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Hey, this is SuperMarioLogan!! I make adult humored plush videos! This channel is for mature audiences. This channel is a parody of Super Mario and is not affiliated with Nintendo.


—Pretty much sums up SML right there.

Jeffy the retard.png

Real name Logan Austin Thirtyacre
Nationality American  MiniflagUSA.png
Born November 17, 1994
Current residence Pensacola, Florida
YouTube YouTube Favicon.png SuperMarioLogan

SuperMarioLogan (Powerword: Logan Austin Thirtyacre), is a JewTube channel owned by a nasally voiced faggot that makes videos about him and some other fucktards playing with plushies of their extremely original and creative characters, such as Bowser Junior, Mario and Shrek. They also use puppets such as those from Melissa and Doug including Chef Pee Pee and Brooklyn T. Guy.

The channel's content consist of them randomly screaming and doing God knows what, while a spic whore (his gold digging "girlfriend") films and rubs her stank pussy to Logan's micro cock. Autistic 5-year-olds on crack (his core fanbase) can make better quality videos than him.

He actually makes a living off of this stuff, we shit you not. Just look at his Socialblade stats. He has over 7,000,000 YT subscribers and even got awarded a Golden Play Button which is just asinine, because his videos look like they cost jack shit to produce. Logan is now looking to reach 10,000,000 subscribers next so he can get the Diamond Play Button despite YouTube hating on him and his content.

Every SML Movie in a Nutshell[edit]

What the typical modern day SML Movie looks like.
Note that this is what you don't see when watching a SML video.

The majority of videos from SuperMarioLogan often revolve around a specific character (usually Junior or Jeffy) having to focus on a certain situation or problem. The premise of each video depends on the title, but it's usually shit nobody cares about anyways. Despite each video being labeled as "SML Movie", most videos are typically 12-15 minutes in length with some exceptions like Jeffy's Fun Day which is literally nothing but Jeffy watching paint dry for an hour, for example. Nevertheless, each video gains at least a million views in a few days, somehow.


Here are some of the original characters in SML's show:

Current Characters:[edit]

The main characters from SuperMarioLogan. Very creative, isn't it?
  • Chef Pee Pee - An Italian guy who spends all his time cooking shit tier food that nobody eats. He sounds and acts really gay, looks like a smelly spic, and is played by a nigroid. He has to be shoehorned into everything for the sake of THUMBNAIL VYOOZ!!111 That title belongs to a certain retard now. Has a clone called Chef Poo Poo who was literally just Chef Pee Pee back in the day before people gave a shit about SML.
  • Bowser - A retard that does nothing. Literally, he sits in his room and watches this one baby show he's overly obsessed with. Douche. He legally owns Chef Pee Pee as a slave 'cause Murica, and is overall just an annoying, useless cunt. Played by the same nigga that voices Chef Pingas.
  • Bowser Jr. - Bowser's adopted son. About twice as annoying as his dad, and has an incredibly grating voice that makes even Jar Jar Binks stab at his eardrums with an ice pick. Cool superpower. He also annoys everyone for no reason whatsoever. Forgettable and useless like 110% of this show's characters. But what makes him special is that he was the original cash cow for our Jew friend Logan (and kinda still is but nowhere near as much because the ADHD fans moved their 2 second attention span to something else).
  • Joseph Hisfriendfromschool - Bowser Jr's retarded friend who is more relevant to your everyday kid. Filler character that does nothing but make fun of Cody because LMAO HE'S A FAGGOT!!111!!!!!!!!. Yes, that's actually his last name.
  • Cody - Gay Jewish friend of Bowser Jr. with a nigger father and a Ken doll for a boyfriend. 99.1% of his dialogue refers to his super duper gayness and how he's awesome because of it.
  • Mario - Completely unoriginal and boring. Voiced by Logan himself, who didn't even try to replicate his Italian accent because fuck it. Adopted father to what could be the lost spawn of Chris Chan and your mom.
  • Rosalina - Mario's whiny girlfriend. Cries more than Spongebob off his meds, has a fetish for stars, and is your everyday stereotypical blonde bimbo.
  • Jeffy - A failed abortion and Mario's retarded and severely autistic adopted son, who's only purpose is to annoy the audience and act more fucktarded than the entire population of Africa put together. Somehow he's become the ultimate cash cow of the channel, each video featuring him gathers at least six million views in the first couple of days. Also caused the demonetization & age restriction of the channel, due to his excessive swearing and being a reference to an actual retard which NoobTube obviously dislikes.
  • Charleyyy and Friends - The show that Bowser faps to over 9000 times a day. It's about some nigger that does random shit nobody cares about while trying to avoid work. Even if it's mindless filler, it's one of the only things on the show that is actually good for the kids: teaching them how fuckin' lazy degenerate nigros can be.
  • Black Yoshi - Typical gamer we know but don't give a fuck. He plays the shitty game Call of Duty 24 hours a day, drinks Koolaid (way to be hardcore nigger), and gets arrested all the time (which is a good lesson for the audience). Videos involving Black Yoshi are usually about him breaking his game console in some random ass way, and constantly asking Mario to buy another one for 3/4 of the video.
  • Brooklyn T. Guy - An unenthusiastic man from Brooklyn, NY with over 9000 jobs. He shows up all the fucking time at Mario's house to sort out everyone's problems, right after an extended period of ranting about his wife, lamenting over his own life, and making stupid-ass jokes.
  • Mr. Goodman - Very rich businessman who gets enraged whenever he's not being paid his precious shekels (kind of like Logan). He always threatens to destroy other character's balls, especially Mario. Like Jeffy, he swears too much to be edgy. He's really not as funny as this sounds. Ironically enough, he was portrayed as a police officer called Officer Goodman before Brooklyn T. Guy took that role.
  • Jackie Chu - The Asian teacher of Junior, Jeffy, Joseph, Cody, and other unimportant kid characters. Most of his dialogue involves racist Asian stereotypes, and really has no redeeming qualities outside of that.
  • Woody - The redneck or hillbilly of the cast, this character has an unhealthy obsession of hunting for "shrimpos" even though it's literally just shrimp being portrayed as some strange creature for some fucking reason. Once retired from hunting only to return later because the old SML fans demanded him back.
  • Shrek - This faggot will ræp everyone's shit. Not really, he's just another boring faggot. He's mostly seen stuffing his fat face with cheesecake. Also, he's got an extreme scat fetish, and every video revolving around him involves him shitting on something and the other characters getting mad. Once got removed from SML since Logan assumed this was the reason why the channel was getting demonetized. That and YouTube hates anything that deals with literal shit now. He was later brought back though.
  • Craig The Devil - As the name states, this is pretty much SML's version of Satan. Logan stated he removed him because he thought Craig wasn't advertiser friendly, but was later brought back a year later. Ironically enough, despite being the devil he is relatively one of the most family-friendly characters in SML.
  • Toad - A squeaking-voiced fuckhead who makes shitty rap songs and is almost as immature and stupid as Junior. He used to be a major character between 2013 and 2015, but he appears less often now. Not that anyone noticed.
  • Principal Steinbeck - The principal of Junior's school. He throws many tantrums and hates his students with a rising passion; not that anyone could blame him for the latter.
  • Richard - Goodman's son, a basic spoiled rich kid. All he wears are AirPods and acts like a dick all the time.
  • Benjamin - Goodman's infant son and is pretty much a younger clone of him. He can talk and can also shit gold.

Former Characters:[edit]

  • Koopalings - If one Bowser Jr. wasn't annoying enough. They died off after 2 videos, but obviously the channel is still low quality as ever so who gives a fuck.
  • Mama Luigi - Pretty much Jeffy before there was a Jeffy although without the cussing and inappropriate jokes and shit. Was "killed off" after it's actor Zeke moved to Colorado. SML pretty much became a dead thing until the rise of Bowser Jr a few years later.
  • Tony The Tiger - Just another retarded person Mario had to deal with in the past before Jeffy. He also had an obsession with Frosted Flakes. Most newer fans don't give a shit about him though.
  • Mr. Pig - Once a "best friend" of Mario, Mr. Pig had a personality similar to that of Black Yoshi since he also liked Call of Duty and Kool-Aid.
  • Mr. Winkle - Former teacher of Junior and his friends from the pre-Jeffy era. He constantly hits on the kids and calls everything hot, even stoops to actual molestation. Removed from SML because nobody liked him for obvious reasons. Still makes cameos as a background character sometimes though.
  • Feebee - Jeffy's sister who is basically a female version of him, she got killed when she got run over by a truck.
  • Doofy the Dragon - Junior’s favorite TV character in-universe and a shitty parody of Barney. All his show was about was him killing himself in various ways due to his depressing life. This is actually why Logan ended up on Good Morning America. More information about it will be talked about later in the article.
  • Scooter - Jeffy's clone who was thankfully killed off after one episode.

SML Drama[edit]

The FroggyCompany Drama[edit]

Logan has been known to steal video ideas since the beginning of his JewTube channel. Despite obviously not being the first plushtuber around as MarioMario8989 aka The Cute Mario Bros already took that "honor", another youtuber by the name of FroggyCompany started some drama with SML over the content that was being produced. This was the result of Froggy being a complete idiot and given Logan some "tips" like new characters and such. Over 5 or so months later that year in 2007, however, SuperMarioLogan launched his channel and pretty much killed Froggy in terms of viewership and popularity.

In the later parts of 2008 as a result of the popularity of Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures, Froggy chose to come upon to himself by launching a channel literally called "IHATEMARIOLOGAN" where Froggy and fans of his constantly harassed Logan and his channel over jealously of SML becoming more and more popular. By 2009, Logan had lots of haters because of this, though and many lulz were created in the process years before anyone would've imagined. Froggy also made a new video, threatening Logan with death threats and finding his house if he didn't get the password to SuperMarioLogan and/or deleting it. Keep in mind that Froggy sent the same email threatening Logan about this over 234 times. Of course by no surprise, Logan did manage to get FroggyCompany's account terminated somehow after reporting the channel on February 1st, 2010. Logan almost became an hero, but didn't.

By March 18th, 2010 FroggyCompany was no more. He now does animations on YouTube Favicon.png FroggywithFries and even Rule 34 of Inside Out on his Tumblr and DeviantArt. Froggy doesn't care that much about Logan anymore. After about a year or so of ripping off Froggycompany, Logan realized people didn't give a shit anymore, so he decided to use different sock puppets and invest some of his shekels in a camera that had a resolution higher than 240p. Logan would continue to make videos without any drama for the next few years.

Logan explains his lulzy filled history with FroggyCompany

The Jeffy Controversy Begins[edit]

After years of making nothing but Junior videos, Logan decided it was time to try something new for once. When Jeffy was introduced in January 2016, fans had mixed feelings about him. Some ranged from loving him to hating him. Despite this, he somehow rose to popularity while making SML lots of money. Just as Nickelodeon has done with SpongeBob Logan realized he could make lots of shekels on this autistic character. Just as SML was about to celeberate it's 10th anniversay, most of SML was demonitized due to YouTube's new Community Guidelines. Logan raged over this despite the fact that he still had sources of income to rely off of and constantly made videos on Chilly's channel venting over his situation. Even Keemstar mentioned the honest truth about SML.

Logan loses his sanity over a video being demonetized. The title says it all.
This is why you should never mess with the Jeffy puppet or Logan will find you. Also, count how many times Logan says Fuck.
One of Logan's many rants over his videos getting age-restricted even though he damn well knows the real reason why they are
Logan constantly worries over his precious channel being deleted by YouTube due to the new Community Guidelines.
Keemstar definitely specks the truth.

The DBTV Jeffy Controversy[edit]

Did You Know: DBTV's version of Jeffy has very little to do with Jeffy from SML and was likely just an attempt to get attention and create some lulz in the process.

Sometime in 2017, two inbred retards found out Logan ripped off their shitty videos and made a video exposing his Jew ass resulting in many lulz and butthurt twelve year olds.

DBTV Jeffy Drama
Follow Up on the DBTV Jeffy Drama
DBTV "apologizing" about the drama despite the fact that it clear SML didn't steal Jeffy and that the drama was all to get attention.
Logan's response to the drama.
This is what DBTV claims to be the "original" Jeffy.
Another video used to defend DBTV's so called claims to Jeffy. Video is from 2011.

GameCubeDude300 VS Lovell[edit]

GameCubeDude300 (also known as YouTube Favicon.png GamecubeDude200) was one of the many who reviewed Logan's content for their own personal gain. Throughout the course of 2017, however, he was called out by one of Logan's actors Lovell who accused him of "not liking SML enough". As a result of the drama and pressure, GameCubeDude deleted his SML reacting channel and has since left the SML community.

GameCubeDude explaining his reasons for leaving the SML Community
Lovell calls out GameCudeDude

The Flaggots[edit]

In the earlier part of 2018 following the initial age-restricting and demonetization of Logan's videos several people started to flag Logan's videos either for the inappropriate content or because of the constant reuploading of them onto other channels. The most notable of these people was a guy by the name of YouTube Favicon.png SkipDip (Now known as NikkyBoi). He was notable for attempting to flag not only Logan's videos, but also anyone remotely associating with him including fan made content relating to SML for example.

He also claimed himself to be the next MegaDoopTV. Ironic considering MegaDoop himself also had some lulzy filled history with the SML Community after agreeing with Keemstar's thoughts on Logan. SkipDip's actions would later result in SuperLuigiLogan being demonetized for a bit and almost forcing Logan to move to superbowserlogan as a last resort. While he was unsuccessful in taking down Logan altogether, lots of lulz and drama from within the SML community and SkipDip himself were made.

SkipDip's Discord Logs About missing Pics
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Demonetized again[edit]

This should be proof that Logan can't take criticism that well.
The title can't be what the thumbnail says because YouTube hates me.


—Logan complaining over his situation with YouTube over a fucking title.

On March 2nd, 2018, the entire channel got demonetized and age restricted, which meant that Logan couldn't make precious shekels and waste it on fucking ice cream trucks and Lamborghinis anymore. The Jews finally caught on to the scheming pisstard. Logan and his slaves had to face the fact that they needed to get real jobs, and this lead to an epic win, kind of. We say kind of, because he moved his ass to SuperLuigiLogan (an alt so obvious that a braindead potato could guess it) which surprisingly wasn't caught yet but probably will soon enough IT WAS CAUGHT!

YouTube, however, for some fucking reason chose to give the channel it's ads back anyways. He's still making some shekels on the alt channel, but nowhere near as much because it's less known and doesn't get as much views as the old channel. He also created a Patreon because he totally needed one, but his ADHD fans can't be bothered to donate, because their parents won't let them give money to the mentally disabled. On May 10th, 2018 Keemstar posted a tweet about wanting an interview with Logan. Being butthurt over shit that Keemstar said about him earlier in the year, Logan declined while his wife whiteknighted his ass.

National TV goes after Logan[edit]

SuperMarioLogan went so far down the rabbit hole to the point that his channel was featured in a segment on Good Morning America. Previously, Logan had been allegedly accused of causing a child to tie a noose and hang themselves. While this was proven to be false, it was enough to cause outrage among parents over Logan's content not being family-friendly. The segment was aired on May 8th, 2018 and much to the dismay of Logan this yet again proved how fucked he was and how autistic his fanbase is.

How GMA feels over this autistic abomination of a YouTube channel
You did this to yourself Logan...

Burning Jeffy and other bullshit[edit]

Unfortunately, the main channel finally got its ads back in September 2018. Logan promised that if SuperMarioLogan itself got its ads back, he would actually burn Jeffy. One would think he'd keep his promise, but of course he didn't. Anyone who knows Logan knows that he is a pathological liar, so there's no point in listening to his bullshit. He also deleted some comments that critized him including one that had over 100 likes as well as his Patreon account.

Of course, Logan didn't do jackshit with the Patreon except fleece his fucktarded patrons. He also made ANOTHER scummy move with SuperMarioLogan2 which was yet another channel that tried to make all of Logan's videos "child friendly". His girlfriend's brother JJ gave Logan the account for some fucking reason and SML2 was a complete failure, once again having the videos demonitized as one would anticipate. Some claim it got hacked sometime in late August 2018, but in reality JJ was given the channel back.

They even did a fan meetup at the Nintendo Store in New York City, with the event known as JeffyCon. Oh, and apparently despite being in their early 20s, Logan and his girlfriend Chilly are now "married". The marriage ceremony, however, was a joke with the priest being an Elvis impersonator. No family or friends were in sight, either, as they only seem to care about the fans. Only time will tell if it'll last.

Yes, Logan is that desperate to make more shekels.
Don't let the thumbnail fool you though. JJ got the account back.
Yes, this was a real thing believe it or not. And you thought furries were bad.
Many older SML fans BEGGED Logan to burn Jeffy if this happened.
Logan celebrates the return of his shekels even though it doesn't really matter when the majority of the videos are still demonetized.
To sum it up, no Logan didn't burn Jeffy.
And yet you claim you need money.
This is what Logan and Chilly claim was their "marriage ceremony".

EDP445 VS SML[edit]

In February of 2018, a so called Eagles "fan" by the name of YouTube Favicon.png eatdatpussy445 aka EDP445 was given a trip to the Super Bowl which Logan paid for entirely. In the process, Logan offered EDP the chance to work for him as a voice actor. As with all the promises Logan has made, however, he broke it by keeping EDP waiting for months on end due to Logan being on "vacation". Just recently, EDP got his account terminated likely due to videos he made about Logan's deceitful faggotry which were striked down. One of his close friends YouTube Favicon.png andyvhb made a response to what happened. It is possible that EDP's lolcow like behavior and sexual acts caused Logan to turn him down. For more information regarding EDP, please check out Kiwi Farms Favicon.png his Kiwi Farms thread.

EDP rages over Logan.
EDP explaining more about what happened.
Some friend of EDP talks more about the drama between the two.

The SuperMarioLogan Movie[edit]

The History[edit]

According to many vlogs, Logan discussed the possibility of an actual movie on SuperMarioLogan. Despite all the promises he's made though, the movie is not going to come out since Logan lies all the fucking time as mentioned earlier and the SuperMarioLogan Movie is one of them. His retarded fans still actually believe that some "SuperMarioLogan Movie" is going to come out. Ironically enough, he intended the movie to be the finale to SuperMarioLogan but unfortunately thanks to Jeffy that probably won't be the case.

They even did a teaser trailer to the movie which will never happen.
Logan discusses about how the movie was meant to end his channel.

The current status of the movie[edit]


His Fanbase[edit]

His fans[edit]

SuperMarioLogan's fanbase varies greatly, from screaming 8-year-olds on heroin to edgy 13-year-olds. Some of his fans are so retarded that they go to Logan's house, which even Logan himself doesn't find fucking weird.

Battle between the Fans[edit]

SuperMarioLogan has possibly one of the most lulzest fanbases out there. No surprise given that much of it's fanbase is split into two different groups. Those who are fans because of Jeffy and those who were fans before the days of Jeffy (aka the old SML fans). Lots of fights between the two groups of fans are common even though they are fighting over a stupid puppet.

Daniel T. Gaming explains the truth about Logan and his fanbase.
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SML's Biggest "Fans"[edit]

Some of these people listed below are either longtime fans or have been fans since the Jeffy Era. They are pretty much known for doing critiques on Logan and his cast, making animations based off their characters, stealing their videos and reuploading them, or blatantly ripping off SML entirely or partially.

  • YouTube Favicon.png ABC Kids - Does live streams of SML videos. Is fucktarded enough to think SML's videos are for kids.
  • YouTube Favicon.png Ashleigh showell - Just one of the many people who reupload Logan's content to essentially steal his profits pretty much.
  • YouTube Favicon.png AwfulFanDactyl - Also known as AwfulFanVore elsewhere. She has a major obsession over Jeffy and "loves" him, making her a pedophile. She is also a possible diaperfur as well. She once did vore animations featuring Jeffy no surprise as well as other shit like that.
  • YouTube Favicon.png dabhdude - One of the few sane members of the SML community. Constantly complains over Logan and tries to help him to no success of course. Some of Logan's former fans featured themselves explaining their feelings towards Logan and his channel in this video that Dabhdude made. Skip to 12:17 to hear what they have to say.
  • YouTube Favicon.png I'mJustFarhan - A Dick Figures recolor who makes videos relating to SML on occasions. Also known for plagiarizing many other YouTube users.
  • YouTube Favicon.png Kable10 - Does SML parodies featuring Jeffy of course.
  • YouTube Favicon.png Louie Rochester - Another well known reuploader of SML videos. Likely the same dude as Ashleigh showell.
  • YouTube Favicon.png MλFDOMiNUS - A plushtuber who uses some creepy dinosaur puppet. Pretty much does the same thing Dabhdude does.
  • YouTube Favicon.png Michael Bautista - One of the few decent SML animators that makes animations on his Nintendo 3DS.
  • YouTube Favicon.png NickNick 1121 - One of the many copycats of SML with Toad being a Chef Pee Pee rip off.
  • YouTube Favicon.png Nicktendo - Not to be confused with the animation reviewer of the SAME NAME. A sad excuse for an "animator". Makes very shitty "animations" off of Logan's videos that look like they took five minutes to make. Despite this he has over 181,000 subscribers. Logan even featured one of Nicktendo's animations in his videos one time.
  • YouTube Favicon.png SuperMarioRichie - A Canadian plushtuber who once gained 3 million views on a video that was pretty much a ripoff of one of Logan's videos.
  • YouTube Favicon.png Tom Bomb - Pretty much the same as Kable10.
  • YouTube Favicon.png Yo Mama - This channel has recently made a few "jokes" that feature Jeffy. Each joke's individual video passes the 10 minute mark by throwing in other yo mama jokes as well as "meme rap battles" just for filler and ad revenue. Also has it's own ED page.
Take a look at one of Nicktendo's "masterpieces"
Komodo Specks: Looking At SML Knock Off Channels!
More examples of SML Knock Off Channels.
An example of how OBSESSED AwfulFanVore is with Jeffy. Even includes a Instagram live chat with Jeffy.
Another channel catering to underage autistic children just so happens to be owned by an SML fan.


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More SML related shit About missing Pics
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See Also[edit]

Links Associated with SuperMarioLogan[edit]

YouTube Accounts[edit]

  • YouTube Favicon.png SuperMarioLogan - The channel where it all began at.
  • YouTube Favicon.png SuperLuigiLogan - Logan's 2nd Channel which was originally meant for updates regarding SML, but was later turned into the "new" SML Channel.
  • YouTube Favicon.png SuperPeachLogan - Now known as simply "Chilly". Blog channel that is run by Logan's girlfriend "Wife" Chilly Jimenez. Logan uses it to constantly whine over SML being demonetized and shit like that. Was once Logan's 3rd channel intended to show off his cats and his younger sister which never happened.
  • YouTube Favicon.png superbowserlogan - The 4th and final channel Logan created. Originally intended for gaming videos even though Logan doesn't do gaming outside of Nintendo Currently abandoned.
  • YouTube Favicon.png Titototter - Sonic based plush channel operated by Chilly's brother Tito. Pretty much a Sonic rip off of SML anyways.
  • YouTube Favicon.png KirbStomp - Kirby based plush channel that is owned by Anthony Miller who was laid off as an actor for SML
  • YouTube Favicon.png zyoshiman - Zeke's current channel where he now does animation videos and shit. You couldn't tell he was once a part of SML at one point though.
  • YouTube Favicon.png Lovell - As the name states, this channel is owned by one of Logan's primary actors Lovell. Does reaction videos using characters such as Chef Pee Pee and Bowser for some fucking reason.
  • YouTube Favicon.png Lil wock - Formerly known as Spooka, SuperMarioLogan2, and REJN this is JJ's account. JJ, who is Chilly's younger brother briefly gave Logan his account in an attempt to make SML more "family friendly" but failed. SML videos associated with the channel are now removed.
  • YouTube Favicon.png Lance Thirtyacre - Obviously as the name states, this is Lance's own account. Pretty much just more Jeffy content if you didn't get enough of him already. Note that he calls himself "the funniest guy on the planet" in his channel description.
  • YouTube Favicon.png Damaris Chapman - Chilly and Tito's sister who apparently also has a channel as well. There's really nothing interesting about it besides that though.
  • YouTube Favicon.png Jillian Loudons - This channel is owned by a friend of the SML crew.

Other Accounts[edit]

Other Shit[edit]

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