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Did You Know: Edd actually didn't die from his cancer but instead died from an infection that he kept on getting? Goodnight sweet prince.

It's Pretty Swell


—A personal quote coined by Edd in 2011

The Current State of The Fandom[edit]

Leaked image of the next Eddsworld episode.


The Eddsworld logo, the font was used over and over by other people until the cows went home

Eddsworld is an shitty animated web South Park rip-off and probably is the worst web cartoon created in 2003 by Edd Gould, an unoriginal shitty animator, but the characters are grown up. The series consists of 3 characters (4 from 2005 to 2008). Edd (Based on the dead creator) Matt (Based on Matthew Hargreaves) and Tom (Based on TomSka). the fourth character named Tord (based on Tord Larsson) fucked off from the series in 2008. he later fucked back in for a one liner in 2010 and then fucked off again. It wasn't until Edd Gould died when things started fucking up pretty badly for the burden of a series that was left behind by Edd.


  • Edd - The fucking main character who thinks he's right, but never listens to his friend, Tom. He got more smart in the later episodes, yet still being a fucking retard on the inside.
  • Tom - The smart guy who gets drunk a lot. Ironically way smarter than his real life counterpart. He is considered Eric Cartman and Kenny McCormick combined due to the fact he is rude, and got covered in snow, and gets murdered a lot.
  • Matt - A stupid-fucking depressed retard who can't take stereotypes and criticism. He started out as a stupid butthurt retard who whored for attention. He even took a fucking laser beam of Tord's memory eraser gun to his head accidentally because Tord left, only to become a fucking narcissist. He probably failed to be an hero.
  • Tord - A stupid ugly overrated guy who "pretended" to be friends with Edd and Matt, and then betrayed them for a very-fucking-stupid communistic attempt to take over the fucking world. He often smokes cigars, just like his idol

The Main (and minor) People Behind Eddsworld[edit]

  • Edd Gould - The creator, animator, voice actor, writer of Eddsworld. When he first started making Eddsworld, it was shit (he even said that he didn't like his old animations, and it ironically looked worse than Horrible Histories). But he later found his style and made it considerably decent. Later on in his life, he made Eddsworld his job. When Edd died, everything started fucking up for Eddsworld. Edd is known for his noseless South Park art style rip-off.
  • Thomas Ridgewell - The asswipe who took over Eddsworld after Edd had died. Tom had met Edd on a website called Sticksuicide and pretty much pestered Edd into being his friend. After Edd had died, Tom started to get fat, unfunny and unoriginal. He was never fat though, he was moderately skinny.
  • Matt Hargreaves - Edd's best friend since Primary School. Edd originally thought Matt was a bit of a prick at first but later took a liking to him and inducted him to Eddsworld. As of recently, Matt is living an alright life, he's trying to work on Eddsworld despite the fans throwing everything back at his face. His wife (whom ironically is the sister of Simon Pegg) has also been harassed by Eddsworld fans due to a fictional ship
  • Tord Larsson - Tord Larsson (A.K.A. Tord Maximillian/Cyrano Welhaven) is/was the Norwegian artist and animator who became friends with Edd through getting to know him. Because of this, Tord and Tom didn't really get along. In 2008, Tord decided to leave Eddsworld, his reasons were for being harassed online and being bossed around by Edd. He also wanted to pursue his own artistic career and not leech off Edd's work. Tord made a video explaining this and because he mentioned Edd bossing him around, the fans decided to have a spastic fit and hate on him all because of this. After this, Tord deleted the video and every other social media account he had. Because of this, nobody knows where Tord is, our speculation is that he is dead.
  • Paul ter Voorde - Paul ter Voorde is a Dutch animator who was bought on to animate Eddsworld after Edd Gould had died. Ironically, his animation style was better than Edd's. As of recently, Paul has stepped down as the animator for Eddsworld and is now working for a digital animation company.
  • Todd Bryanton - A faggot who makes the official OST for Eddsworld.
  • Yoav Landau - Another Eddsworld OST makerfag.


The episodes of Eddsworld originally consisted of stupid hit and/or miss bullshit. it wasn't until late 2005 when Edd discovered the whole fucking meaning of an "Animated Series".The old episodes from then had somewhat of a horrible and untidy art style, it wasn't until 2009 when Edd tried to make his art style somewhat bearable to look at. it was also in 2009, when Edd got attention of the big media companies and ended up on BBC news, it's a shame he had to share those 2 minutes of television fame with his online friend (See:Tomska) instead of his personal friend or his family.

The Origin of Eddsworld[edit]

Edd Gould, The man himself who made this later, burden of a series

Edd Gould (Powerword: Edward Duncan Ernest Gould) (October 28 1988 - March 25th 2012) was the British animator who made Eddsworld. He had a series before Eddsworld entitled "Bendee Stick" which was another one of those stick animated cartoons but done in flash instead of Pivot. Not much is known about Edd's early life except for the fact that he was bullied in junior school. During a sports day event, Edd had met Matt Hargreaves. Edd thought of him as "a prick" at first but they ended up becoming mutual friends, it wasn't until later on where Edd and Matt were in the same classroom. Matt has recalled that when he went to Edd's house, Edd would be animating while Matt was reading comics. Even if they went out to get pizza, Edd would be drawing in a sketchbook. During 2004, Edd became friends with Thomas Ridgewell and Tord Larsson. He initiated these two into the first wave of the 'Eddsworld Crew', and started turning all his animated shorts into a shitty animated series that ripped of South Park and Homestar Runner named after his Newgrounds username, called "Eddsworld". In 2004, Edd had experienced some computer problems, leaving Eddsworld in the temporary hands of Tom and Tord. During this time, Tom and Tord had most likely grew a slight dislike of each other. When Edd came back and started making animations again, he initiated Matt into the Eddsworld crew. In early 2006, Edd (aged 17 at the time) had developed his first wave of cancer. The Eddsworld crew were told about the news and Tom blamed his masturbation problems and prayed to god that Edd's cancer would be cured. Somehow the stars aligned and Edd's cancer went into remission. In 2008, Tord Larsson came to the decision of leaving the Eddsworld crew because he didn't want to "Leech off the fame Edd was getting". Edd kept on making animations until April of 2011 when Edd was sent to the hospital. He was then diagnosed with cancer a second time, but this time it was more a more furious state of cancer. Despite the illness, he kept on making animations. It wasn't until he started working on the Eddsworld episode "space face" where he needed a lot of additional support from a few of his friends...

Death of Edd Gould[edit]

Edd after chemotherapy

11 months and 9 days (reverse the numbers around) after Edd was diagnosed with his second bout of cancer, the poor fucker died in his sleep. Fangirls alike made YouTube video after YouTube video talking about Edd and how they will miss him, around 3 days after Edd's death was announced to the internet, Tord re-emerged on the internet as a form of YouTube video, he talked about Edd and sent best wishes to Edd's family. After this video was uploaded, Tord had been violently harassed to come back to help on Eddsworld again. After this, Tord had enough and decided to wipe all traces of his existence off the internet except for his full name and his face.

Eddsworld Legacy (A.K.A: Eddsworld 2: Eddlectric Boogaloo)[edit]

Eddsworld Legacy is a con-project that was started by Thomas Ridgewell. the main goal for Legacy was to create "a few" episodes and have Eddsworld wrapped up with a shit-covered bow. It only turned out to be a big mess that Tom had a hard time fixing up, animators were name dropped so fans could harass them about progress to the point of breaking and ceased with having any involvement with the show. On March 16th 2016, a whole 4 years after Legacy was first announced and the Eddsworld YouTube channel's 10th anniversary, Thomas Ridgewell had stepped down as showrunner for Eddsworld, handing the show back to the rightful owners, Edd's Family and Matt.

The Eddsworld Fandom (here we fucking go)[edit]

The Eddsworld "Fandom" is a group of (mostly) whiny 14 year old girls who whine about how Tord is their boyfriend or how they wish Edd was still alive to bless us with his cartoons like he was the Jesus Fucking Christ of cartoons. A large number of these people are also dedicated Rule 34 artists who believe that since all the main characters are male then they must be gay lovers and addicted to anal sex. Not really a good combination is it? Matt had his wife harassed due to a fictional ship, which resulted in Matt stating that his wife will be blocking Eddsworld fans and demanding they give up before they start something a lot worse. But with horrendous parts of the fandom, there is the good part. The good parts of the Eddsworld fandom consist of people who are nice and care about each other (basically your typical MLP friendship like shit but Eddsworld). But within the good part, are the batshit insane people working on a whole fucking Eddsworld Fan movie in dedication of Edd. There is also another set of lunatics working on a fancomic. along with these are another group of batshit insane fans who are working on a fan episode.

Notable Fantards[edit]

The typical Eddfag face.

This is a list of the fans who prove that Eddsworld should have just stopped right after Edd died.

People actually call Eddsworld a tv show, despite only being a web series.

  • Marc Lovallo - some random fantard who got the opportunity to make music for one of Edd's old animations. He was also the director of the Eddsworld fan movie until he cucked out and decided to make uninspired garageband and FL studio music. it has been stated that he used to make tickle art of his friends but later deleted these images. What's even worse is that one of the images he did was in Edd's art style...

Here's some of the shit the sick fuck drew and asked for

  • Anyone with a popular AU - Putting every single person (who made an AU) on here would be a complete fucking waste of an ED page. Nevertheless, people with a famous AU in the Eddsworld fandom are praised a lot because they think that they have talent for switching the characters around or making them superheroes. Making AU's is a clear sign of creative unoriginality (as can be clearly seen with sonichu)
  • fanfags who replicate Edd's style - These are the type of people that look up to Edd Gould too much and aspire to be exactly like him (minus the cancer and dying). They wanna animate like him, they wanna draw like him, hell god knows if these fuckers wanna live like him too (yet again, minus the cancer and dying)
  • Autists - Yes, even the spergs are fans of Eddsworld. Aspergic Eddsworld fans tend to watch the show religiously as well as try to say that they don't care about it. It is very hard for an aspergic Eddsworld fan to prove that they don't like Eddsworld. One notable autistic Eddsworld fan, had a shit fit over a former Eddsworld fan for making a tweet, poking fun of autism. Lunching her whiteknights to do her dirty work.
  • Animation Memers -
Eddsworld will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.

Probably the worst Eddsworld fans. They’re faggots who make shitty forced memes out of Eddsworld characters just to fucking fanbrat about how good it is, raping them and all that unfunny shit. Once you think they’re done with Eddsworld animation memes, they make more.

Literal SJWs who made these shitty fake comics to get Eddsworld more attention despite the fact they're crudely drawn. Here's a link to their exposer:

Former Fans[edit]

These are the people who either don't like the Eddsworld fandom but like the show or just the people who hate Eddsworld in general

  • User:SomePrickNamedMemphis/User:HecklerKalashnikov - So called artist who keeps on posting his stuff to the God-Awful DeviantSHART. He used to be part of the Eddsworld fandom but one tweet caused a severely autistic SJW to throw him out of the fandom.
  • 4chan Anonfags - "Remember when /co/ used to like Eddsworld, what happened?"... Edd died
  • Any animator on VidLii - No bullshitting here
  • Knep - He knows it's overrated and shit.

How to avoid Eddfaggotry[edit]


Probably the only reason why the show still has an active fandom. Despite all the characters being straight both in the show and in real life, they are apparently gay. This, as you may have guessed, resulted in such abominations as Sinsworld and TomTord that even an alpha nonce would be repulsed at being brought into existence. What's is that these people actually put time and effort into their twisted creations, so not only are they anally raping your childhood memories but their having fun doing it as well. However, this may just be so that they can earn more money off their Premium DeviantArt because their job as a gay sex worker in the brothel near Home Bargians doesn't provide them with enough money to properly live off

The Eddsworld Fan Movie[edit]

The Eddsworld Fan Movie is a shit fan project made by the retard fans of Eddsworld who have way too much time on their hands (Kinda shows, they've currently spent 5 years on this pile of fucking autism). The plot of the fan movie consists of the merrycunts finding out about the cuntish aliens from space face, they kidnap them, Edd Matt and Tom go on an adventure to save them. Some sort of massive war happens, England wins (Because england obviously has to win in order to make the fan movie have a good end) and then a shitty ending happens. So if it wasn't obvious, the fan movie is going to be shit. They keep saying that Tord is/isn't in the fan movie but we all know he actually is in the fan movie. Like that will make it better

What an Eddfag does[edit]

  • Pretend Eddsworld is the best "TV show" (Just because it was shown on TV once, doesn't make it a TV show, but a web show, a different type of show, you stupid fucking niggers!).
  • Make their own animated series based off Eddsworld and then do nothing with that series for more than a fucking year
  • Make excuses for liking it.
  • Put Eddsworld all over their profile. (Extra 50 points if they recreate Edd's art style for their own personal use)
  • True to ruin old/dead forced memes with their Eddfaggotry.
  • Pretend that they don't care about the fandom or the series when in actuality, they give a massive fuck about some dead guy's cartoon
  • Whinge about how Tord is the best character
  • Roleplay as the characters on the internet (100 points if these fags use the real people's last names)
  • Whiteknight the show whenever it's criticised. They do this by using the "it was made by a dead guy, have some respect" excuse
  • Can't take a joke at their own expense
  • Spam Eddsworld Animation Memes on YouTube until they die out.
  • Always like Eddsworld, and never stop. Never.

How to piss them off[edit]

  • Tell them Eddsworld sucks.
  • Tell them Eddsworld versions of forced memes and Eddsworld animation memes suck.
  • Tell them to not treat Eddsworld like a TV show, as it is not that good.
  • Tell them TomTord sucks!
  • Tell them to stop worshipping Eddsworld as the only thing they’ll watch (not even South Park), and watch something else.
  • Tell them to stop troping Eddsworld in TV-Tropes.
  • Tell them the Family Guy is better than Eddsworld.
  • Tell them to stop liking Eddsworld.
  • Tell them their Tord drawings suck.

Active Eddfags[edit]

List of Eddfags who still are in the Eddsworld fandom.

Notable Eddsworld Rip-offs[edit]

Deviantart-favicon.png The Beginning and The Friend[edit]

The Beginning and The Friend is a shitty unfunny fancomic ran by literal SJWs. The comic isn't really anything special other than a hypothetical what-if situation after the episode The End. Eddfags also love it, meaning they're still in the fandom. It's very unoriginal. To make it even worse, they worship Eddsworld to death.

The Eddfags Have Taken Over The Asylum[edit]

The gallery below is filled with the utter garbage that the Eddsworld fandom like to spew out every now and then. An separate NSFW gallery has been provided so you don't have to run into any of the faggy shipping art

The gallery of EddsTism About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]
The gallery of EddsTism (NSFW) About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

How to Endfaggotry[edit]

Summing Eddsworld up in a single video[edit]

Shit you may not have known about Edd[edit]

  • During his mid to late teen years, he was one of those people on Newgrounds who would say "probably because You've never made a flash animation" after being criticised. His attitude changed when he got older
  • He once made MLP art and claimed not to be a brony, as he never enjoyed the show that much. he later watched the show and ended up becoming a "slight" brony.
  • He was shit-talked by TomSka in a podcast, claiming that Edd was a miserable bugger and other horrible shit like that
  • Edd had a FurAffinity account, he made one thing and never used it after that.
  • He wore contact lenses whenever he "attended a date" this was probably highly unlikely as he died alone and probably didn't really care about a relationship in his life.

The virgin faggots who actually like this shit[edit]


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Their Methods

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