Behind: The Truth Behind Proove 

Brian Meshkin successfully ran for the Board of Education in Howard County Maryland, in 2010.  Rory McShane, at the time a young local campaign manager, worked on Meshkin’s campaign.  Nearly a decade later Meshkin had moved his family to California and made his mark as an award-winning social entrepreneur in the biosciences industry and McShane had climbed the ranks of the political world, to successfully hold senior positions at consulting and communications firms across the country.  In 2017, as false allegations, and corporate maligning were tearing down Proove Biosciences, McShane set out as an entrepreneur himself, and was launching his own public relations firm.  Having followed what happened to his old friend, Brian Meshkin, McShane reached out to Meshkin in early 2018 — suggesting that he could help set the record straight.  Having known Meshkin for so many years, McShane offered his talented team and resources to help fight back and share the facts.  Like many who have known and worked for Meshkin over the years, McShane knows that the lies and attacks being spread stand in strong contrast to Meshkin’s 30-year record of service, integrity, and achievement.   As a successful communications strategist and consultant, McShane is no stranger to media battles and false allegations.  With so many former employees, physicians, and patients harmed by the false allegations being spread about Proove, McShane is teaming up with those involved with Proove to restore the reputation of Proove and set the record straight with irrefutable empirical evidence.

Rory McShane