Why I Turned Off Blog Comments

There’s been a bit of speculation as to why I turned off comments here, and the occasional are comments coming back or is this just a temporary thing. My apologies for not addressing this sooner, but I’ll give you the real reason and address some of the speculation as well.

What Time of Day do You Post to Your Blog?

So I’ve got an idea in my head, that’s entering the “hey I might actually do this one” and of my biggest questions is when do I schedule my posts to go live?

Thesis is a WordPress Framework Not a Design and Why That Matters for SEO

When I mention Thesis a lot of people don’t really get the value of it, to them Thesis is just a design. However they don’t understand Thesis and miss the real value of  Thesis as a framework. First off we need to understand what a good HTML markup and framework can do. With a good framework like CSSZen Garden, you … [Continue reading Thesis is a WordPress Framework Not a Design and Why That Matters for SEO]

The Big Fat RSS Lie

Anytime a social media consultant starts talking to prospective clients and they bring up blogging, they talk about how RSS can be used to help them directly connect with their customers … the truth is in most cases it’s a BIG FAT LIE!

Why You Should Blog Less and Update More

While there aren’t many marketers who still feel you need to blog everyday, most will agree that you should blog often for a variety of reasons. However, I’m going suggest that it might be time to bring that sacred cow to the slaughter house and that, the more posts you publish, the more of a liability you are creating for … [Continue reading Why You Should Blog Less and Update More]

Analogies in Blog Titles are Like Dirty Underwear

As I cruise thru my SEO folder in my feedreader every day I’m filled with a sense of dismay and utter dissapointment with most of what I see. More often than not I see titles like: How My Step Dad Taught Me The Ethics of Burnt Sienna Hat SEO 93 Ways Your Shopping Cart Software is Like Progresso Chunky Chicken … [Continue reading Analogies in Blog Titles are Like Dirty Underwear]

Do You Subscribe to Your Own Blog

Seems a silly question to ask but I can’t believe that the people who run Trendspotting are subscribed to their blog and haven’t yet noticed that their blog is published without a title or haven’t done anything about it

How to Write Keyword Focused Articles and Posts About Timely Topics

One of the things I often say that most bloggers get wrong is they sacrifice keyword focus for being clever, cute, or entertaining. Yes, it is important that you make your blog posts as interesting as possible; but you should never ignore the opportunity to tie into commercial concepts. Since I often get criticized for telling you what you do … [Continue reading How to Write Keyword Focused Articles and Posts About Timely Topics]

Does Your Publishing Schedule Match Your Readers Habits

In old days newspapers and magazine figured out there where optimal times for publishing certain types of stories, example Tuesday was traditionally “Science Times Tuesday”. As old world publishers transitioned to online publishers those rules probably don’t apply anymore and just might be working against them.

A Look at Full and Partial Feeds in an Increasingly Mobile World

As of July 2012 I no longer recommend using this tactic, as it creates too many low quality links to your website I’ve long stated that I prefer full feeds over partial feeds. Now that I’ve spent the past few weeks using an iPad, I feel even more strongly that full feeds are the way to go and that offering … [Continue reading A Look at Full and Partial Feeds in an Increasingly Mobile World]

WordPress – Clean Up Your Backend

There are lots of posts dedicated to showing you wordpress plugins that enhance your post functionality and add features but not many that focus on helping you clean and maintain a secure and orderly backend. I’ll include a few you may have seen before but also a few new ones to help keep things running smoothly.

Using Tags for Better Ad Targeting on Your Blog

When you’re running a blog with affiliate links, one of the key factors that can increase your conversions, help you make more sales, and ultimately put more money in your pocket, is to have ads that are targeted to match the content. In this tutorial I’ll be showing you some tactics on how you can improve this targeting using tags.

Category SEO For WordPress Blogs and Ecommerce

I solved (at least partly) my problem maintaining rankings over time. Old pages that used to get traffic are once again seeing inbound search visits. I did it by tweaking my blog’s category pages, but I think the lessons are also helpful for ecommerce sites.

Blogging Code of Conduct … Stupid Idea

Boy it’s a good thing that someone came up with the blogging code of conduct idea, because that will almost certainly put and end to people who people who do stupid things and act like jerks … I mean really does anybody think troublemakers and rule breakers give a rats ass about rules, regulations or guidelines … rules, laws, guidelines … [Continue reading Blogging Code of Conduct … Stupid Idea]

Does your Blog Suck … Here’s How to Fix It

He’re’s a little secret, I’ve slowly and steadily been unsubscribing from SEO blogs for the past few months, and last week the total number of  marketing blogs I read dropped below 10, and I think the time has come for an intervention. For a lot of you the time has come to ask yourselves does your blog suck … and … [Continue reading Does your Blog Suck … Here’s How to Fix It]

How to Add a Visual Slider to Thesis

The following is a tutorial on how to add a dynamic content slider to your Thesis wordpress theme. It’s easily adapted to work with any wordpress blog, but like everything it’s just easier with Thesis 🙂

Is Your Schlock Writing Dismembering Infants?

Schlock writing is bad. Schlock writing is bad because it is uninteresting. By uninteresting, I mean that writing in a schlocky manner is generic. Schlock writing is styleless and schlock is flat.