EDIT - better quality video link is on YouTube here: (be sure to select HD in the YouTube video quality options) :) I also made this movie of the 3D model (I love being into 3D design!), sadly the quality is affected when Facebook compresses the file so I can't show you the full crisp version, please see my previous post to see the lovely details in full HD :)
I never, ever get bored of watching this! This strange film is of the larger mare mould degassing in the vacuum tank. I found my clear acrylic tank at the weekend so was able to film it. This is what happens when you turn the vacuum off, ie the pump lets all the air back in, the pressure in the rubber equalises with the room and it stops "boiling". The turn-off happens at about 16 seconds in, if you're pushed for time :)
Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble....

The Pewters are up!

I have 44 MM Maxi Cobs, 12 Gypsy Vanners and 12 Pony Mares in this batch

Here's the link, you need to scroll down a bit to see the Vanner and Pony Mare listings as I put the pewters by their resin counterparts.

Here's a few pics so you can see how nice the casts are. I've trimmed the sprues but that's all I can do (allergies or something, le sigh!), but they only really need the remnants of the sprue bumps on the hooves levelling so they stand absolutely flat, they're super crisp and clean

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Edit: they're available now, see the link below

This is a heads up for them going on sale later today, these guys have literally just arrived and look amazing they'll be sold as "raw" but honestly, they are fab so it'll take just a couple of minutes to clean them, maybe even seconds! I could call them clean and get away with it if I wasn't so honest! Anyway they'll all come in presentation boxes as they are first quality casts. If I find any dodgy ones I'll hold them back and offer them seperately, since I discovered how popular pewter seconds are!

These are all cast in lead free pewter.

I'll check them over this afternoon so I know exactly how many I can offer, and I hope to get them up for sale around 6 or 7pm GMT (ie about 3-4 hours from when I post this) so watch out for that post.

I have mostly MM Maxi Cobs and also had a few MM Gypsy Vanners and MM Pony mares cast for fun. I can get more cast if needed later, these are all open editions but I do only have a few today (about 70 total before checking for flaws which I'll do shortly)

Here's a link to the page they'll be sold on, in case you see this post before the sales one later:

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