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Bubble Tea
Marina/Cow Hollow

Opened 8 weeks ago

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22 reviews

Opened 2 weeks ago

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Grocery, Convenience Stores
Financial District, SoMa

Opened 8 weeks ago

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Sunday-Funday: Playful Learning Through Improv

What better way to learn, grow and connect than through play? I'll tell you what's better: Nothing! So let's hang out together on Sunday, June 23rd, for an interactive workshop where we'll use improv exercises to flex our collaboration, agility and communication muscles. This is not a class to learn the art of improvisational theater. No one will be put on the spot or asked to perform in front of the group. Rather, it's a game/fun filled experience where we'll explore: - saying "Yes!" - awareness/listening - thinking on our feet/being flexible - celebrating our mistakes - generating creativity and new ideas Now, I think we can all agree we need to dust off these skills to benefit our relationships, our communities and our professional lives. Don't you? So come! Play! Meet new friends! Have an "aha" moment (or two)! Laugh! You'll be glad you did.

Sun, Jun 23, 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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Joanne C.
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Review of the Day
5.0 star rating

i came here on a saturday evening and there was a line out the door! it was overall super fun and i would definitely come back on a less crowded day! ----------- mini golf ----------- + you first need to go to the ticket booth by the door and pay your entry fee. it is $12/person and then you are given a token to get a golf ball from a gumball machine. this line is dependent on how busy the course is because they won'... Continue reading

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