Gilmore’s Groin – Post Op – Days 6 to 10

A continuation of my post-op recovery from Gilmore’s Groin surgery – you can find the first in the series by clicking here. Remember, these are my experiences and you should seek medical advice if you have any problems – I Am Not A Doctor (IANAD).

Day 6

Another night on the Sofa – I feel I’m going to be here for a while. Another “motion” provides some relief and I also manage to walk one third of a mile – takes ages but the increase in distance is satisfying. My first post-op shower ensues (feels very much post-Glastonbury when you get your first real shower after 5 days), and although I am supervised, I manage to get in and out of the shower on my own (believe it or not, this is really important when you’re used to others relying on you instead of the other way around).

After the shower, I remove my post-op dressing for the first time, and I’m surprised at the size of the wound (about 3½ inches) – it hasn’t healed yet and I feel that this is the source of a lot of the sharp pains I get when moving around. The wound also has some bruising, but it seems to be subsiding giving me a sign that the healing process is well under way (See below for Day 6 photo of the surgical wound).

Day 7

A poor night’s sleep – I coughed yesterday and it really hurt in the area of the surgery. Very sore for much of today and I don’t feel like going out to walk. I make the effort in the afternoon and increase my distance to  0.45 miles. Toilet functions are now more regular, but painful to push, so I find myself spending 20-30 minutes each time – a good job I’m reading a book I’m enjoying (Conn Iggulden’s marvellous series on Julius Caesar, “Emperor” – I’m on the last book Emperor: The Gods of War) 🙂
Not sure if it’s anxiety setting in, but I have tingling lips today – quite worrying, but I suspect it’s more to do with being stationary for far too long. Too much pain today and an early night for me.

Day 8

Determined to post my Dad’s Father’s Day card myself, I take a walk to the post box – a 1 mile round-trip 😀

Another nice shower and a slight revelation on the way up the stairs – I seem to be more comfortable if I lean backwards slightly while I am walking up stairs (if you have had the same surgery then YMMV, as the residents across the pond would say – remember IANAD!). I’m tired early and decide to try to sleep in my own bed again – this time learning some lessons from the sofa – it seems to be more comfortable with my head raised using two or three pillows (normally I’m a one-pillow person).

Day 9

Full of win today :-

  • For the first time since my Op, I managed to get my pants(underwear) on by myself – I still need help with socks though
  • I put my trainers on without help – they’re sort of slip-ons (Vivo Barefoot Ultra M)
  • Another 1 mile walk in the morning that was 8 minutes quicker than yesterday

The soreness has eased today – don’t get me wrong, it’s still there and uncomfortable, but throughout the day it has felt like it is getting better.

Day 10

Another good nights sleep, helped, in part, by a couple of Rum and cokes.

Progress continues by an attempt on the Exercise Bike – I can peddle, but it feels uncomfortable, strange even 😕 I’m not sure if it is the scar moving, or if it’s the mesh – it freaks me out, so I stop, but at least my legs are moving now.

I go for another walk; another mile which I do 7 minutes quicker than yesterday – as good as full throttle for walking pace anyway (just over 3½ mph).

The aim for the next 5-10 days is to be doing some gentle jogging and to be able to get over my fears for the bike work.