Update your Sky Router to work with any ISP

So your usual (non-Sky) router develops a fault and all you’ve got lying around is that old Sky Router left over from when you decided to give Sky the chop and go get a better service (or whatever other reason you had for leaving Sky).

Problem is that the Sky Router does not allow you to enter your new ISP’s details (e.g. the DSL username and password).

If your Sky Router is the Sagem [email protected] 2504, then you may be in luck.

First up, make sure you can login to the router (try going to first. When prompted for username and password, enter:
username: admin
password: sky

If this works, then you can at least go onto perform the next steps…

Before proceeding, there are a few things to consider:

  1. Your contract with Sky may mean that what you are about to do is in breach of contract – make sure you know what the terms are before continuing (e.g. some contracts state that they can ask for the Router back up to 6 months after the contract ends)
  2. Flashing the Router with new firmware is a risk – you could brick the router completely. But then again, if it’s just an old Router gathering dust, then maybe it’s not an issue
  3. No-one else is liable for anything that goes wrong with this process except for you – it worked for me, and has worked for many others, but equally it’s tough luck if it goes wrong

Onto business:

Go and download the following files:




Uncompress all the files – try 7-zip if you don’t have a decent zip/unzip tool.

Now back to the Router – select the option “Router Upgrade” and choose the F2404_3_18_1a4_flash_image_NONE.w file (that you just extracted). Click “Upload”. On completion, the router will have changed its IP address to, so you need to change your IP settings (hint, pick an address such as, then browse to

You’ll now see an “Update Software” page. Before you upload the software, look at the bottom of your Router and you should see a MAC Address. Enter this address in the box that says “MAC Base Address”, then click “Save/Apply”.

Refresh the web page to make sure you can still connect to the Router. Now on the “Update Software” page, click Browse and choose the file F2404_3_24a4_fs_kernel_NONE that you extracted earlier. Click “Update Software”.

Wait a few minutes and you should find that the Router now has updated firmware – if you get a red/pink page that looks like an error page, then refresh your Browser (F5 or Ctrl/F5) – if you don’t get a login prompt, then close you rBrowser and fire up the page again.

When prompted for  a username enter:
username: admin
password: admin

You’ll now have an updated router that is much more configurable than it was before. Next steps:

  1. Change the admin password (Management/Access Control/Passwords)
  2. Update to the later firmware (Management/Update Software and choose the file F2404_3_33_8a4_fs_kernel_NONE.DAT)
  3. Configure the DSL and Wireless Settings – don’t forget in the UK, DSL settings are VPI=0, VCI=38. If in doubt also choose UBR and PPPoA for your WAN/DSL settings.

This post is a collection of work from other people with my own thoughts thrown in.

Shonk @ SkyUser Forum (this post – http://www.skyuser.co.uk/forum/sky-router/45444-f-st-2504-generic-firmware-needed-2.html)
IsItMe @ SkyUser Forum (this post – http://www.skyuser.co.uk/forum/asking-help/20137-sagem-f-st-2504-a-3.html#post267322)


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