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She hates America, much like the rest of the planet.

Ariana Grande is a feminazi attention whore who has dumped numerous men to get her lips on other dicks, was apparently responsible for a terrorist attack in England, as well as the pathetic suicide of Mac Miller, and loves Nicki Minaj so much, she did a song that has to do with those two hoes in bed together.

Has a history of supposedly cheating or helping others cheat on their significant others. Ex-boyfriend Jai Brooks claimed she cheated on him with Nathan Sykes. Big Sean's ex, Naya Rivera, wrote that Ariana was with Big Sean, while Naya Rivera was engaged to Big Sean. His cheating with Ariana was what led her to call off the engagement. Ariana also has a history of never being single. After she and Mac Miller broke up, she was in the arms of Pete Davidson after a couple weeks and within a month, they were engaged and she claimed he was her soulmate and that she had known for three years that she would marry Pete, even though she was with Mac for two years.

Ariana got matching tattoos with Pete and made a song for him on her album, yet five months after they'd been engaged, they split up.

Ariana was pissed Pete made SNL jokes about their break-up, but then made a music video where she shaded her ex, Pete, saying "thank you, next" and putting him in a burn book, like from the movie Mean Girls, but always preaching forgiveness and love, only. Also it was okay for her to use her exes when she makes her "art", but when Pete does his comedy, it's not ok for him to use it.

Ariana threw Mac Miller under the bus to look good when they broke up - instead of keeping their reasons for breaking up private - she wrote about how he was toxic and she felt like she was a mother for him because he was sick - but when he died, she talked about him being an angel.

She makes songs like "Side To Side" which are all about getting fucked so hard, she can't walk straight and makes videos (Dangerous Woman) where all she does is writhe in her lingerie, stockings, choker and high heels on a couch, and wears body-suits on stage, cat-ear-headbands, winks at the camera man in her music videos, takes off her clothes in music videos in slow-motion (Break Free) but gets mad when someone sexualises her????????????? It's ok when Ariana does it to herself, that's empowering yourself as a woman (OR making millions by using sex. Sex sells - always has. Ariana knows this, but pretends it's all about her feeling good about herself.) But if a man finds you sexy, then suddenly the man is objectifying her and being sexist. See how that works - Ariana is both a dangerous, empowered woman and an eternal victim at the same time.

Ariana, always wanting to be center of attention, interjects herself into a Twitter fight between Kanye West and Drake (that has nothing to do with her) and makes fun of the men, saying: "i know there are grown men arguing online rn but miley and i dropping our beautiful, new songs tonight so if y’all could please jus behave for just like a few hours so the girls can shine that’d be so sick thank u."

She gets mad about an Asian star Kris Wu becoming #1 on iTunes instead of her, likes a shady tweet... her fans seeing this, they begin to write hateful comments about and towards Kris Wu.

She denies ever getting plastic surgery in a video, though one could argue she probably got a nose job and she most definitely has tried lip fillers. She always wears extensions on her head to have long hair.

She had a feud with Victoria Justice back in the Victorious days where she blamed Victoria for ending the show which made fans angry with Victoria. Victoria wrote a tweet saying "Some people will do anything to throw someone they consider a friend under the bus... #stopbeingaphony. "

Ariana had her famous incident in a donut-shop, but while everyone cared about her obviously joking when she said "I hate America", she was disrespectful towards the employée in the donut shop. The worker showed a tray of sweets, which Ariana reacted to by saying "What the fuck is that" which made the worker remove the tray. When the worker wasn't looking, she (along with an ex boyfriend now) licked donuts that they hadn't paid for. She first tried to blame her bratty, air-head behavior on a serious worry with children becoming obese in America. Because licking donuts in a donut-shop and then buying one yourself (only eating half a donut, because restrictions and pro-ana) and being a brat to the person working there fights the good fight when it comes to obesity. After that pathetic apology, she went on TV to apologize, ending the appereance with promoting her new music coming up.

She has the most narcissistic interlude on her tour with a montage of herself writhing and posing sexually, with bold words coming up in between like: EMPOWERED, STRONG, GROUNDED, NOT ASKING FOR IT. SEXY, SOULFUL, NOT ASKING FOR IT (repeated)

Ariana is a feminazi who hates when men objectify women, but it's okay when Ariana does this to men, because her male dancers all have six-pack abs, a leather jacket that's open so they can show off their muscles and tight jeans on.

She has great taste in men. Dates fuckboys who only call her 'hot' and feel proud when she gets ogled or groped by men (Aretha Franklin tribute performance) Pete Davidson would talk about her like an object, saying he felt like he won a prize. Jai Brooks also described how he got together with Ariana, Jai's thoughts about Ariana were "I thought she was hot..."

She wrote a terrible song with lyrics, saying: "I was a liar, I gave into the fire, I know I should have fought it. At least I'm being honest. Felt like a failure cuz I know that I failed ya I should have done you better cuz you don't want a liar." From her song: One Last Time. Perhaps this is an admission of her cheating. Or perhaps she doesn't write her own music at all.

Ariana has a list of topics interviewers AREN'T allowed to ask her about. For example questions about Jenette McCurdy and Mariah Carey.

Singer songwriter Alexander Delon tweeted about Ariana: "hope none of my fans ever have the displeasure of meeting @ArianaGrande. most stuck up, disrespectful person I've ever met in this industry."

Ariana was criticized and made fun of by former co-star from Sam & Cat, Jenette McCurdy, in show "What's Next For Sarah?" where a parody of Ariana Grande was called "Gloriana." In it, she's made fun of for claiming to be a vegan while wearing leather bags and for always being self-absorbed/talking about herself all the time.

She does claim to be vegan, but wears a whole lot of Chanel and Louis Vuitton bags which are all leather. She has worked with MAC Cosmetics which tests on animals and she worked with Reebok whose sneakers are leather. Being vegan means you want nothing to do with anything that's from animals (that's both eating and wearing stuff) perhaps Ariana forgets that when she looks at all her designer handbags.

Ariana has perpetual duck-face when taking selfies.

She talks in a weird, annoying baby-voice at times during interviews. She switches it on and off.

She "accidentally" posted a video of her and a female friend kissing each other. The need for attention never ends. Her being a little sexy helps her get what she wants.

God is not a woman, you fucking slut[edit]

LOL look at that hideous whore trying to turn her fans into butthurt feminazis. Bad enough that they're already butthurt lolcows for overreacting to Mac Miller fans ganging up on her.

Mac Miller's death[edit]

Just did it... lolfgt

Butthurt fans of talentless wigger Mac Miller claim Ariana was definitely responsible for his suicide. Think about it, she dumped him to get onto another man's So all you social justice whales who are calling people assholes for saying this should just stop eating so much because you are all just a bunch of gelatinous porn lovers who masturbate to this whore's shitty music and snort cocaine and fill your genitals up with drugs and dream about licking her pussy clean (something that will satisfy her sick mind).

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