Getting Help in the Antergos IRC channel

The #antergos channel is managed by volunteers for the mutual benefit of users and contributors. The central topic for the channel is support and general discussion about Antergos and it is restricted to such conversations. If you want to talk "offtopic" with Antergos users you can do so in the #antergos-offtopic channel. To join a channel, you need an irc client which can be either locally installed or using a webchat client.

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How to get !help on the Antergos Channel

A lot of the users in the IRC channel are there to help but are not always active, instead they wait in the channel in case someone needs assistance. These users are doing what is called "Idling" and at times when a user is idling they may not see messages that are posted in the channel for up to an hour or more depending on what they are doing because while the users are idling they are usually busy doing something else at any given time. There is a way for you to get their attention though, prefix your comment with the term "!help" and the idlers who can help will be notified. Note - the exclamation point at the beginning of the term is very important so don't leave it off.

For example, add the prefix like this: (the answer to the following question is available in the FAQs)

!help where did the name 'Antergos' come from and how do you pronounce it?

If you are wanting to provide support and get notified when someone uses the !help tag then all you need to do is add the tag as a Highlight in your IRC Client for the #antergos channel, you will need a native client for this functionality.


Antergos Channel Rules/Guidelines

Client settings and bots

  • If you want to bring a bot into the channel, then ask an operator before you do so.
  • Auto-response in channel or in pm is not allowed (the only exception is 'away' responses at nick highlight in pm).


  • Advertising is not allowed unless an op has given you permission to do so.


  • The main topic of the channel is support for and discussion about Antergos.
  • General talk about other topics is allowed if it does not interfere with the main topic of the channel.
  • Anything that is not covered by the previous statements is handled on a case-by-case basis at the op's discretion.
  • The language of the channel is English. If you need help in another language, search the international Antergos forums.


  • Read the /topic on a regular basis. It often contains important information.
  • Do not participate in flamewars, instantly report violators and trolls to channel operators.
  • Do not spam the channel with logs/configs/etc if you have large content that you need to share such as Terminal Output then use a pastebin type of service. (Slexy)
  • Do not ask whether anyone is around before you ask your question, just state your question and tag it with the !help prefix.
  • Do not demand help, ask for it. Wait for a few minutes before restating questions. Most questions get answered by 'just another user', like you.
  • There is no need to be shy, feel free to help others, every user has something to contribute. The channel is a community effort to provide support, and depends on volunteers.
  • Help yourself before you ask. Use the Antergos Wiki, search the Antergos Forum, Search the Arch Wiki / Arch Forum, read man pages and try Google. These methods will often get you an answer faster, and will teach you more.
  • When asking for help, always reply to people that ask you for more information, if you do not know the answer then say so.
  • Set a good example. Each user's behavior affects all users in the channel. Be friendly and polite to maintain a pleasant and professional climate.



There is a bridge bot that allows to use the Telegram application if you prefer it (both Telegram and IRC users will see all users messages):

There is a another official (Spanish language) group that might be useful if you do not speak English (but there is no IRC counterpart):


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