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Tyciol (Powerword: Jordan Robert Hill) is an unemployed, autistic, basement-dwelling, furfag, hentai loving, Wikipedophile, nerd, who lives with his mommy, in Richmond Hill, Ontario Canadia. An all around sick fuck, this poser pseudo intellectual pedophile is the poster child for why post-partum abortions should be legal. Among his many other failures, he's best known for defending downloading CP, just as long as you don't pay for it.

Tyciol is also notable for having a folder on his hard drive that contains nothing but fan art of New Zealand mosque shooter Brenton Tarrant as a loli. We aren't even kidding...

Fun Facts About Tyciol[edit]

Did you know that Tyciol...

  • Wants to have sex with his mom?
  • Is a member of Girlchat and other pedophile websites?
  • Has his own wikisposure article?
  • Is a pathological liar?
  • Thinks it is possible to have romantic relationships with fictional characters from cartoons, books, etc., despite their non-existence?
  • Is currently "dating" all three of the Powerpuff Girls?
  • Has threatened other YouTube users for making disparaging remarks about the Powerpuff Girls?
  • Fantasizes 24/7 about raping little girls?
  • Believes that things like "rape" and "childhood" are fictitious concepts imposed upon peoples' minds by the oppressive, anti-pedophile majority?
  • Likes fucking with peoples' heads and manipulating them into doing what he wants them to?
  • Has tried many times to edit this article to make himself seem lovable and harmless?


So far, I say I go as low as 14 because that's the legal limit in Canada. Any less, I wouldn't feel comfortable pursuing it so I wouldn't really be able to find out if it was right for me. I do think I'd be fine with 8-13 though, honestly.


—Tyciol, on where he draws the line.

I'm very interested in the furry culture, I read a lot of the web comics and like the art. If I ever have a sizable amount of money maybe I'd try fursuiting, looks fun.


—Tyciol, A furry is born.

Is it relevant to mention how he was made the Wikipedia mascot over Wikipe-tan who was demoted to be a WikiProject mascot, yet she's much more popular?


—Tyciol 06:42, 23 March 2009 (UTC), Tyciol, upset that Wikipedia decided to not go with the loli mascot. Also he likes to go around ED loli images and rate them a scale of 1-10


Drama found from the kick the freak LJ group in all cases.


moonlily78]: "Its belittling, degrading, and mentally straining on the children."
Lj-favicon.png tyciol responds: "I think you may mean emotionally straining. A crossword puzzle is mentally straining, and quite beneficial. As for emotional strain, a little bit is part of living life, long as it's not so extreme as to be scarring. It would be if the aforementioned negative qualities are true, so back them." [1]

In the world of pedos, certain truths cannot be taken for granted. Some argue that kiddie porn isn't degrading. That means as a member of the oppressive anti-cp majority, you need to back up your arguments to babyrapers.


Dookie's fursona loves Ty.
Lj-favicon.png dookiedragon: "Kiddie porn, as in the images with REAL people and children is FUCKED. Free or not, a child WAS harmed, maybe not by you, but still."
Lj-favicon.png tyciol responds: "In some cases they'd be harmed, in which case I'd hope I wouldn't be aroused by such images, but there's still nothing wrong with viewing them, though there is something wrong with paying for them, or not reporting them to the authorities. [...] Even so, to say that they'd always be being harmed isn't necessarily accurate, as that would mean any sex would be harmful. There would exist a minority that wouldn't harm the child. I didn't have any outside influence at all from adults and I did a lot of weird perverted shit when I was 3-4, much less 7-14, that I can remember." [2]

Presumably tyciol is a member of this minority that wouldn't harm the child. After all, he doesn't pay for his kiddie pr0n!

Lj-favicon.png tyciol: "The whole 'a child can't consent to putting their photos online' is under the same route as them not consenting to sex, which I also argue anyway. [...] No, just make it illegal to put it up without the child and their guardian's consent. Obviously it's quite moot, I fully agree that making child porn should be illegal as long as child sex is, so until that's resolved, there's no much point discussing it." [3]

Lulz ensue as Lj-favicon.png non_con_love says that being trolled is especially bad for a past molestation victim and tyciol says that he wants the same rights as the police have to view kiddie pr0n, because it's just "harmless looking" and "helps catch perpetrators."

Tyciol's Personal Journal[edit]

some fanart

Lj-favicon.png moonlily78 and Lj-favicon.png chinesedentist then escalate to tyciol's omg personal journal, and tyciol brings it back into the community thread and points out that if he were to have a daughter, he "believe[s] the role of parent (and teacher) takes presidence over romantic relationships."


Incest and bestiality[edit]

It should also be noted that along with kiddie p0rn, tyciol is also a big fanboi of incest and bestiality. What a winner.

Dude, I wish I had an older sister to have sex with.


Access to this post is denied.

There's nothing wrong with lusting for your mother if she's hot


Access to this post is denied.

I think it's stupid to prevent people from having sex with animals as long as its legal to butcher them.


Access to this post is denied.

Another thing I wonder, what do you all think of the 'slippery slope' argument most people have regarding gay marriage?To be truthful, I actually do see it opening things in that it helps us get over bigotry, but even then, I doubt marriage will ever be government-recognized until animals can be recognized as citizens, as to enter into legal agreements. So, the first potential mates would probably Apes, Dolphins, or Elephants perhaps? Rather costly, heh.How does one go about having the law recognize what is good? I do not desire to go against it, and am patient, yet I don't understand these laws I guess. The pet-status, animal ownership, is essentially being the slavemaster to an animal in legal terms... you can have them put down, you can sell them to others, you can neuter them... but you can't have intercourse? Rather strange.Then again, you can't abuse them, at least I think there are protection laws with that. The problem is, that sex is classed in with that. It seems the legal system these days seems to consider ANY sex violent and ill-spirited in nature unless the person (and what they consider 'person' varies) clearly and continually consents... and they judge what they think of those whose opinions are unclear, thinking we'd simply see what we'd want to see of what they want. Bah.One way to go about legalizing beastlove would of course, be to remove these animal protection laws, and let owners do whatever they want to their 'property'. That is a way, I guess, but it doesn't sit too well with me. Some animals shouldn't be property, and it would allow people to inflict suffering for pleasure, which is bad. Longer road, finding the humanity in animals, but probably best for the long run, if I can only live so long. Luckily enough, humans are still the most attractive animal so they'll sate my curiosity with mysteries for the interim.



Tyciol finally gets lucky.

Moar recent fail: in addition to his very promising career on TOW and LJ, Tyciol is also failing it as a YouTuber. Unable to foster one creative thought of his own, Tyciol makes videos about his wanderings around his mom's front yard. After the proper responses were elicited, he set all of his stimulating videos to private.

In a fit of boredom, Tyciol thought it would be great fun to call attention to himself. He started leaving comments on pages in an attempt to stir up some good old-fashioned pedo-drama. It worked, but much better than he thought. In retaliation, Tyciol and everyone he subscribes to were covered in a shitstorm of pedo-hate. Lulz ensued:

DONT you freaking dare comment on my page!!....This is a massege to amsterdambound fckhdx100 and themeanstoanend...I HATE YOU ALL!!!


—WTFpropductions, serious fucking business

STOP SPAMING YOU FREAKING LOSER!!!!...Ohhh youtube!! i couaght a SPAMER!!...YOUTUBE:YOU IS BANNED FO LIFE RETARD!...ME:See? thats what you get!!...TO - that loser below this comment


—MonictheDemon777, internet badass


SOME OF THE VIDEOS CLEARLY STATE IM A TEN YEAR OLD!...And What the HELL!? im my own person you freaking furit cake butt eating fagot!!!...NEVER SAY IM TYCIOL!! I REALY DONT WANT TO BE HIM!!!...ITS TIME TO CALL FOR MY FIRENDS TO BACK ME UP!!!...FIREDS LIST TIME BABY!- Bengalz Astinraven Vanishmatle(I live ith him) And MY SISTER USE YOUTUBE TOO!!!!



—MonictheDemon777, Tyciol's pedo-friend pretending to be a 10 year old

And no i am sane.....

just i am pessed the hell off right now!!!!!

go to my channel to see my saness.... i am not crazy


—MonictheDemon777, "my saneness, let me show you it"

Holy shit. Umm...k I'm tired of deleting stuff. Just a couple notes to clarify:
  • distinguish readers between the letter Y and the letter V. The icon helps too though I guess he might mimic that later if he wants.
  • Leave 777 alone, I don't use sock puppets. While I don't have any reason to think so, for all I know he's being honest about being 10, and I know you types tend to be against harassing the tweens right?


—Tyciol, failing it


Hates him and did 4 May 2008 paranoid rant.



Tyciol does it with PRIDE. But mainly with toddlers.

Global ban from Wikipedia projects
No one allows Tyciol to play on their forums

Tyciol finally got his ass B& from TOW last Thursday for "Pro-pedophile activism", with Ryan Postlethwaite swinging the banhammer. Needless to say, this caused the usual drama bomb, as the Wikipedos ran about trying to deal with it, and poor Ryan caught the fallout from it.

"I should elaborate on my comment above with the fact that if people have brought to my attention a user who has self identified as a pedophile then I will block them as such. If I think they're probably a pedophile, the likelihood is that they've made pro-pedophilia edits so I'll block them as such. In short, if any user who's brought to my attention is a pedophile, or who I strongly suspect is a pedophile, they'll be blocked." - Ryan's reviews

Tyciol also got his ass banned on Wikimedia Commons despite pedos on Commons initially coming to his rescue. His block on commons generated the usual sperging out by Aspie Wikipedos.

Then in August, Wikipedo's decided that they didn't want him on any project at all so they globally locked his account evoking a bawwwfest on his meta talk page.

Kings Wiki[edit]

Tyciol was banned from Kings Wiki.


In ongoing fail, the latest news is that Tyciol was brutally banhammered Jan 14 2010 by Encyc owner Emperor User:Chika in a fit of righteous rage.[4] Expiry time of infinite (account creation disabled). This lead to Eme/Wikademia inquiring as to WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. [5]

Also permanently banned from the forum (much alike WR) "permanently banned from this board" "A ban has been issued on your username" "please contact the Board Administrator for more information."

Nice to know that ed was a last resort for him and that he feels it will welcome and cater to him.

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