GTA West Corridor Advisory Panel Report

Advisory Panel Report

GTAW Advisory Panel’s Letter


Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Introduction

  1. 1.1 GTAW EA Project Context
  2. 1.2 Review of the GTAW EA
  3. 1.3 Changing Policy and Institutional Context
  4. 1.4 Report Chapter Overview

Chapter 2: Panel’s Consultation

  1. 2.1 Mandate
  2. 2.2 Process
  3. 2.3 Summary of themes

Chapter 3: Innovation, Change, and Uncertainty

  1. 3.0 Introduction
  2. 3.1 Business as Usual?
  3. 3.2 Trends Affecting Transportation
  4. 3.3 Planning for Uncertainty

Chapter 4: Alternative Approaches and Transportation Benefits

  1. 4.1 Transportation Benefits: Past, Present and Future
  2. 4.2 The Panel’s Approach and Alternate Scenarios
  3. 4.3 Results of the Panel’s Assessment

Chapter 5: Policy Context

  1. 5.1 A New Planning Framework for EA
  2. 5.2 New Policy Directions
  3. 5.3 GTAW EA Approach to Existing Provincial Policy
  4. 5.4 Ontario’s Changing Policy Framework
  5. 5.5 Conclusions

Chapter 6: Environmental Assessment Review

  1. 6.0 Overview
  2. 6.1 The EA Terms of Reference
  3. 6.2 Alternatives to the Undertaking
  4. 6.3 Consideration of “Need”
  5. 6.4 Conclusions

Chapter 7: Conclusions and Recommendations

  1. 7.0 The Panel’s Mandate
  2. 7.1 GTAW EA Strategic Assessment


List of Appendices


The strategic assessment conducted by the Panel over the past year presented an opportunity to explore the relationships between provincial policy, transportation planning, and the environmental assessment process. The views, conclusions, and recommendations reflected in this strategic assessment are those of the Panel.

The Panel wishes to acknowledge many individuals who worked hard to help us in collecting, using, and interpreting information in this process.

Several individuals, in particular, deserve specific acknowledgement. The Panel would like to express our gratitude to Alejandra Gonzalez, Senior Policy Advisor, who acted as the Panel Secretariat, for her wise advice, professionalism and assistance throughout our strategic assessment. The Panel would also like to thank Yvonne Verlinden for her strong policy advice and substantial contribution to the Panel’s report over the past several months.

We would also like to thank the following staff from the Ministry of Transportation for their expertise and assistance throughout the process, including modelling, briefings, technical review, meeting arrangements, and support of all Panel consultations: Tija Dirks, Michael Casey, Rina Kulathinal, Natalie Rouskov, Arthur Tai, Rob Tardif, Sundar Damodaran, Jiang Yang Hao, Paul Semple, Neil Levesque, Arielle Mayer, Mariola Kuratewicz, Lindsay Manna, and Leah Tomlinson.

We are grateful to the many individuals from Ministries, agencies, universities, non-for-profit sector and private sector who offered expert advice and information in support of the Panel’s work.

We are also appreciative of the opportunity to meet with and benefit from the economic expertise of both Vijay Gill and Paul Boothe. We also benefited greatly from the land use planning expertise of Jim Dyment.

We are grateful to Vijay Gill for his thorough and thoughtful technical review of our draft material and to Steve Gray and Peter Overton for their knowledgeable and timely copy editing.

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