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BSC has for over 10 years of experience building custom websites for our clients to ensure their continuity and “freshness” for our clients’ websites, and

  • Provide and improve e-commerce focus to sell products and services directly to consumers
  • Create “responsive” websites that work well and display properly on mobile devices
  • Expand our clients’ social media brand, presence, and communicationonline
  • Supply meaningful content on the websites and through blogs and other social media interaction
  • Keep our clients’ websites looking fresh with new images, vividness, and the latest technologies e.g. HTML5, CSS3, HTTPS (secure service) etc.
We Work With All Programming Languages (e.g., Linux)

BSC works with, and has experience with, almost all programming languages, yet BSC prefers Linux and WordPress because:

  • Linux: has the best development (and SEO) tools and, WordPress works best in Linux.
  • CMS – other than WordPress. BSC does not require a particular CMS.
  • The client may choose one that they are familiar with. Engineers and technical organizations often choose a more complex CMS because they are used to coding and technical languages. BSC can work with almost any of them: Joomla, Drupal, Ruby on Rails etc.
  • It is important that we convey the pros and cons of their chosen CMS so that our clients are happy with the final product.
  • Note that BSC may charge a premium to work with a CMS other than Word Press, because it may require more coding than WordPress.
Why BSC suggests WordPress:
  • Tens of thousands of templates.
  • Hundreds of thousands of plug-ins.
  • Easier to use.
  • There are zillions of training videos available (YouTube has over 650,000)
  • Better SEO tools.
  • Higher level of proficiency and greater number of professionals available.
E-Commerce Capabilities

BSC considers a number of different question when developing an e-commerce site.

We consider:

  • how many products are there.
  • how technically proficient is the client.
  • what integration with external systems is needed. POS, Inventory, Shipping, Merchant Service Provider etc.
Options are:

Web Design Pricing

The price for the design/redesign of a website depends on:

  • number of pages
  • complexity e.g.
    • does it require a member log-in area;
    • are there many documents or PDF’s that need to be accounted for;
    • how much integration with other systems (i.e. custom coding) etc.
Making Websites Responsive

Google’s emphasis is now on ranking only “responsive” websites on mobile search results. So it is more important than ever for your clients to update their website.

Generally, we recommend a complete redesign, which improves visual appeal and includes new “call to action” prompts etc., but if your client is budget- conscious or has recently invested in an update, this may not be attractive.

BSC can recode the site using WordPress while retaining the exact look of the existing site.

Social Media Websites

BSC has created websites where functionality is focused primarily on social interaction i.e. members or distinct groups sharing pictures, videos, music and even goals. For this we use an entirely different platform, one that is focused on the social interaction.

“Look-Alike” Website Designs

BSC is sometimes requested to create a site that looks like or functions like a well know site: Facebook, Ebay, Craigslist, etc.

These sites can be created for a reasonable price using templates already established for WordPress.

Price is generally higher than a generic site and BSC will provide quotes individually.

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