Aroma Professional plus Rice Cooker

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Who doesn’t crave for getting perfectly cooked rice? “That’s why you need a perfect brand rice cooker, right?” Aroma Professional plus Rice Cooker has ultimately won the trust of the consumers for having top most quality. This professional rice cooker brand has made your cooking experience far better than other cooking accessories.

If you have no experience at using these regular brand cookers, perhaps, you have missed a golden opportunity to enjoy a beautiful cooking period.

This article will introduce you with a standard guideline. This guideline includes with how you can use aroma cookers, knowing about the ultimate features of that as well as five exclusive aroma rice cooker brand’s description.

Features of Aroma Professional plus Rice Cooker:

There are plenty of benefits for using Aroma cookers what you may not want to lose. That’s why I am going to share some incredible features of Aroma that a professional cooker should have.

Large capacity: This particular cooker brand is absolutely perfect for cooking for a large family. It has cooking capacity for up to 20 cups of rice. To handle guests, this is a brilliant addition to your kitchen. Even the rice is going to cook perfectly. Make sure you never overload it with contents.

Multi-functionality: Aroma cookers have multi-functional features. A user can cook white ricebrown ricesushi rice along with so many delicious dishes. Different settings are there with different cooking options as well. Also, you can prepare meat, vegetables, soups, oatmeal etc. with this cooker. These multi-functional options are available for using different settings.

Sensor technology: This is another spectacular addition in Aroma. Sensing technology can determine the temperature well. This technology helps in getting perfect rice with a better texture.

Accessories: Aroma features with so many different functions. It also offers some accessories like spatula, measuring cup along with a tray. Besides, other cooking options, you can utilize them as a part of your cooking assistant.

Digital power control: The Aroma unit is specifically controlled with digital functional programs. All you have to do is to just pressing the correct button. Thus, you can easily manage the ultimate unit single handle. Whatever dishes you want to prepare, you can easily cook them handling the time and temperature. Again, it will provide another unique configuration of delay timer. Busy people can make the highest benefit from it.

Best 5 Aroma Professional Rice Cookers:

The importance of having the best rice cooker needs not to explain anymore. Some models of Aroma are considered as best Japanese rice cooker too. Here we have enlisted 5 best aroma rice cookersdescription to let your task easy to choose a particular model.

1. Aroma Rice Cooker and Food Steamer-6 cups (cooked) @ 3 cups (uncooked): This Aroma-6 cup of cooker gives you simple design with a lot of convenient features. This versatile cooker has 2-6 cups of cooking capacity. It always determines in offering warm rice before everyone with keep warm mode.

Meanwhile, you can use the steamer to steam vegetables and meets. That is impressive to keep the nutrient values of the food. Here, it includes single touch configuration that allows you to enjoy easy cooking. It includes other essential accessories like spatula, measuring cup for rice and steam tray as well.

When you use the including measuring cup of the rice cooker, it leads you to cook perfect rice. So, you should use it. The best part of this Aroma cooker is to cook many food items simultaneously. This not only saves your time but also make things easier for you. Again the user can produce rice’s quickly with it.

There is no hassle you need to face for cleaning issues. It is dishwasher safe and contains non-stick materials. Hence, this model of Aroma is user-friendly and energy-efficient in a specific sense. Moreover, multi-functional foods you can cook with it. A small draw back can bother you is its small steam tray. But this is not a major issue at all.

2. Aroma Housewares ARC-914SBD Digital Cool-Touch Rice Cooker and Food Steamer with Stainless Steel:

Aroma Housewares ARC-914SBD Digital cooker has a very stylish look. It has a stainless steel exterior in the configuration. Its have marvelous adjustable capacity to fit in any kitchen space.

It has 4 cups of uncooked rice capacity. And it can produce 8 cups of cooked rice. This latest cooker can cook white rice, brown rice at a time. Again, it has another programmable function named delay timer works up to 15 hours long.  For busy people, this is very useful feature. Fully automatic features complete important tasks of monitoring. Again it saves your time with digital power control.

Here it includes a steaming tray. You can steam vegetables and meats keeping the nutrition. Non removable inner pot lets you do easy cleaning. Manufacturers coated the inner pot with Teflon. Overall, it’s a fantastic choice for your kitchen.

3. Aroma Housewares Rice Cooker and Food Steamer: This Aroma cooker has 14 cups of cooked rice capacity. It is no doubt a perfect choice for everyone. Apart from cooking rice, this electric cooker is going to fulfill your demand of preparing sauce, soups etc. dishes. A tempered glass lid features with the cooker as well.

There is a removable steaming tray including in it. That’s why preparation of steamed veggies and meats are very easy to prepare. The best thing you will find in it is the single touch configuration. This cooker is dishwasher safe and provides easy clean up system. This model of Aroma has also Teflon coated cooking pot.

4. Aroma ARC-150SB 20 Cup of Rice Cooker and Food Steamer:

If your priority is for having a cooker cum steamer, then this Aroma product is only for you. It can produce 10 cups of uncooked rice that results in making 20 cups of cooked rice. The digital configuration controls the whole cooker with superior technology.

It has programmable delay timer that to meet up the demand for the busy folks. The warm features allow keeping the rice warm for extended period of time. You can absolutely cook different types of delicious meals that contain health benefits.

5. Aroma Housewares ARC-2000ASB Professional 20 Cup (Cooked) Digital Rice Cooker: This Professional aroma Digital cooker has large capacity and has complete trustworthy features. This cooker allows easy steaming of veggies and meats and cooking various types of rice like brown rice, white rice. This product is very easy to use. You can operate it nicely with digital technology-oriented feature.

A quick rice preparing feature is available with it. It saves your time by reducing the cooking period up to 50%. The removable inner cooking container has been made of non-stick properties. For this reason, it is very easy to wash instantly. Again other useful accessories are there to make things easier for you. It includes steaming tray, measuring cups and spatula.

How to Use Aroma Professional Rice Cooker:

When you are using a rice cooker, it saves your precious time. Each cooker has its own manufacturing features. That’s why a user needs to learn about how to use aroma small rice cooker. Above we have mentioned about the most salient features of Aroma digital rice cooker. Let’s start the discussion in further details.

Measuring of rice: In every best aroma small rice cooker, you will get measuring cups with the whole unit. Using it, you should start measuring the rice according to your demand. Then, you should place it on the cooking container associated with the Aroma cooker. Make sure you are using measuring cups for getting accurate measurement.

Rinse the rice with cold water: Rinsing the rice is the most important steps in cooking rice in any rice cooker. This will prevent the ultimate presence of starch. You know what too much starch leads the rice gets mushy or sticky.

Take a mesh strainer to put the measured rice for rinsing purpose. Use cold water and constantly wash it. Use your fingers to wash the grains and whirl it properly. Repeat the method for 5-6 times till you are not left with nearly clear water. Do it properly otherwise, the grains will end up in clumping.

Put water on the pot:

Meanwhile, you have nicely done with the washing method of rice. Now it comes for adding water in it properly. Mostly, it depends on the type of rice you are going to cook. There are so many classifications of rice. Different rice needs different requirements of water.

For more clarity, you should check on the special instructions for it. Less water will end up making poorly cooked rice. On the other hand, more water than demand can make the rice mushy or sticky. Make sure, you are maintaining the ratio between water and rice.

Soak the rice: This is not a mandatory step for cooking rice. Not so many people tend to follow it. But you can do so to cut the time for cooking period. If you want to soak the rice, do it for half an hour.

Quest for menu settings: There are so many different cooking menus associated with the Aroma cookers. And you need to check those options properly. When you know where the functions are, you can happily use those buttons and functions of Aroma Professional plus Rice Cookers. Hence, you can operate the whole unit without any confusion, right?

Sensor technology often handles the cooking temperature nicely. The digital configuration is there to make your task easier with the latest and advanced technology. Again, this multi functional rice cooker brand offers extra benefits for cooking so many different dishes as well. And you should introduce with those pressing buttons as well.

Resting period: While you finished cooking, it’s essential to let the rice rest for some time. That’s why you need to remove the pot from the heat and wait for about 10 minutes. This will distribute the moisture in every part of the rice.

Prepared your desired dishes with Aroma:

As we have mentioned before that Aroma manufacturers added multi-functionality in their unique features. So, you can cook your preferred your food items with that. Putting the contents on the cooker, you should add the right amount of water in it. Then you must use a lid to cover the pot. For getting perfectly cooked dishes, you must do it.

You know what the water may get a chance to escape if you don’t use a lid over the pot. This could hamper the whole cooking process adversely. Then you must turn on the power button. The steam produced inside is enough to cook the dish perfectly.

Keeping warm mode allows warming the rice for long time. As sensor technology is used to manage the temperature, you need not to worry about that. When cooking is finished thoroughly, the cooker will automatically stop.

Why you need to use Aroma Professional plus:

“It’s like an investment when you buy something for your needs, right?” When you are going to buy a rice cooker, these simple words also can apply for that. A wise decision may provide effective product that is going to serve you for long-term project. With the passage of time, you can make proud of your decision. That’s why quality of a product is the most-demanded thing to have.

Convenient service:

Aroma digital rice cookers are simply the best in terms of quality and convenient services. You have already read the feature part of aroma cookers in this article. The number of benefits this rice cooker brand is going to offer you is simply mind-blowing. The manufacturers made it versatile for every kitchen lovers. You can widely use it for various purposes.

Multi-purpose usage: Apart from cooking rice, you can consequently use it for baking cake, making soup, meats, and different kinds of chicken recipe. Or else, you can steam vegetables, making porridge with it. ‘To prepare every delicious item, you need individual kitchen equipment’s, right?’ But Aroma will handle every dish alone without any hassle.

Easy buying: Aroma is one of the top rated rice cookers. You can buy Aroma rice cooker on Amazon, e-bay or other online marketplaces. These cookers are effective for you with the top-most digital technology-oriented features.

Dynamic cooking capacity: Moreover, you need not to worry about handling guests because the brand has up to 20 cups of cooking capacity. Again, if you are single, you can easily manage it with best small rice cooker. “Don’t you want to make your cooking experience funny and enjoyable?” Undoubtedly you want it. Best mini rice cooker of Aroma are going to add a new dimension to your cooking.

Multi-functional rice cooker:

If you are craving to cook different kinds of rice such as white, plain rice, sushi rice. Aroma is the best rice cooker for brown rice too. You can easily use these aroma cookers. The fully automated features will make things easier to operate while cooking. Hence, you need to press buttons simply and need not to constantly check on the cooking every time.

Save’s your time: Aroma rice cooker is one of the best rice cookers that save your precious time. It offers simple cleaning up system that is not going to bother you. The non-stick pen never let any food stick on to the surface. As a result, you end up making perfect dishes easily. And also, you don’t have to spend a lot of time at cleaning.

Serves warm rice: Aroma cookers include keeping warm mode in their unit. After your coking is completely finished, it automatically switches on to the warm mode and keep the rice warm. For busy folks, it is very useful feature.

Saves your money: Why should you spend your hard-earned money on buying steamed veggies from market? When you can make them at home using Aroma cookers, this is absolutely not done. As a result, your food bill will eventually decrease widely. Again, it will save your valuable money and health. Healthy home food is most preferred for all.

Increases healthy benefits: As you know rice is, as usual a gluten free food item, it is healthy for you. To acquire the best health benefits, you need to take low calorie foods. Aroma rice cookers end up giving you most health benefits by providing perfectly cooked rice. In every morning, you can enjoy having stunning desserts. Nevertheless, steamed veggies offer required vitamins and minerals.


These Aroma Professional plus Rice Cooker is very easy to use that you can’t ever imagine. Never get afraid reading the word “professional”. In fact, you don’t have to be so expert at using these cookers.

The numerous benefits they provide to the consumers are only assumed when you will start using. Many homemakers love to own these cookers and get their benefits. Why shouldn’t you be that lucky one who has such a wonderful cooking assistant?