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  • Exam passed June 19, 2009 misterjaytee

    After the madness of the run-up to the Exam, and the subsequent panic in the exam when I got to the last question and came unstuck with lack of OU concepts on marketing, I received my results and am pleased to say I have PASSED.

    It was close, but it was always going to be with the issues faced in the six weeks prior to the exam – I actually scored quite well on the marketing piece that I thought I’d bombed on, and got lower marks on one of the areas I thought I’d do okay with. I guess that’s life for you 🙂

    Hopefully this will be the lift I need to advance my career to the next level.

    For anyone else embarking on this course (or its successor), just be wary of how much effort this involves, especially if you have a social life, family and/or other interests – they’re all going to suffer while you study!

    For the next 6-12 months, I’m planning a study break to concentrate on Karate Black Belt graduation and learning to play Golf. Then I might do another OU course, but something with less study time required…

  • Exam April 24, 2009 misterjaytee

    Right then, the Exam is over and I’m pretty relieved about that…But…

    I spent about 5 days of the last 3 weeks without doing any revision at all, after having had a knock on the head and suffering with concussion.

    We had 21 Case Studies to get through and there’s 16 books to read as well as your own notes. However, I found that the Case Studies themselves were the best form of revision – looking up only the information you’re going to need for each Case Study is better than trying to know it all !
    (Particular thanks to fellow students Mark and Niki for getting through most of the Case Studies – this helped me and the other students immensely, and if I pass, this will be partly down to your help during the revision period)

    Into the Exam, and after sitting down at the obligatory school desk on the nice plastic school chair, we started the Exam. Turn the paper over, and Case Study 1 is okay; not quite the one I wanted, but acceptable, and I feel that I can deal with this one and score a few marks. Case Study 2 is ideal, again not the one I expected, but the mix of financial stuff (P&L, ratios etc.) and managing change/people things is right up my street.

    Arghh!!! My luck has run out on Case Study 3 – in my top 3 of ones I did not want to turn up and I get distracted for a minute – it’s all marketing & advertising type stuff for the main question – I’d have preferred Customer/Quality stuff for this section.

    So cracking on with the first two Case Studies, I’ve completed both of them right on the hour for each one. So I have a full hour for the last one. Completed this one in the last hour, and didn’t have to resort to “note form” (making notes for the marker, saying you’d run out of time, but this is what you’d have written about). I think I’ve done alright, but I know for the first question on the last Case Study, I missed the point and generalised rather than picking up on key course concepts. I should score a few marks, so hopefully this will be enough to pull me through. Results come through in 8 weeks…

  • Revision Day School March 28, 2009 misterjaytee

    Had a good day at the OU today and in one way it has eased the worries over the looming exam, but in other ways it brought about other fears.

    There will only be 3 weeks in which to look at the Case Studies when they are released next week – there’s 21 of them, so at a rate of 1 per day you could get through them. But then you have to revise as well in that time, so the task is almost impossible.

    During the day we tackled a sample Case Study from the Exam. In the exam, they give you 3 Case Studies, and two questions are asked for each Case Study – you have to tackle all Case Studies and all questions. You have 3 Hours for the Exam, so that’s 1 Hour per Case Study (30 minutes per question) – by the time you’ve read the Case Study and made some notes/plans, the estimate is that you have 10 minutes per question to write it all up. That’s some tall order – today we took an hour to read and plan the Case Study and with the material we gathered, it would have taken 15 minutes to write up each question.

    To break it down properly, I think you’d have to spend the 10 minutes write-up (for each question) like this (2 minutes for each item):

    • Analysis
    • Conclusion
    • Recommendation
    • Advantages/Disadvantages
    • What else you would have put in if you had time (bullet points)

    Once I get the Case Studies, I’ll have a go with the above formula and see how it goes. It’s going to be tough, but then again, if it wasn’t, then the qualification wouldn’t be worth having 😉

I’m currently studying for the Open University Certificate in Management. At the time of writing I only have my Exam to do, having submitted my last Tutor Marked Assessment (TMA) a few days ago.

I intend to anonymise my TMAs and upload them here for future reference.

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