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Police.gif Even Jeffree Star thinks DV is a pedo

The only platinum award Blood On The Dance Floor will ever receive
Would you believe the rapist is the one on the left?
Underage pussy doesn't really count, faggot.

Drama free is the way to be :")


Oh ye of little faith, Dahvie...

It's pretty hard to stand out as a Scenefag, rapist, pedo fucktard or bully in the techno/pop world, being that all the members of every band are, well, that. But, for Dahvie Vanity, the creator and consistently ONLY actual member of his band Blood on the Dance Floor, he's boiled it down to a finely-tuned drama machine of Haterz vs. Familiez, all the while distracting any of the public that cares from the fact he's a Scenester Michael Jackson. There is something to be said about a midget who can manipulate hoards of pre-teen girls to do his bidding and be his whores, but unlike cool people like a pimp, a human trafficker, or Tom Cruise, this queer-bait gets his loli by making fag-tastic music with Jay Von Monroe and Jeffree Star they're currently in a catfight, and creates his drama by blaming all of his problems on his ex-bandmates. And he would've gotten away with all of it, too, if one particular loli could've kept her whore mouth shut.

Do not confuse with this pedo

Get to know the travesty that is BOTDF[edit]

Imagine every single thing horrible about music today, combine it with pedophilia, pop, rap, scenefags, tons of hair, wigs, and makeup, and you've got something so horribly awful that unseeing/unhearing it is not enough.

Dahvie Vanity, aka David Torres, and a host of other aliases (he changes his name constantly, because he's a pedo spic), started his career as a 20-something beauty-school drop-out from Florida back in 2006, he quickly realized his true passion in life: making shitty pop music and molesting lots and lots of children. And thus, Blood on the Dance Floor was born.

Between constantly cheating on his legal girlfriends with jailbait/loli/etc. on his tours, bragging about said lays, and wearing a wig and wimminz clothing (because everyone knows that the best way to prove you're straight is by dressing in drag), he is also a hairdresser and a pedophile, and 100% not gay. Oh, and makes shit music, or something. His favorite way to prove he's not gay is by kiddie-diddling. He is almost 30, but tells people he's in his early 20s because he's still totally a child at heart, guis.

Right now, his token gaymate is Jay Von Monroe who claims to be a model. It is also known that the members of the band are all fags with sexual identity crisis and spent most of their time jizzing into the anal passages of many Japanese and Filipino Lady-boys. Once those trannies could no longer sate their lust for tight assholes, they picked up little girls, usually from the Internets, because of their sexual ambiguity and lack of good parenting that would prevent them from being such retards. Garrett Ecstasy left shortly after a major blowout over Dahvie's multiple sex offenses; he's been doing solo projects, but for the most part has been under the radar due to Dahvie's fantards all but permanently destroying his already short-lived "career." They traded some barbs via shit music, Garrett going the somewhat-bearable Clubber route and Dahvie and Jay making an ass of themselves with hardcore.

Hes lost inside his mind (x2) / All into himself / Nothing deep inside / We tried to warn you (x2) / HE LIES (x2)


—Garrett telling teenage girls the harsh truth

As of the release of their "first" album, Epic, the music that's been released so far has been an endless bitch-fest of scene-laced, poorly-written trite about Hello Kitty. At least, how depressing it must be to be Dahvie Vanity, which would make sense if he wasn't a rapist that brings it all on himself in the first place. It's clear that Dahvie has done his research on the kind of music that sells, making "softcore" tracks and claiming that all the haters will make him bigger if they call him out for it. Oh, and of course calling out a kid, but more on that later.


Dahvie Vanity


If you're wondering why most of that god-awful racket above sounded familiar, it's probably because someone else did it. Along with Autotuning their vocals, if you can call them such, their music has been similar to or outright ripped from another song's structure, chorus, or even whole songs. Some identified examples so far include:


Michael Jackson, dude, and like, you know what? Fucking call him a pedophile! He ain't no pedophile! That motherfucker's legit!


—Dahvie gives props to his hero, also an expert in "child-rearing"

Blood On The Dance Floor? That was like, our idea of dysfunctional dance music, just for you illiterates. Um, but for our fans? Blood On The Dance Floor was like, let's take dance music to a whole new fucking level.


—Dahvie then lies about the band's name, not admitting it came from a Jacko song

Parody Videos[edit]

You Done Goofed Parody
I Wanna Touch You Girl - Pedobear Records
Ima Serial Rapist

Garrett Theft Auto[edit]

The face of evil.

At the end of 2009, BOTDF nearly broke up when Dahvie kicked out his old roommate/gay fuckbuddy Garrett Ecstasy for trying to enact the Final Solution on the travesty known as Blood on The Dance Floor. He reportedly used all the merch money for meth, went to Dahvie's faptop to Delete fucking everything so that no future album material is left, and finally getting the fuck out stealing Dahvie's car and attached trailer with all his gear. Dahvie cried so much that night that he expired his current mascara stock.

SOME PEOPLE JUST MAKE ME SICK!!!!!! How dare you be so low and just ungrateful. I

happily shut off Garrett's phone today with such joy. You see .. Garrett has been THROWN AWAY FROM BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR.. Just like that! Let me give you a little history behind BOTDF.. I Dahvie Vanity created Blood On The Dance Floor and no I will never give up my dreams.. BOTDF is my life's work.. I have bled.. I have sacrificed and I have given my whole entire life existence into this movement. My fans mean the world to me. I composed all of my music that brings utter happiness and I even wrote all of Garrett's so called parts. HAH and what's so funny is when he would come into the studio all drugged up from the night because he's a druggy loser.. I would still be so kind to write and direct his parts while he slept on a couch all day. I should've removed him than and there but didn't because

I am a monster... But I do have a heart.



—cry moar, faggot close. If Garrett wasn't as coked up as he was, he could've stabbed that lolifag and we could've seen the end of this earrape forever.

Rape Allegations[edit]

What the pedophile looks like minus his wig and 100 pounds.

<@WhiteMystery> everybody's raped a teenage girl once or twice, whatever


—Speaking to WhiteMystery about his future wife

The original band's line-up broke up after Dahvie decided to rape more than the ears of a loli. There is no question that it's rape, because no one in their right mind would sleep with such a fugly mutant. This all happened during the "OMFG Tour" during the late Summer/Fall of 2009. Coincidentally, this tour came through the creator of this article's town, and he got to meet this and other bands on the tour mere days before the rape. To quote:

You would not believe how many teenagers I've been fucking since this tour started.


—Dahvie to Dax and others in-between sets

Awee Dahverz Ur Not A PedoBear Chur Muh PedoBear!.


—Jessi Slaughter to Dahvie about their oh so special retationship on myspace

Immediately following such confessions of guilt, Garrett's life would make a turn for the strange, and Dahvie's for the tragic. In the Fall of 2009, Dahvie "allegedly" slept with a 16-year-old girl and she reported him at the behest of her pissed-off parents (possibly after getting her morning-after pills).

Use scrollbar to see the full image

Botdfcriminal record.png

Got a monster in my pants / And if you ever get the chance / Gonna cram it down your throat / Watch you gasp for air and choke/ I'm gonna jizz all in your face / I'm gonna wreck this fucking place / Pull my hair, smash the chair / Break the bed and give me head


— Lyrics from "Scream For My Ice Cream"

Dahvie serenades Trannies during their mating ritual

Garrett already had problems dealing with the midget's faggotry, then to have to deal with THIS drama finally pushed him over the edge, and he "quit" the band mid-tour, refusing to ever work with Dahvie again. However, the other faggot bands he was touring with preferred the company of people without criminal records and pending trials for rape. Instead they sided with whitey, told the Mexican kid-fucker to GTFO, and let Garrett hang around, despite his choices in friends, for the rest of the tour. Dahvie, in an fit of BAW and revenge, began to blame Garrett for all of his problems, and even at times tried to pen his own rape allegations on him.

After the drama blew over in early 2010, Dahvie continued raping the land with Jeffree Star and some other trannies. Not even a year later, he worked on another potential rape victim at the fine age of 16.

Last Thursday he was linked to an 11-year-old loli, and accused of having sex with her. Now he has Archive today-ico.png some smear problems of his own. If he and his haters keeps this up, he may catch up to the records of Gary Glitter and Jerry, and at the very least, warrant this article on his faggotry right here on ED.

all the rumors are true. I’ve seen it a thousand times. He’s always hooking up with 12-15 year olds on tour and shit. Anyone who doesn’t believe that is just ignorant at this point lol


—An eye witness who wishes to remain Anonymous

The pedo rumors were around way before he formed BOTDF so that shoots down the “They’re just hating cuz he famous” and “girls are lying because they have a crush on him” theories. I guess it’s harder for the people that don’t live in or around his hometown to believe. It’s all lies until the shit happens to one of your friends.


Shane speaking the truth

Oh, it's a guy? All this time I thought he was a gay pedo. Silly me.


—Anonymous producer

All these false allegations and better believe I'm gonna write a song about all of this on epic..I'm a music artist bitch ;p


—Dahvie, the artist, overcoming all odds

Q: What's more painful than being raped by Dahvie Vanity?

A: Listening to his songs.



"Nothing but a bad guy and a child molester."

The BOTDF Cult[edit]

He just raped someone, NBD.

Also known as the Slash Gash Terror Crew (or SGTC), Dahvie has a cult-like fan following of 10-15 year old girls who think he is Jesus and agree with everything he says. Just like every other false messiah, he molests the kids in his flock.

His follwers are batshit, and they're relentless. Leaving the group warrants high levels of hazing, as can be seen hereNope, JewTube Nazis don't let us have any fun. Troll them for epic lulz. Don't let them throw you when they repeat "haters make him famous". It's their official chant. Remind them that haters made Hitler, Charles Manson, and other muderers, child molesters, rapists, etc. famous.

I Dont Know Why But IF @botdfmusic Was Really A Pedo/Rapist...I Would Be Okay With It But I'll Always Think Hes Still Awesome :D . . . Yes Im a follower because I'm standing up for what I believe. Hop off your daddies dick & get educated


JayCandii defending Dahvie Vanity

I believe in a thing, well, person really, called Dahvie<3


ducktapeh0rr0r confirming that she is part of a cult

#theyhatemebecause I LOVE & support BOTDF but IDGAF! its my life! not theirs! I support what I believe in! Keep on hatin. Makin them famous!


Kimberly Vice when asked why she supports a rapist

Girls lie. That’s enough said. They lie because they have crushes on the guy,and he denies them. They get mad,and say stupud shit.


"AIDS" pretending that a girl would find Dahvie attractive




OK U NO FUCKEN WHAT...... BOTDF kicks ass...... maybe little kids shouldnt b looking up that shit???? MAYBE U SHOULD KEEP UR OPION TO USELF :O so what..... the songs kick ass and if u have a problem with it.... WHO CARES...... u dunt no them do u??? no..... SO STFU


—iiBiteBiteii, making no grammatical sense whatsoever.

Well, he did kiss me and i a a pre-teen but he didnt hook up with me


—ToSketchy4Words, on Dahvie


Trolling their own fans since 2010
Hitler was also made famous due to haters

Most Crunkcore bands troll themselves, by being as hideous to the opposite sex as possible, and making horrible music that they'll never be able to live down. Of course, very few truly have earned the right to a victim complex as much as Dahvie, mostly by his own retarded, glitter-nailed hand.

After all of recent drama, he came about once again to start mouthing off at his haters. Then he spoofed the video of Jessi Slaughter, his 11 year old fan who he was accused of raping, to once more make it look like it was all the girl's fault. In fairness, in most rape cases, it usually is. Here is the link to one young lady who claims he tried to "get with her" [2] Gentle cajoling may yield a statement.

Since this incident went public, rational people have begun "Operation: The Consequences" to help raise the ire of the cult members on Twitter and Facebook, by using the following:

RT #theyhatemebecause I tell them the truth #DahvieVanityisaRapist #DahvieVanityisaPedophile #DahvieVanityMolestsChildren

The hashtag topic Jessi started on her Twitter page, Twitter-favicon.png #DahvieVanityMolestedMe, is the pre-cursor to the creation of the above quote used on most Twitter and Facebook pages. Of course, it's pretty easy to mark the other variations when you can see who's still posting them to this day.

Operation: The Consequences imparted the term "Moraltroll" when it stated boldly that it's intentions were to catch a pedo and put him behind bars, possibly out of Troll's Remorse from the past. They stirred the toilets of the internet until shit started to rise, and when it rose it sincerely fouled the panache of scenekid chatrooms everywhere. The links on the bottom of this article can assist any haters that would like to make him famous. Other ideas are floating around, so by all means, find them. To avoid potential back-tracing, we are refraining from listing them at this time. In general, the best approach to putting this fag pedophile behind bars would be to use tact. This may take a while. Thus is the bane of the Moraltroll.


@ShardLife I wouldn't mind if she "pop's a glock in her mouth and makes a brain slushie" as she puts it!x

they're all just allegations if any of them deserved any "justice" they'd have it and he'd be behind bars but what do ya know, he's not.
Haters 0



—Fruity [3] , once more proving the collective intellect and wit of the BotDF fan-base

After Jessi Slaughter linked a parody video of Dahvie-cum-pedo on her Twitter page, and began speaking in earnest about her real opinions of Dahvie, BOTDF were forced to retort.

In a fit of passive-aggressive pussy-footing, Dahvie and Jay made a "soft" track to troll the ever-loving hell out of Jessi Slaughter and some of the other trolls who've recently become a part of his "fan-base". It's unsure if this was supposed to scare most sane people off, or was even supposed to be considered a "master troll" on the part of these two blatant homosexuals, but the fact it was made is a sign that there was an effect on their status. Now remember, this is a song about an 11-year-old girl ruining their lives, and these are guys in their mid-20s. What could be the problem here, eh? A potential sign of their ever-increasing fame, this video marks the effect of haters who dared speak their mind.

Some would note the extreme lacking of name-drop besides the obvious name of the song. It's awfully funny that his chosen target is a girl who claims she was raped by Dahvie Vanity, and the remainder of the song is also about nameless "haters" and people calling them Nazis, pedophiles, and faggots. The lyrics are god-awful and juvenile, like something Chris-Chan would write in one of his comics with just slightly better spelling. See for yourself though it's suggested you mute your speakers to not actually hear this musical equivalent to AIDS. The whole way the song/troll is composed is also very familiar...

Judging by the personal nature of this attack, and considering the mental fragility of a now 12 year old girl from the South who just got raided hardcore, fans and haterz alike can safely expect myriad youtube reactions in the near future, in addition to possible preteen suicide.

jayy i have made botdf muh fave band for a year nao and u guys pull this shit i have fucking carved both ur names and botdf in muh skin and this is wut i get yah kno wut im done with tthis shit goodbye!


—Comment by XxXJessiSlaughterXxX on Jay's copy of the "You Done Goofed" video

Jessi starts 7th grade in two weeks. Ask this this guy, Matty, what he thinks of Dahvie if you want justice and can be intelligent about the pursuit of it. He claims on Twitter that part of this new BOTDF song is about him (him and pretty much anyone that EDited this page, page, moar like), and has been none-to-shy about "making Dahvie famous". He is staunchly Anti-BOTDF, may help acquiesce truth, and possibly lulz.


According to fellow flaming faggot Jeffree Star's Shitter

FUCK OFF sicko


—Jeffree Star, on irony

I'm gonna speak the truth til I die. We saw @botdfmusic Dahvie bring under age girls to his hotel rooms an do sexual things. 100% ILLEGAL.


—Looks like Dahvie just couldn't keep his hands off the loli pussy.

Being on tour with that child fucker has made me see the truth. I regret ever doing a song with that pig. RIP cuz you'll never be me.


—Jeffree Star on tour with a child fucker

Oh sure I call him a pedophile for at LEAST a year after I met him and no one believes me, but suddenly some tranny 'tard calls him a pedophile to once more get his 15 minutes and now EVERYONE thinks he rapes kids. LOL even the fan-base is sheep to the most powerful transgendered manchild.


ShardDax, Article Creator/EDitor, on the "You Dun Goofed" YouTube video

Apparently, Jeffree Star was going to be leaving the tour for a few months due to someone he knew dying, so he just didn't give a fuck what he said (though we all know by now it's the truth). In the same 24-hour period, Pedo Dahvie quickly went into Damage Control Mode and started assembling his SGTC-fantards and thanking them for supporting him and his lust for loli rape. He even went so far as to have a meeting on Stickam (audio of interviews here and here) to explain the situation to his suddenly-smaller group of scenesters. He made claims about loving his fans (see Jessi Slaughter and above song for how much he loves his fans), calling Jeffree a drug addict liar (which he is, but that's a moot point here), and even bringing in other tour-mates to tell people it's all lies and people are being ignorant. By now, many of his former fans online were highly skeptical, and told him to fuck right off, but a few of the sheep were that their messiah was A-OK!

Like all man-children in denial of their history of faggotry, Dahvie has expressed his dislike for Jeffree in the most immature ways possible in the past, and ripping off Eminem in the process - he made a fucking piñata of the tranny that made the tour he's currently lucky to still even be on. Some argue this goes beyond the realm of everything he has done to Jessi Slaughter. The comments of the video from the scenefag community quickly reveal the backfire of Dahvie's intentions, fully exposing him, even to his blind fans. You can help by further provoking Jeffree into leaking moar ragetruth about the fat beaner.

Breaking news, The Pedo is at it again[edit]


During the Fight to Unite tour, Dahvie couldn't keep his cumstained hands off all the underage dumb scene girls that were brainwashed into sucking his untalented cock, he decided to fuck one of his retarded fans in the back of a car.

Looks like the scene landwhale didn't learn his fucking lesson.

On April 29th 2012, 10:IsabelleVanity has revealed via attention whoring on twitter that she had consented to having sex with DV in the back of a car in the parking lot of Cabooze, he apparently was so impressed with her shitty t-shirt making skills that he wanted to put his tiny pedo cock inside her. Apparently the cumdumpster decided to reveal this information to the internetz because the scenefag wouldn't respond to her attention whoring tweets to him about how she wants to an hero, begging him to give her his cellphone number so she can bitch and moan to him while harassing everyone else on his follower list, but since she's too retarded to know a one night stand when it happens, he blocked her twitter name and ignored her attention whoreing, and thus she provided us with the lulz. Furthermore, she's actually spilling the truth to her parents and taking her case to court to put the pedo behind bars for good this time.

Dahvies dick isn't even that big its like only 4 inches while hard. Lawl @botdfmusic and he cums fast as hell. I was like is tht al?!


the slut was dissapoint

If all yous kep hating on me than ill just bring him to court even faster


— a hardcore threat to the SGTC retards

Dahvies a pig and you all know it. He raped a girl in san deigo too. The proof is in the pudding.


— The pudding being her nasty snatch

You guys don't have to believe me, I just wanted the truth to be out there. Dahvie is a bad man & deserves time for what he did.


— As if we didn't already know that

Dahvie is not denying the rumors. Ok therefore stop hating. Your just mad he fucked me & that m beautiful


Dahvies fag ass bocked m hahaha wow. Wel l you will all believe me soon. Dumbasses fuck sgtc and fuck dahvie, oh I alrdy did :)


— Protip: that's not something to be proud of

@botdfmusic have fun in jail you rapist. I am taking legal actions soon! Goobye



Needless to say, the SGTC mindless fuckwits responded almost immediately with maturity, well thought out arguments, and of course perfect grammar and syntax.

SGTC flips their neon shit About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


Haters Make Me Famous About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

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