My First Month After Gilmore’s Groin Surgery

Following on from my diary posts from my first 10 days after Gilmore’s Groin Surgery, here is an update on how things are going. As stated in previous posts, the main reason for laying this out so publicly is that there is too little information on what someone experiences post-op from this surgery, and if my experiences help take the worry out of it for just one person, then it will have been worth it.

You can find the other two posts here – Days 1 to 5 and Days 6 to 10.

Day 10 seems like a world away now – at that time I was in quite a bit of pain, having sleepless nights (having to sleep on the Sofa just to be comfortable) and gentle peddling on the exercise bike was freaking me out.

In the next few days I managed to increase the amount of walking I could do and this was coupled with an increase in pain (albeit less of the sharp pains), an increase in mobility and a decrease in the dizzy spells I was having. I could decrease some of the pain by removing underwear at night. I suspect the dizzy spells were because of a lack of circulation with me being stationary for large parts of the day. That increase in mobility brought a new concern where I started to notice that one of my testicles was considerably larger than the other – although this was worrying, it was also on the same side as my operation so I tried to put this down to post-operative swelling.

By the end of the second week I started doing some exercise bike work – the previous movements became less disconcerting and I could do 25-30 minutes without too much discomfort (any discomfort from this was abdominal rather than in the original hernia injury site). I’d also started doing my day job again, albeit working from home (this helped take my mind off any pain and kept me busy for large parts of the day – it also kept me in contact with my work colleagues so that my eventual return to work wouldn’t be half as bad!). The main issue with working at home is making sure you keep mobile.

Also, at the end of week 2, I had my first post-op bath. I was a little bit concerned about getting in and out of the bath, but it was was worth it as it helped sooth away some of the aches and pains. I also managed to return to my bed at the end of week 2, and started having some better nights of sleep.

Looking back, 2 weeks seems a very short time to have the main post-op pain, but while you’re in the moment it seems like forever. If you’re reading this and in the post-op situation yourself, just keep going, it definitely seems to get easier at the 2 week point.

At the beginning of the third week, I had a minor (unrelated op) but because of issues with that op and the resulting pain, this put my progress back by a few days.

However, I am now able to drive without too much discomfort which means I can go back to work properly – my first couple of days back were quite busy and uncomfortable so my employer let me work from home for a day (an understanding employer really helps take the worry out of recovery!).

All through, I’ve found myself too busy to do some of the exercise I need to, so I’ve been stepping up the exercise bike work at weekends. I’ve been walking okay, albeit with slight discomfort and I’m able to drive for the 30mins or so it takes to get to work.
The next big milestone is when I see the surgeon again to see if the operation has been successful – at the moment I don’t have any recurrence of the original pain, but there is still some numbness from the peration in that area which might be masking this.

All-in-all, the recovery is going well and I hope to be back to full fitness in the next 4-8 weeks.

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