Tuesday, November 20, 2007



这一天,一天,她突然心情很不错,不错,自己一个人把饭吃完了。爸爸说,要不,等会你 给外公打一个 电话,告诉他你今天很棒?

我们 目瞪口呆。目瞪口呆。原来也不是不能说话的,的,是不是?

Monday, November 19, 2007

No school again!

Somehow i know no school is not only due to Jessica, but also due to her daddy.
This morning Jessica was waked up with nose-bleeding. Not sure the reason: it may be caused by hot air at home although we had humidifier on. Then her daddy told me that because of the nose-bleeding, he decided to leave Jessica at home. Of course jessica was happy now.

Somehow i know i am a step-mother....

Friday, November 16, 2007

I donot want to go to shcool today!

This moring i got a call, which was from Jessica.
J: Mom, I donot want to go to school today. I felt not good, i am coughing.
M: Oh, poor girl. Can i talk to your daddy?
J: Mom, is it ok not to go to school today?
M: if you really feel bad, you can stay at home. Let me talk to your daddy.

D: Yes, she is coughing but i donot think it is serious. (Loudly coughs are heard from the phone.) she pretended coughing now.
M: Then send her to daycare and you can pick her early.
J: No, mom said it is ok for me to stay at home. I want to talk to mom.
M: Ok, your daddy needs time to work so that you need to go to school. But he will pick you up early, earlier than mom. Ok?
J: Mom, i am coughing, i donot want to infect others in the daycare...
M: let me talk to your daddy.
M to D: Upon your decision.

1 hour later, when i called back, i found that she succesfully stayed at home today.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mirror, Mirror, who is the pretties woman in the world?

Long time ago, there was a queen. She always asked the magic mirror on the wall every day: "Mirror, Mirror, who is the pretties woman in the world? "

This morning, Jessica was dressed up as a pink princess. She watched her reflection in the mirror, and admired herself so much " It is the pretties princess i saw in my life!" Althought the truth is this princess has a swallen nose with scratches, a swallen lip with cutting and a bump on the fronthead.

Every women will lose her clear mind if invovling any beauty or any beautiful thing, no matter how old she is.

Another thing, my dear Jessica insisted in changing her name. Now her first name is Auroal, the second name is Shang zhou yu jie (is there any second name in the world?) and the last name is Shang.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I got booboos...

When i am in the training meeting, i got a call from her dad. He told me that Jessica fell down in the walkway to daycare and got hurt. Bleeding from nose and mouth.

I quickly called our HR to manually setup my insurance plan so that she can get a checkup from doctor.

Her dad described that she looked like a Bajie Zhu, with swallened lips and scratched nose.

Tomorrow there will be her Halloween Parade, now she will be a ugly princess.

Monday, October 29, 2007

I can make dumping too!

Look, I can make dumping!
First, make dough into a thin piece...
second, put the fillet inside. Do you see the finished dumpings besides me?
Btw, i am 4 only. Mom wishes if i can do some housework now, there maybe no need to do too much housework in the future, according to Uncle SS' suggestion.

Friday, October 26, 2007

I cannot read Chinese at all!

I changed a job.The system here is English-based. I only can see all of my old posts are little squares. :-(

Jessica is pretty happy. In the morning, i always leave before 7:20am when she didnot wake up. Dad will wrap her up and send her to school. But i can pick her up by 5 pm. She happily claims that mom comes ealier than jacks' mom now.

She had been given a terrible time-out the night before last night. it was dinner time. Her dad asked her to get ready for dinner. She refused "You are trash! Get away!'

It was our first time to hear that she used this kind of dirty and irrespective words. She was quickly sent to the TO room. Her dad wanted to know where she got this kind of word, whether she heard other kids to use this kind of words. She insisted in making these words by herself.

The TO almost lasted half an hour because her dad didnot believe she can make these dirty words by herself. It may be ture, but, may be not true. Does she really understand the detailed meaning of 'being trash'? In addition, if she got it from daycare, who said it? Does the enviroment of this daycare need to be reevaulated again? Anyway, to us, it was not a happy thing to know, either she can make dirty words, or she can learn dirty words from her friends.

I just asked her to promise two things now: donot say dirty words to others; if hearing someone else to use dirty words, report to her teacher or us.

Sometimes it is also not a happy thing to hear our kid using another language to laugh us at!