Patch #7 - New content, one million copies sold & trading cards live!

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Wolfenkalt Gerade eben 
Aw, no round shield :(
Savage Patrick Gerade eben 
Can you guys take a look at the servers ping rates? They seem to have started to creep back up since the last time you fixed them and for me at least, at times in combat where i swing or someone swings at me, my ping rates spike from 48 to 70+, this is in DM/TDM/Frontline currently.

But thanks for the patch and new map, they look interesting, when i can find a server that holds a steady ping, ill actually try and have a go at it.
Mr. Dennis頁 Gerade eben 
Disgusting update. Why would you fix "Toolbox structures no longer bump the player between building stages". The votekick abuse is understandable, but fixing this, the only thing you are going to achieve is to dramatically ruin the extra entertainment we get.
Lord Fap Gerade eben 
Lifell Vor 2 Minuten 
@perochialjoe, they nerfed the attack speed:

"Active stab releases reduced slightly on the following weapons: Halberd, Spear, Billhook, Bardiche alt mode, Poleaxe, Eveningstar, Zweihander main mode".

Just test it ingame for now :).
✞ Livianus Atilius ✞ Vor 6 Minuten 
Nubbarus Vor 6 Minuten 
Nice patch, looking forward to play again
I.Wilt Vor 7 Minuten 
very good tbh. well done devs imo
✠✗ 4ŦRIGGΣR ✗✠ Vor 8 Minuten 
Interesting, interesting, need to look at it)))
perochialjoe Vor 12 Minuten 
Why would you buff shields? And then couple that with increased damage across the board to plate? The game is already infested with shield + fast weapons and now there is even less incentive to learn how to use advanced mechanics. The balancing just got significantly worse with this patch.