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Ama-gi in cuneiform on stone

Anthem for the Ama-Gi

by Jim Davidson
              When I was young, on a course I did steer
              To change all the world with no sense of fear.
              To help solve problems that all people face,
              I invested my skills for the fate of the race.

              Working with friends and working alone,
              Learning new facts that had to be known,
              Trying new methods, daring to dream
              The work was quite endless, or so it did seem.

              Failures and victories came by the score;
              Whatever I did to open the door
              Others would challenge until it was late.
              Will the bet pay off? What is our fate?

              Who can say what the future may bring,
              Will it cause us to weep or cause us to sing?
              I don't believe in predestined fate,
              The future will be what we choose to create.

              Each of us working and earning his property;
              Keeping it private with total autonomy.
              Having such love for each of these folk
              Who yearn to live free and shed the yoke

              Of oppression that binds with coercion and fear.
              Holding a gun or arrow or spear,
              Taking up arms for defense of our selves so
              No one is master or owner or slave, no

              Nobody owns you or me or another.
              Nobody plays our father or mother.
              We live together or we live far apart
              Each choosing his path be it silly or smart.

              We are the tribe of freedom you see.
              In cuneiform writing they say "Ama-Gi"
              The most ancient way of writing we're free,
              In wedges of clay before 2000 BC.

              For four thousand years now people have known
              That freedom is greatest when each is left alone.
              No central planners, no central plan
              Can make as much difference as one single man

              Or woman or child, it matters not which:
              The individual holds the key, turns the switch,
              Unlocks the door to the future we seek
              Next century, next year, or even next week.

              Destiny is what we choose to create,
              It never has been a matter of fate.
              We are not robots to follow in line,
              Shuffling along without reason or sign.

              I am just me, this guy that you know,
              You are just you with your knowledge in tow.
              No numbers, no license, no permissions, no crime,
              Autonomous factors with reason and rhyme.

              True there are those who can't or won't see
              That initiating force is wrong as can be.
              They act in great haste, they do such a wrong,
              We must protect the rest who belong,

              Not to each other but each to herself and
              Coercing none to gain wealth or land.
              The things that we want come best in exchange
              For things that we have or produce in a range

              Of quality and value that each of us can
              Make or devise by some personal plan.
              Respecting you while you respect me
              Guiding each other and others to see

              That all of the future is unwritten as yet
              And if we work smart we may still win that bet.
              Laying the base on foundation of rock
              So that battered by time it will take every shock.

              From bottom to top, we build to the stars,
              Knowing that what awaits us on Mars
              Is another world of possibility, and more
              Beyond Mars to a far galaxy's shore.

              We travel through space, we travel through time.
              There is no mountain that we cannot climb.
              We face the future both together and apart,
              A journey of miles with but one step to start.

              The best thing is taking each seriously.
              Respecting the fact of the autonomy
              Of each person in order to give them the space
              To develop and grow just at their own pace.

              We are the Tribe of the Free: Ama-Gi,
              Whatever we do, we always live free.

Copyright 2000 Jim Davidson, All Rights Reserved.

"Anthem for the Ama-gi" first appeared at the Yahoo Group for the Ama-gi.
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