1. 22. Nov. 2018

    Bis auf das nervige Gesinge ein gelungenes

  2. 23. Nov. 2018

    Welterweight Champ 's appearance during game yesterday on reached more than 30 million viewers. Spence returns to March 16 to face 4-division Champ on FOX PPV. 👀🎥:

  3. 22. Nov. 2018

    Wow, what a win?! A COWBOYS win!! 🌟💙. Now time for turkey and dressing 🙃

  4. 22. Nov. 2018

    I don’t want to hear anyone complaining about a missed holding call. Y’all didn’t want to hear it when they called a cheap snap infraction a month ago. Be consistent!

  5. 22. Nov. 2018

    You can just feel this back door cover!

  6. 22. Nov. 2018

    Cowboys fan: “Man, beating you guys isn’t even fun. You’re so quiet, you’re not even responding to my trash talk!” Me (a redskins fan): “You cant hurt what’s already broken...”

  7. 22. Nov. 2018
  8. 22. Nov. 2018

    Last year Zeke jumped in the bucket and this year he put dak in it 🤣🤣

  9. 22. Nov. 2018

    Jerry’s box is a rockin so don’t come a knockin

  10. 22. Nov. 2018

    Dem boys back

  11. 22. Nov. 2018

    It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving if Redskins weren’t being killed.

  12. 22. Nov. 2018

    Damn, I left the turkey in the oven a little too long to watch that horrible halftime performance by Meghan Trainor.

  13. 22. Nov. 2018

    Bro they deadass making the cowboys fight the ‘redskins’ on thanksgiving day....

  14. 22. Nov. 2018
  15. 22. Okt. 2018

    Olde Strip, Sack, Fumble- / Usually an enemy- / On Sunday, a friend. /

  16. 21. Okt. 2018

    That kick goes in all day every day from 47 yds. That penalty killed us! Argh! Keep your head up you’re still doing a great job.

  17. 21. Okt. 2018

    Just watched alumni do a news update in the 4th qtr of the game. You go girl!!!

  18. 21. Okt. 2018
  19. 17. Okt. 2018

    Cowboys bout to win this game on Sunday ⚪️🔵 redskins taken the L dis weekend 🤪🤪

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