Glory Kadigan

Director, Writer


  • "From the first time I saw Glory’s work I felt I was seeing something special, unusual, and exciting, and I have never stopped feeling that way.”
    Edward Einhorn, Artistic Director of Untitled Theater Company #61
  • “Glory is a superb director with a deep understanding of the many possibilities the Theater can offer. She knows how to extract the best from the actors and develops an excellent rapport with actors and the playwright – not an easy task!”
    Marco Calvani, Playwright
  • “Glory is a generous and creative collaborator. She allows actors to contribute a lot during the rehearsal process, giving them a feeling of ownership of the production. She has a wonderful sense of movement and musicality and is not afraid to experiment. Her productions are entertaining and meaningful.”
    David J. Diamond, Director
  • “…brilliant staging by director Glory Kadigan. It’s the most magical Tempest in New York!”
    Hi! Drama, Cable TV NYC Theatre Critique show
  • "This sophisticated version of the production has imaginatively reshaped the fairy tale! The story has been innovation staged by Glory Kadigan"
    The New York Times

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