Updated: March 20, 2019

What are Heritage Months?

Heritage Months make space to celebrate specific cultures and identities from around the world. These celebrations are an opportunity for the people from these cultures and identities, and people who are not, to share in the complexities and beauty of each cultural identity. Throughout the year there are many nationally recognized heritage months, and even more events that happen within each month and articles to celebrate these cultures. 

Why are Heritage Months Important?

It’s important to celebrate cultural heritages and other identities for the people who hold such identities, but it’s also important to ruminate about how these same groups have been historically oppressed and marginalized in the United States. Heritage Months make necessary space for this sort of examination while also uplifting and acknowledging the many contributions that have come from oppressed and marginalized communities. These celebrated months also encourage people who don't hold these cultures or identities to engage with these communities to learn cultural history, and examine how identities are framed in society.

What is this page? 

The Washington State Bar Association is dedicated to helping build a more diverse, equitable and inclusive legal field. One of the ways that we show support of these three pillars is by promoting Heritage Months. For each month we try to provide a culmination of articles and events that center the cultures and identities being highlighted. 

Calendar of Heritage Months


None to Date


Black History Heritage Month


Women’s History Month, Irish-American Heritage Month 


National Deaf History Month  (March 13- April 15)


Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Jewish American Heritage Month


Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month, Caribbean American Heritage Month


None to Date


None to Date


Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month  (September 15- October 15) 


National Disability Employment Awareness Month


National Native American Heritage Month


None to Date