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Alex with the fat girl angle shot. ;)
Alex without the fat girl angle shot.
I love getting my ears nibbled on. My GF does that a lot and I love it.


—Unh4ndled on having an imaginary girlfriend.

Alex Ford, also known as Chevex on the Interwebs, is a super-successful bachelor/entrepreneur who literally turned his sad life upside down. After finding the website was available, he snapped it up, lost weight, became fabulously wealthy and now enjoys life every day. Alex is living so large he only works four hours a week and spends the rest of his time playing online poker and Halo. Alex also owns the website, a powerful uber 1337 h4x0ring community. Here he tries to worm money out of his members with quick money-making schemes.

Alex believes he is a 1337 h4x0r, although still doesn't know how to use IRC and still uses MySpace and Twitter to chat to people. He has also no idea of the concept that one should not feed the trolls. Alex is also a web designer, using Times New Roman as his font of choice. Secretly he forgot the HTML code for font styles. Due to his controlled efforts towards being a totally skilled hacker, Alex still lives with his parents recently purchased a beach house on a pristine Utah oceanfront with all the money he's made networking bachelors.

Alex is most famous for declaring war on Lmte for his efforts at reverting the edits to his website's ED article, and after failing miserably went and contacted his Lawyer in an attempt to get his already publicly available personal information off the site. He then went on to sue ED.

Oh, and he hates E-penis.

In His Own Words[edit]

I am an aspiring entrepreneur. All my life I have dreamed of owning my own business and that day has finally arrived.

Referral NetworX is my passion. I get excited at the thought of spending every day creating new content, networking with our members, and speaking all over the world.

I have been chasing my success all my life and that journey has brought me here. Now I want to help all of you do the same thing. I experience joy in my life when I see that spark of motivation in yours. As a life coach and business consultant I cherish every minute I get to spend helping someone else. It is an experience that is unrivaled by anything I have ever tried to do in the past.

at_w_at is going to get me a meeting with their admins to try and see if they'll take itdown and save me the legal fees. But if they are jerking me off then I'm going to let my lawyer start the paperwork. He told me it was a pretty cut and dry case so either way it's coming down.


—Chevex, regarding his dox and the possibility of a lolsuit and/or arbchat

I knew my success was meant to be when I searched out the domain name “” and it was available. I’ve decided to persue a source of residual income and acheive that four-hour workweek. It’s something I’m passionate about and I want to be the free online resource for aspiring bachelors like myself.


—Alex on great success

I have literally turned my sad life upside down. I lost weight, became wealthy, and enjoy life every day. I’m purchasing my first beach house soon. I’ve wanted a beach house all my life and now my dreams are coming to fruition.


—Alex on aspirations and Utah beaches.

I love twitter


—Chevex, sauce

I think Chevex is a pretty cool guy. eH feeds the trolls and doesn't afraid of lolsuits.



Son... I am disappoint.


—Alex's dad on finding out that Alex has ruined his business.

What's Facebook?


—Alex: still on MySpace, Jan 2010

Alex on LUELinks[edit]

Chevex, getting told to stfu as usual




Alex used to hang on another uber secret forum known as LUELinks. Alex got promptly banned after trying to bring everyone into his shitty schemes. Soon after, Alex rebuilt U413 and added in features that he stole from LUELinks. Soon after, both sites became rivals with each other because Alex refused to shut the fuck up after being told time and time again to get the fuck out. There are never any wars between the two sites because they are both pretty much locked up.

LUELinks is responsible for Alex's E-penis phobia, since their forum has numbers and his does not. Except of course, for Pi.

Alex's lolsuit[edit]

Moar info: U413.

Alex found U413's ED article thanks to Google Alerts, since he has it set to notify him on his internet handle. He flipped when he saw it, creating a sticky on his forum asking for his members to come to ED and vandalize the article because his personal information was left there. His members immediately joined him and started defacing the page, soon resulting in the article being locked. In his epic fit of butthurt, he went and told his members to flame Lmte's talk page instead.

Looks like the war has begun between U413 and ED user lmte


—Chevex, declaring war against Lmte for reverting his vandalism

Now we should all go to lmte's user page and insult him...........many times and in many ways.



The lock expires May 19th. We'll just have to keep this up and rally everyone to rape it again on that day.



Soon after, Alex went batshit paranoid, realising he had a mole on his forum and his IRC. After realising vandalising your own ED article never works (especially when you use your Internet handle as your ED username), Alex was told by various people that he could have had an Arbchat to get his dox removed. Alex decided it wasn't worth the hassle, so he called his Lawyer to get it done for him. 10 years later we are still waiting for the court papers.

I'll be polite until they moment they try to accuse me of ANYTHING


—Chevex not knowing how court works.

After being laughed at by his lawyers, Alex soon backed down, deciding not to attack ED because it just wasn't "worth the hassle".


Following his previous escapade of failing to sue ED, Alex stated he "didn't care about ED or /b/" yet continued lurking both of them like a newfag. He then started contributing to this article as well as the article on U413, also trying to conceal his dox by saying he moved to an "undisclosed location" but also using find and replace on his old username looking through every word in the article to change Unh4nd13d to Chevex when he could have just copied it all into Notepad and pressed Ctrl+H.

Fatty Alex: Motivation Speaker[edit]

The pic Alex likes to distribute is fully following the instructions of a fat girl angle shot. In these videos however, you can see how much of a fat fuck he really is.

Alex's Dad[edit]

Walt Ford is the name of Alex's dad. Walt runs Fords Cleaning, some cleaning service dedicated to getting those cum stains off your windows. Alex's dad is the kind of failure who is generally new to the internets and is regularly ending up copying others and doing it wrong in the process. Below is his attempt at a Where The Hell Is Matt video:

<video type="viddler" id="e3ba8ac" width="425" height="350" position="center"/>

Contact Alex[edit]

You could have called Alex on (801) 669-6663 but he disabled his phone service, so you should call him at work. The number is (801) 785-8188.

You can also visit him in person at Ford's Cleaning, 1780 w. Garden Dr., Pleasant Grove, Utah, USA. His postal code is 84062, by the way. Ask about cleaning the cum out of your dog curtains and mention 4chan to receive a 25% discount.

If you'd like to email Alex, use,, or

Side note: Alex seems to think that by simply waiting for some form of illegal activity to come of this information, he can get his personal info removed. Unfortunately for his sorry ass, there is no way to prove that the information came from this website (or even that the people affiliated with this website have anything to do with it), considering there are many, many other websites and sources of his personal information. We should all welcome Mr. Ford to the Internets - where so many people have previously attempted the same impossible feat.

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