I Took My Dog To The Dismal Swamp

You probably think visiting the Dismal Swamp with your dog sounds pretty awful. Sort of like staying in a gloomy hovel, hiking through the dreary landfill, or playing in the dog park from hell. But you’d be wrong.

Listen To Your Dog

The wind whipped up white caps in the marina. Masts etched the clouds as they swung back and forth. And the trawler was bucking like a bronco at his first rodeo. The pit mix on board looked distressed. But his people had not learned the first lesson of building trust–listen to your dog.

Visit Beautiful Annmarie Sculpture Garden. It’s Dog-Friendly!

A dog-friendly art museum? Yep, it’s the Annmarie Sculpture Garden (one of a few dozen pet-friendly museums in the United States). And we were thrilled to see it with Honey the last time we landed in Solomons, Maryland.

Boat Dog? Everyone Should Have One

Boat dogs make great crew. I’m surprised every boat doesn’t have one.

Honey and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

…with apologies to Judith Viorst… Sometimes you have a day where things go from bad to worse. Luckily, my dog Honey always rises to the occasion.

2019 Pet Blogger Challenge

Nine years! Nine years, baby! And we’re still blogging. Happy to join our host, Amy Burkert of GoPetFriendly.com for the virtual block party every pet blogger looks forward to. If you want to join the fun, answer the challenge questions on your blog and link to the hop.

Travel Through 2018 With Meander

What did the Meander crew do in 2018? Sip cocktails in the cockpit while Honey relaxed with a chewy? Or sail in calm breezes with dolphins leaping in our wake?

How NOT To Train Your Dog With Treats

Want to know how not to train your dog with food treats? Follow my lead. Because I really blew it.

7 Fun Ways To Enjoy The Chesapeake Bay With Your Dog (and a giveaway!)

Maryland has many pet-friendly spots to enjoy. But the one GoPetFriendly chose as best in the state on their Ultimate Pet-Friendly Road Trip? It’s also our home (at least part of the year)—the Chesapeake Bay. You don’t have to live on a boat like we do to enjoy visiting the Bay with your pet. Here […]

How To Tire Your Dog Out On A Walk

We don’t always have time to take Honey on a long walk. But we know how to give her a workout even when a walk is short. If you need to tire your dog out on a walk in a short distance, work their brain instead.