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Police.gif Timothy's in hell and there's nothing you can do about it

Totally homicide detective and Scoutmaster material here.

Cyrus/Lemonade Coyote is the fursona of Timothy McCormick, a God-hating furfag who had thought he had a long life ahead of him. However, God had other plans.

How it all began[edit]

Like all furs he was sexually abused as a child. Details are sketchy but it was probably his father, an uncle, the old man from Family Guy or maybe his dog. As a boy his favorite shows always had cartoon animals in them. No exceptions. His parents never noticed his obsession with Rescue Rangers, Heathcliff and TaleSpin. The only game he ever played was Sonic the Hedgehog. Eventually the cartoon animals and repeated abuse resulted in a furfag.

Noticing their son was different, his parents forced him to join the Boy Scouts of America. They unfortunately never suspected the true reason for his quick advancement to the rank of Eagle. He returned home damaged beyond repair. After finishing high school, Tim went to college where he met others just like him. No longer under the watchful eye of his parents, Tim became friends with local furs and yiffed anything with a tail on the Internet. He developed a deep hatred for evangelicals, who are close minded individuals that are intolerant of zoophiles and babyfurs.


His original fursona was a submissive white-tailed deer named Cyrus who enjoyed being surprise buttsecksed by older furs and especially Scoutmasters. Cyrus got the money for his first fursuit by sucking cock, stealing from friends, and begging his parents for money to pay for "classes." Eventually his parents got wise and stopped giving him money. Cyrus was devastated when he was subsequently forced to get a job with the Indianapolis EMS. He always looked down on people from the ghetto, so guess where he got assigned. At some point, Cyrus decided to take his fur faggotry to the next level and Lemonade Coyote was born. The name was inspired by his lust for yellow errr golden errr lemonade showers.

EMT, attention whore and typical furry[edit]

"My lying, abusive, cheating, piece of shit ex and me at AC 2010 :)" - Lemonade Coyote, dragging relationship drama to FurAffinity.

Being an attention whore, the furfag friended everyone he could on Facebook. Not even co-workers were spared. Furry drama ensued anytime someone declined a friend request. The result was 49 EMS personnel begrudgingly having a furfag added to their Facebook. Their friends and family immediately took notice.

Twitter became Lemonade Coyote's favorite place to bitch. He never had a clue that nobody gives a shit. Occasionally he would whimper about not having a boyfriend and would attempt to lure potential mates by tweeting his workout routines. His Twitter account reflected how much he hated his EMS job. He particularly didn't like people in the ghetto who "who can't keep their fucking legs closed, who sustain themselves with my tax dollars absolutely fucking disgust me." I know, right? He never forgot to announce his current location in hopes that a nearby fur would drop by and keep him company between emergencies. As a furry, he instinctively whined about being broke; however, his favorite complaint was the long hours he worked but then he would brag about the overtime pay he earned as a result. He also complained whenever his hours were cut which resulted in less overtime pay.

Much to the relief of the entire Indianapolis University faculty and student body, the bitch got his degree and was finally out of their hair. Lemonade Coyote's dream job was to become a homicide detective so he could put fellow pedophiles behind bars back on the streets. He resented the fact he couldn't become a Scoutmaster because God hates furfags. After countless resume submissions, he realized nobody wanted to hire his faggot ass. The Indianapolis EMS feared a discrimination lawsuit so instead of firing him, they kept him in the ghetto, thus tacitly declaring Lemonade Coyote was destined to work long hours at a job he hated for the rest of his shitastic life. His tweets became more desperate as he slowly spiraled out of control. Often he violated the confidentiality of the people he saved. This is because faggots have the psychology of 16 year old girls and can't keep their stupid mouths shut. Once in the same sentence, he announced that he saved someone's life and how that got him overtime.

Seriously, ghetto idiots who can't keep their fucking legs closed, who sustain themselves with my tax dollars absolutely fucking disgust me.


— Lemonade Coyote, Indubitably not racist

God vs furry[edit]

Piss Dog disturbingly predicts his own deathly departure!

God's preferred method of eliminating furries from /b/ and the Internet is death by automobile accident. Lemonade Coyote once commissioned a picture of his former fursona staring into the headlights of an oncoming vehicle. Isn't that cool? God finally had enough and on February 16, 2013 he called upon an intoxicated woman. She was commanded to drive through a red light at an intersection and to collide with the furry EMT's ambulance which rolled onto its side and into an unoccupied car. Some idiot with a cell phone wanting to be a hero immediately dialed 9-1-1. The dispatcher tried to dispatch Lemonade Coyote's ambulance as he lay there mangled and dying in a pool of his own blood and lemonade. Upon realizing her mistake, the dispatcher finished her game of Solitaire. Emergency crews arrived as soon as they felt like it and rushed to the aid of the drunk lady and called a body shop to repair the parked vehicle. Firefighters then drew straws to select an unlucky few who were tasked with removing the furfag's body. Another crew member was discovered in the ambulance but later died at the hospital due to contact with Lemonade Coyote's AIDS infested blood.

According to my horoscope, February is my career month. Hopefully something cool will come up!!


— Lemonade Coyote, who faced God's wrath that same February


Furfags across the Internet joined together mourn over the loss even through most never heard of Lemonade Coyote before. FurAffinity was forced to disable his ShoutBox once trolls swarmed in to offer their condolences. His friends went on to harass FurAffinity until any artwork and journals that showed what a faggot he was got deleted.

Rest in peace.

U-18Chan (formerly AuroraFurries) known to dump yiff on /b/ grieve the loss of Lemonade Coyote.


@LemonadeCoyote 1/2 Of course we get a cardiac arrest call for grandma on Christmas and the whole family's there..And of course, I forget to put my phone on
@LemonadeCoyote 2/2 vibrate, someone calls me while we're working on her, and the ringtone I have for the holidays is "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer.."
@LemonadeCoyote Seriously, ghetto idiots who can't keep their fucking legs closed, who sustain themselves with my tax dollars absolutely fucking disgust me.
@LemonadeCoyote Reassignment bids were posted today by my EMS agency. I put in for a nicer, newer truck in a more peaceful/upscale area. Hope I get it! :3
@LemonadeCoyote Had your last kid in August, you're already 4 months pregnant again, and you're an active smoker? Shit, bitch, no wonder you're miscarrying.
@LemonadeCoyote Resolutions, cont'd: I will not allow myself to be abused, manipulated, sexualized, emotionally tortured, or victimized ever, ever again.
@LemonadeCoyote According to my horoscope, February is my career month. Hopefully something cool will come up!!
@LemonadeCoyote Ugh.. I'm dropping dead at work :<

Long hours and workouts[edit]

@LemonadeCoyote 24 hour shift? No problem. (@ Richard L Roudebush VA Medical Center w/ 4 others) [pic]: http://4sq.com/WMJGlQ
@LemonadeCoyote 12 hours in the ghetto today. Oh lawd. (@ IFD Station 24) [http://4sq.com/Vi1UdM]
@LemonadeCoyote All too often, my day goes like this: http://t.co/C97QHJjR
@LemonadeCoyote Ugh. Fuck the graveyard shift. (@ Wishard Memorial Hospital) http://4sq.com/Yc9Iv9
@LemonadeCoyote Overtime, baby. (@ IFD Station 53) http://4sq.com/Vz0PLI
@LemonadeCoyote I'm at IU Health Methodist EMTC (Indianapolis, IN) http://4sq.com/14KT6Bd
@LemonadeCoyote In about an hour, I'll be leaving for another 24 hour shift. Lawd.
@LemonadeCoyote They didn't cancel the OT, after all. Yay money, boo fatigue :( (@ IU Health Methodist EMTC) http://4sq.com/U49jPQ
@LemonadeCoyote Kinda pissed that they canceled my overtime today, but on the plus side I get to go back home and sleep :p
@LemonadeCoyote Sweet, sweet overtime. $$$ playing doctor today in Franklin Township. (@ IFD Station 53) http://4sq.com/WcXSnd
@LemonadeCoyote @Zylana I work downtown. Only time I work Southside is on overtime, or when they put me there for the night.
@LemonadeCoyote $3463 combined state & federal tax refunds. Thanks, @turbotax!!! #notbrokeanymore
@LemonadeCoyote Cardiac arrest secondary to asphyxiation, got 'em back. And more overtime money. :) [pic]: http://4sq.com/Xfomkg
@LemonadeCoyote God damn man. There's just no such fucking thing as easy O.T. - you'd think I'd have learned that by now. 3 people tried dying on me today.
@LemonadeCoyote (2/2) while my partner and I were working a dead guy on the cellblock floor of the county jail...
@LemonadeCoyote (1/2) After a 7 day stretch of working 12 hours each day, I would say the clear highlight was hearing how everyone would "wreck my hot ass"
@LemonadeCoyote Cardiac arrest in the jail? Just my luck. (@ Marion County Jail) http://4sq.com/104M8r0
@LemonadeCoyote Not wanting to work this whole weekend. F/S/Sn 1900-0700 for this dog.
@LemonadeCoyote Back for another 12 hours to simultaneously work and freeze my ass off. Lol
@LemonadeCoyote Gotta love mandatory OT. Was essentially voluntold to come in tonight. (@ IU Health Methodist EMTC) http://4sq.com/T2POBS
@LemonadeCoyote Today's workout: 1.25 mile run, 5 rounds of 20 situps/20 pushups, 3 sets/12 reps 120lb shoulder shrugs, bicep intervals 25lbs, 3x90s planks.
@LemonadeCoyote Today's workout-100 rope jumps, 25 handstand pushups, 25 cleans, 100 RJ, 25 burpees, 25 pullups, 100 RJ, 25 pushups 25 wall balls.
@LemonadeCoyote Today's workout: 3 rounds: 10 burpees, 20 pullups, 120 single rope jumps & 40 flutter kicks-My time: 14:53, @Tiggy_Cheetah, 14:47. #crossfit
@LemonadeCoyote Today's workout: 4 rounds: 10 push presses, 95lbs, 10 box jumps, 36", 10 pullups, 10 inclined situps. #crossfit
@LemonadeCoyote Today's workout: 21/15/9 rep series: deadlifts, 195lbs, and handstand pushups. My time: 14:35. #crossfit #owmyback
@LemonadeCoyote Today's workout: 8 rounds: 200m run, followed by 10 pullups. My time, 15:10. #crossfit
@LemonadeCoyote Today's workout: "Karen," 150 vertical weighted ball throws, for time. I did 9:35 w/16lbs, and good lord I feel like throwing up. #crossfit
Final tweet before burning yiffing in hell for all eternity.



We're dancing too! On his grave
Yes, Tim, it gets better. But not for you!
Prancing around at Midwest Furfagfest 2011

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