• I want one October 25, 2009 misterjaytee

    A Lotus Elise that is…

    As a birthday present from the other half (my birthday isn’t October before you ask), I went to Rockingham Circuit today where I had a High Speed Passenger Ride – okay I didn’t get to drive the thing myself, but that’s okay because some maniacal racing driver did!

    100mph through the chicane, overtake a Porsche on the inside, a few fast right-handers (does he know where the brake pedal is?), phew that was late, slowed to 50-ish through a right-angled corner, through another right-hander, 80mph through the left hander and overtake another Porsche on the outside (round the corner), keeping the momentum going through the next left hander, brake late into the hairpin coming out of it nearly sideways and recover. Now down the straight, quickly ask if I’m okay (doesn’t matter what the answer is by the way 🙂 ) and we’re off on another lap.

    Great experience, but wish I’d had more time on the day as there were opportunities to drive some really great cars at cheap-as-chips prices (£70 to thrape the nuts out of anything from an Aston Martin, Ferrari 360, Lotuses and some great sounding V8 Touring cars).

    Rockingham Circuit is near Corby in Leicestershire and they also have a sister track near Liverpool. There are all sorts of driving experiences you can enjoy at these tracks and you can book direct with them through their website at www.racing-school.co.uk (without going to red-letter day voucher companies).

  • Charities April 25, 2009 misterjaytee

    A couple of worthwhile charities that I’m giving to, which I believe are worthy of others having a look at…

    First up is a charity supported by Tony Pulis, the Stoke F.C. Manager, who is running the London Marathon tomorrow. He’s supporting a local Stoke charity, The Donna Louise Trust, which is the only Children’s Hospice for Staffordshire and South Cheshire. They provide respite and end of life care for Children with Life Limiting conditions who are not expected to live beyond their teenage years. These Hospice charities are worth their weight in gold and provide much needed care for the Children and their families. Unfortunately many of these Charities are suffering because of the recession, hence why Stoke City F.C., their staff and players have donated a lot of money during their first Premiership year. If you’d like to donate, please visit Tony Pulis’ JustGiving Page and donate whatever you can afford.

    The next Charity on my list is being supported by a bunch of mad people who are doing the “Three Peaks Challenge” – the Charity is Cancer Research UK. These people intend to climb three (3) of Britain’s highest peaks all in 24 Hours – yes that includes travelling; the clock doesn’t stop. So they’ll start off at Ben Nevis in Scotland, climb to the top, come back down, then travel to The Lake District. While there they’ll climb Scafell Pike (are they mad?), and come back down before travelling to Wales. When they get to Wales they’ll climb Snowdon and hopefully get to the top before the 24 Hours is up. Please support this worthwhile charity by visiting the JustGiving Page for these mentalists – TheyWillNeverMakeIt.

    And don’t forget, if you do donate, and you are a UK Tax Payer, you should tick the Gift Aid box because the Government will give the tax back to the Charity and this could be worth another 20% (or more) to the charity on top of your donation amount.

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