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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
Did You Know: ButLova is the gay abomination child of Uwe Boll, Tom Preston, and Curious George.

Of all the unskilled and untalented fat/inflation drawings from mostly autistic role playing furries you've seen on DeviantART, there's a few artists that broke the chain to their community and one of them is ButLova. He landed on DeviantART around 2009 to post drawings of very poorly drawn female characters with giant butt tumors he calls art. His role playing character is a retarded masked Puerto Rican with a special butt helmet that stalks and masturbates to female butts of any age, including little girls butts. In reality ButLova gets very horny by every girls big butts including little girls with big butts and underage furries with big butts like a pedophile. But he can't be changed since he is autistic with a very sick mind. He's also into disgusting fetishes such as farting, inflation, furry, scat, shota, loli, My Little Pony, Sonic The Hedgehog, more furry, and lots of more farting. ButLova is incredibly untalented in drawing except copying other people's style and drawing the same pose he calls an improvement. Like most artists that understand flaws from other people, Butlove never takes critique and pointed out flaws from people about his errors in drawings except for praises from his so-called "fans" that are also autistic role playing sick fetish loving furries with very bad taste in art. It proves that he'll never, EVER, improve and learn. The lulziest part is, he has over 900 drawings on DeviantART and he still can't improve for over 7 years.

When ButLova Meets Inflation Artists[edit]

The inflation art community finds ButLova exactly like the Uwe Boll, Curious George, and Tom Preston of the inflation fetish community combined. They find his drawings offensive and a huge disgrace to the community due to his terrible skills. He somehow destroyed some unknown con by spamming too much poorly drawn inflation/farting/loli/furry/scat too many times while he's so ignorant by acting like he's new and wants to be a part of the community when he's just spamming. It disgusted other inflation artists with better drawing skills, except for his role playing furries and friends with drawing skills as worse as his.

Pinkie Pie eating some chocolate rain.
And the sad thing is he finds it sexy.
Paying a discount prostitute to lay some sloppy ass stink on his real butt loving face.

Spreading His Art On Chans[edit]

Common trolling at InflateChan.

While posting 8 year old drawings of female fanart with butt tumors along with farting and pooping on DeviantART, ButLova think it's a good idea to go to many chan sites and share his drawings with Anonymous. He shares his drawings to Anonymous from 4chan and talks about his "talent". The only results he deserved from Anonymous is a solid truth of DO NOT WANT, KILL IT WITH FIRE and GTFO. Then he posted another shitty drawing and talks about his 'improvement' when it's still the same shit while ignoring everyone's honesty and flaws. Anonymous truthfully still finds him and his drawings a piece of shit. Finally he BAWWWWed and said his goodbyes and went to find another chan that will praise his drawings. The only chan that's very close is InflateChan, a chan for sick inflation freaks. He share his drawings and talents hoping he'll settle. Fortunately the Anonymous of InflateChan gave the same honest results and find ButLova a disgrace and a plague. He ignores again and post another drawing to talk about his improvements but no matter what it's still the same shit, same untalented tracing shit. After the insane amount of rage ButLova BAWWWWWWWed again twice and apologizes they find his art a plague. He decided to add his final post and someday return improved which will never happen. It goes to show you that ButLova's unskilled talents are never welcome on any chan site...except he goes to 4chan's /co/ board to show everyone his diarrhea stained drawings that people don't want.

On March 11th, 2014, ButLova returns to InflateChan to post loli and furry inflation that cause other inflation artists to abandon thread and storm a shitstorm. You can say he never learns his lesson because he always ignores criticism. We all know who gets butthurt from criticize reviews.

Currently the places he posts his drawings are /co/ (Cartoons & Comics) and /d/'s (Hentai Alternative) fart threads and big butt threads from 4chan. The response from his drawings always comes out negative, while ButLova pretends there's no such thing as negative reviews like he's Tom Preston.


His OC character Edwina as a princess with butt pillows. Notice his drawing on feet is unbalanced.

Like Mistystuffer created his original character Puyo, ButLova also created his original character. Her name is Edwina, a fat BBW and imaginary waifu to make his butt inflation fantasy come true.


Ever since ButLova got his feelings hurt from chans with truthful thoughts on his artwork, he's been wasting more of his life away to do the second main thing in his life. And that is becoming a troll. Sadly, his trolling is very horrible and he once again fails at the art of trolling, just like all of his pictures. His posts and drawings will always remain deleted.

Ignorant When Trolled[edit]

Yeah keep saying that I'm so crying right now. Oh boo hoo. *sarcasm*


—ButLova got trolled on a livestream.

At a young age, ButLova went to special day.

If ButLova likes to troll by opening his mouth and spewing his putrid bile he calls it art to piss off a lot of people and only respond to praised comments from his gross fetish loving furry friends that role play, what would happen if ButLova gets trolled? It all turns out he becomes ignorant as fuck and sounds the alarm for his fetish furry friends to back him up. Proving that ButLova ignoring critique and his flaws is a butthurt full of asspie.

On second thought, go ahead and keep trolling him. Let him know he's a sick fuck that can't draw shit. He's just another lolcow anyway.


All of you STOP being such whiny, little bitches just because your drawings aren't as good as his! Heck, I bet you hardly ever drew anything good at all! So, just go back to your business & LEAVE HIM THE FUCKIN' FUCK ALONE!!! D:<


—Rockosocko, a fart furry and ButLova's friend

It is unknown if ButLova found out he's on Encyclopedia Dramatica. His friends however found out. One of them is Rockosocko, a fart obsessed furry with god-awful drawing skills who just joined ED to cry like Chris Crocker. And that's it. No article takedown....yet. Just random fetish furries bawwing.

Another example of ButLova's disgusting fetish furry friends from DeviantArt is GojiraMon, another untalented autistic tartlet that can draw better than ButLova. When they think they got trolled for anonymous users pointing out the truth and critique, he throws a temper tantrum. After he apply the ointment to wherever hurts his feelings, he blocks the anonymous users which only ends up in a result of laughter at their butthurt. Proof that GojiraMon and ButLova can't admit they suck shit at drawing and get their feelings hurt by the honest truth and critique.

Hey! I wouldn't go that far, calling ButLova a delusional disgrace like Andrew Dobson! Plus, he has improved a ton over the years just like Dobson did. Trust me, mate. I don't fap like the 4chan douchebags does, but there's no need to shit all over him because he's talented!


—Common white knighting from DeviantArt followers

Uwe Boll Mode When Mentioning ED[edit]

I don't mind. They can say all they want to me. Won't effect me at all. ^^


—ButLova goes Uwe Boll when mentioning his ED article.

Turns out when you talk to him about his article on Encyclopedia Dramatica, he becomes Uwe Boll about it like it doesn't affect him. But on the inside it does cause him fear. If maybe his dox and real info is exposed, his fear will increase enough to run away from the internet just like Rockosocko, Mistystuffer, and any sick autistic pedophilia fucks from DeviantART.

Role Playing Profile[edit]

He wears his special helmet to prove everyone he REALLY is a butt loving person of all ages.
  • Name: ButLova. Yes, he goes by the only nickname ButLova.
  • Age: 25
  • Birthday: July 26, 1988
  • Locations: Drawing sites such as DeviantArt and Furaffinity
  • Race: Puerto Rican
  • Likes: Big female butts, video gaming, computer, manga, drawing, and lots of big female butts.
  • Dislikes: Mean People, also known as people criticizing him and his drawings.
  • Strengths: A good knowledge of video games and draws pictures.
  • Weakness: When ButLova sees a beautiful big booty, he get very distracted and focus on that butt. And a lack of Spanish.

Real & Possible Profile[edit]

  • Name: He still calls himself ButLova.
  • Age: 32
  • Birthday: 1981
  • Location: - Somewhere in the deep dark cave of horror and ruined childhoods. Also known as his parent's basement in Spring Valley, NY.
  • Likes: Stalking and masturbating to all kinds of big female butts of any age. Including furries, Sonic, My Little Pony, loli, and mostly farting.

Embarrassing Quotes From ButLova[edit]

I love every girls butts! So round, so warm, so cozy and it very very very very very soft! Don't get me wrong, I don't treat real women like objects. I just love butts!


—ButLova's introduction to DeviantART.

I'm 100% booty lover! I love girls with big butts, play video games and drawing. I like to meet new friends and artists. I love Animexpansion! :D


—His introduction on Animexpansion.

Soft, Round, Cozy, and Big! I Love Them!!


—ButLova on butts of any age.

And what's wrong with having a big gassy butt! It's a miraculous gift! X3


—No it's not. X3 X3 X3

Applejack has the best apple! Applebottom! :D


—ButLova is also furry for MLP butts.

So much booty! Just wanna rub them like there's no tomorrow! X3


—A polite way of saying he wants to rape.

I like...I really like this! X3


—He'll like any big butt (farts and poop too) picture he sees.

Actually I just want the booty! X3


—Gee I wonder why.

Another bootyfided girl! Nice! :D


—It's all "nice" to him on any aged girl with a big fat ass.

Yep her butt is huge....and sexy! Xp


—Like I said. Of any age he finds sexy.

If Hinata does the same thing as Sakura(but with more badonkadonk) I will surely fall in love with her! X3


—And he'll also fall in love with her farting and pooping.

I...I...:iconnosebleedplz: awesome....:love::horny:


—Gets horny on any big butt pictures from his favorite artists that has more talent than him.

Love it. Just love it! :D


—He loves any shitty drawings with a big butt.

Rock Hard Goodness! I just wanna hot dog that booty! X3


—ButLova on little cartoon girls with a big butt.

Her costume does make her butt look bigger...and sexier! X3


—Said the butt loving creep who can't draw.

I don't know who's this woman, but I sure like her butt! X3


—More creepy words from ButLova himself.

My god! Awesome booty pic! ;D


—ButLova on a loli picture.

My God! Elastigirl does indeed have an incredible booty


—My god! How many times does ButLova have to say "My god!"?

Whoa!! That's so wonderful!! I love the way you did to her booty! :D


—Does he always have to add a smile face when ButLova sees a big butt picture of any age?

I really love when Peach's butt always gets stuck! Xp Nice work!


—ButLova on any Peach drawing with a big butt.


At least he admit he masturbates daily.
  • ButLove hates being critiqued with honest reviews about his untalented skills in drawing.
  • It is possible that ButLova has autism.
  • His sad obsession with butts also includes inflation, loli, blobs of fat, pooping, farting, furries, vore, milf, traps, or fanart.
  • A lot of inflation artists with better drawing education finds his drawings offensive.
  • He's very ignorant and stubborn.
  • He watches anybody who draws butt inflation.
  • ButLova is a brony and a clopper that likes to clop to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
  • He weighs over 200 pounds which makes him your average fatass.
  • 90% of his fans and friends are role playing furries with disgusting fetishes and autism.
  • Edwina was originally modeled after a customer full of obese women in a all-you-can-eat buffet.
  • Sir-Mix-A-Lot is disappointed in him.
  • In his Tumblr he admits a question from Anonymous he masturbates every day.
  • Criticism makes him upset. But hey, it's the fucking truth.
  • He possibly lives in Spring Valley, NY.
  • ButLova sometimes hangs out at 4chan's /co/ (Cartoons & Comics) and /d/'s (Hentai Alternative) fart and big butt threads to spread the love of his buffalo diarrhea scented ass tumor drawings...with lolis and farts. It cause people to get eye cancer.


Did you know that he's also gay for chicks with dicks?
ButLova's Gallery About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


ButLova Fanart About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


Buthurt and Criticism About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Commissions. Seriously?[edit]

The stupidity of Deviantart-favicon.png robot001 actually throw his money away for a big flabby-ass Nico Robin drawing by you-know-who.

If pro talented artists can open up a commission to sell what they like to see drawn, ButLova's curiosity is thinking he can open up a commission too.

  • $5 - A sketch for a character and any fetish situation they're in.
    • $2.50 - Additional character each.
  • $10.00 - Inking.
    • $5.00 - Additional character each.
  • $15.00 - Flat coloring.
    • $7.50 - Additional character each.
  • $20.00 - Soft shade coloring.
    • $10.00 - Additional character each.

Here is the bottom line for this. DO NOT GIVE HIM YOUR DAMN MONEY!! Not even your digital money! He's like a greedy Jew that will strip off all your hard earned cash for a crappy drawing that has "shit" and "flaws" written all over it. If you look at his gallery, you will understand he doesn't know jack shit about drawing and commissions. There are better drawings for you to witness than his unskilled drawings (and other unskilled drawings from asspies).


ButLova@yahoo.com - He really wants emails about his proud gallery. Tell him what you think about his works and send him in emails!

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  • Deviantart-favicon.png girlfartlover - A loli-fart loving deviant that can't draw. Jacks off to loli girls farting.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png ShineofRain - Same as ButLova, except he's been tracing and stealing other people's drawings for over 10 years.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png Mistystuffer - Ryan Clark, a proud pedophile. Celebrating over 10 years of pedophilia and drawing little anime girls as fat obese blobs. BALEETED!
  • Deviantart-favicon.png CattyN - Before Andrew Dobson was a unfunny waste-of-life cartoonist Tom Preston, he was a female inflation nut name Catty Nebulart. BALEETED!
  • Deviantart-favicon.png lollie-splosion - Some guy role playing as a girl who ButLova calls him his girlfriend. BALEETED!

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