making a great internet show site!
  • That Doug, Rob, and Mike are sexist pussy wrecking assholes, and that Lupa was confronted by Mike who proceeded to insult her for over an HOUR!
  • That Doug, Rob, and Mike literally did suck the cock of Spoony when he was big and gave him better treatment to him due to how he brought in more ad rev than anyone else with talent and less exposure!
  • Revealing that the Indie Go Go Campaign of 2013 was all a MASSIVE scam and that NONE of the things proposed were to EVER manifest because they were severely fucked in the RED!!

And so, the biggest award for worst managed entertainment group is.... THAT GUY WITH THE GLASSES!!!!!

Welcome to the Real World Channel Assfuck[edit]


Apparently they are rallying a campaign to fight the powers of the "nasty icky no good Google and Youtube" and stick up for the little man.

First, watch some of their content.

Next, digest and come back to this video to see if he is telling the truth.

The answer is no he is not telling the truth.

Long story short, That Guy With The Glasses got knocked back to Google after being king of Blip, and reality slowly set back in that, well, his content fucking sucks.

What happens when they get their shit taken down?

Well, whine like a bitch!

For this vid, go to 56:52 and watch the sparks fly.


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Rule 34 Gallery[edit]

Rule 34 Gallery About missing Pics
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See Also[edit]

  • Doug Walker
  • Angry Video Game Nerd - Future acquisition for TGWTG after James realizes that ScrewAttack, being money grabbing cunts, have milked him for all his e-fame is worth. Probably the other way around these days Coffin's already sealed and on the cremation conveyor belt. Who TGWTG will be begging for to help get them out of the hole of Satan's ass.
  • Asalieri - Writes the negative things about them here, still to this day.
  • Irate Gamer - Although Blistered Thumbs had made some sort of joke video saying that they were going to add him very long ago, the funny part is that even Bores is too good for a site like that.
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Another program featuring reviews of poorly constructed films, only actually funny.
  • ScrewAttack - Arch nemesis of TGWTG and the animal testing lab of contributors Mike Michaud liberates. entertainment group that the shithead trimuvate utterly faceplant nosedived into Diaper Mountain failing to outpace.
  • The Rapping Dog - See it for yourself.
  • Video Game Reviewers - Potential future Blistered Thumbs fodder.
  • Zac Bertschy - A lulzworthy case of weeaboo oldfaggotry and Gamergate levels of information tampering through animu news. Relevant because he's married to
  • Jesuotaku - Yeah. This weeb. Had an affair years in the making by using member Nash Bozard as her ex boyfriend, and is in with Zac in his escapades.
  • Linkara - Hmmmmmmmmm?
  • SaturnDOS - Devious troll that has attacked Channel Awesome in the name of Clay Claymore.
  • And nothing of value was lost

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