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Andrew Goldberg is a Senior Principal Scientist at, Inc. His research interests are in design, analysis, and computational evaluation of algorithms and data structures, algorithm engineering, computational game theory, electronic commerce, and parallel and distributed algorithms, and complexity theory. His algorithms are widely used in industry and academia. Goldberg got his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from MIT in 1987, where he was a Hertz Foundation Fellow. Before joining Amazon in 2014, he worked at GTE Laboratories, Stanford University, NEC Research Institute, InterTrust Technologies, Inc., and Microsoft Research. Goldberg received a number of awards for his research contributions, including the NSF Presidential Young Investigator Award and the ONR Young Investigator Award. He is a Fellow of ACM and SIAM.

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Affiliation, Inc.
1900 University Ave.
E. Palo Alto, CA 04303

avg at alum dot mit dot edu

Current Professional Activities

Optimization Library

A library of network optimization software, including related papers and copyright information.


See DBLP for the list of publications
See Google Scholar for citation counts, h-index, and other information

Selected Talks

Highway Dimension and Provably Efficient Shortest Path Algorithms : A journal paper combining and improving several highway dimension results
Hub Labeling Algorithms: variants of this talk given at Cornell Tech, Cornell U., TTIC, Erice School of Graph Algorithms and Applications, SEA 2013 (plenary talk), Microsoft Research, Columbia U.
Highway and VC Dimensions: from Theory to Practice and Back: variants of this talk given at Northwestern U., TTIC, MIT, Microsoft Research, Daghstuhl, AT&T; Labs, MIDAS Summer School, U. Karlsruhe, Tel Aviv U. Cornell U., Stanford U., Google.


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