Viewing of the public cameras is available 7am-9pm M-F, 8am-8pm Saturday, and 2pm-4pmSunday.  Play Yard and Suite cameras are password protected, please contact Ollie and Viv’s for password.

Public Camera Link:{124A8780-6A7E-4D70-B32A-4E9656FC9924}

Play Yard and Suite Camera Link:{124A8780-6A7E-4D70-B32A-4E9656FC9924}

Need Assistance?  For technical support please contact Online Doggy via , by phone at 303-805-4034, or visit OnlineDoggy

Viewing with Android and Apple mobile devices you will need to use the Odoggy app.

For instructions on shutting off the Auto-Renewal feature for the Odoggy app please click here.ODoggy Auto-Renewal Settings

Remember, that if you are trying to view the cameras while at the facility, you will need to use this specific “local” link.  You will not be able to simply go to your website and view the cameras.  This is because the cameras are on the same internet connection as your other computers at your facility.

LOCAL public camera link:{124A8780-6A7E-4D70-B32A-4E9656FC9924}&source=local

LOCAL private camera link:{124A8780-6A7E-4D70-B32A-4E9656FC9924}&source=pvtlocal

Clients will be able to access your cameras from our website: , click on “view my pet” and locate your location under the state of IN.  The public cameras can be accessed by clicking on the “View Using Regular Quality” link and the Play and Suite cameras can be accessed by clicking on the “View Using Higher Quality” link next to your location name.