Goal #5: Return to exclusive focus on Second Amendment issues.

Have you ever seen Planned Parenthood advocating for immigration reform? Or the American Diabetes Association taking a stance on foreign policy? Does the National Education Association get involved with bit coin regulation? No, they don’t. That’s because they are single-issue organizations, and they focus their energy on that single issue. The NRA should do the same.

"Far Afield"

In a recent complaint filed in Virginia state court, NRA lawyers freely admitted that “certain NRA  stakeholders” are “concerned that NRATV’s messaging” has veered “far afield of the Second Amendment” and has “deviated from the NRA’s core mission and values.” We agree. But errant messaging isn’t limited to NRATV. Over the years, the NRA as a whole has grown more and more politically partisan. Exclusive affiliation with one political party has had two negative effects: (1) it has led the NRA to latch itself to hot-button political issues that have nothing to do with the Second Amendment, and (2) it has alienated thousands of members and potential members who support the Second Amendment but don’t otherwise fit the NRA’s political stereotype.

One Mission. One Focus.

Article II of the NRA bylaws declares that the organization’s primary purpose is to “protect and defend” every citizen’s “right to use, keep[,] and bear arms, in order that the people may exercise their individual rights of self-preservation and defense of family, person, and property.” Therefore, we will work to ensure that the NRA abandons all projects, messaging, and partnerships that do not directly relate to the Second Amendment. By avoiding unrelated political and social battles, the NRA can concentrate all its resources on educating and advocating to preserve America’s rich tradition of arms.