Best Japanese Rice Cooker

japanese rice cookers

Are you feeling interested to add a new Japanese kitchen gadget in your kitchen room? Thankfully, the best kitchen appliances are made in Japan. That’s why your choice is pretty good to have best Japanese rice cooker.

I don’t know how many times you have burnt your rice or how many times you are getting tired with the last night’s leftover rice. But with the Japanese rice cooker, you must experience a nice cooking menu with fluffy rice.

Again, you should be pleased to serve nice and warm rice to your family and friends of course. That’s why Japanese cookers will suit your needs perfectly as it has latest and advanced technological terms. In this article, we will learn a lot of ideas about that.

Classification of Best Japanese Rice Cooker

Here are some models of Japanese rice cookers. They are
1. Tiger rice cooker.
2. Tiger JNP-1800-FL 10-Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker.
3. Zojirushi Rice Cooker.
4. Zojirushi NSTSC10 5 Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer.
5. Aroma small rice cooker.
6. Hamilton beach rice cooker
7. Best Cuckoo Rice Cooker.
8. Panasonic rice cooker.

We can classify 4 kinds of best Japanese Rice Cookers. Here is their comprehensive discussion.

1. Conventional Rice Cookers:

These kinds of rice cookers are being invented in 1955. Toshiba first explored it. Having very simple design with the cheap price range, these cookers offer you the best cooking appliance. There are switch off and on mode available in conventional cookers.

Keeping warm function made it simply the best. When you’re cooking finishes, it automatically turns in the desired switch and put your rice warm for the extended period of time.
Quality and taste of Conventional cookers:
With just a simple press in a button, you have to start the cooking. The taste and quality are amazing with it. If you seldom eat rice and not bothered by the taste at all, you can choose a conventional cooker for you.

2. Micom cookers:

Micom cookers usually cover with micro-computerized technology that is conducted with a simple micro-chip. Also, you can consider it as ‘’fuzzy logic technology’’.

Easy adjustments with the time and temperature setting are the best output of the Micom cookers. It does mean to beautifully cope with the changes situation inside the rice cooker.

I am making it more clearly to you. If you are interested in making different kinds of dishes or different grain, these micom cookers will easily adjust to the existing temperature in the exact time setting.
Moreover, the heating element associated with these kinds of cookers is ready to heat the cooking container.

Quality, taste, and price of Micom cookers:
If you want to have delicious rice items, Micom cookers will be the best-suited equipment for you. This kind of Japanese cookers offers the suitable balance between the cost, taste, and quality of rice cookers.
It maintains the top step up compared to the conventional rice cookers. The price range is not too high for the consumers. It ranges in between the $60 – $200. It’s quite affordable in price. It offers you lowest price rice cooker.

If Particular quality with top tire features is your best priority, then Micom cookers should be the top notion choice for you.

3. Micom Induction heating rice cookers:

If you are damn serious about getting perfect rice, then Induction heating cookers should be your suitable choice. The Japanese manufacturers apply an electrical current and prepare a magnetic field and use this technology in the induction cookers.

As a result, the entire cooking bowl turns in to a source of immense heat. If this happens, this is the best advantage for the consumers. As the bowl is being heated with the highest heating source, you will get faster-cooked rice.

At the end of the day, you will surely get fluffy and delicious rice. Once you are habituated with IH Japanese cookers, you won’t need to look back on others cookers as it ideally offers you the best way to cook rice.
Quality, taste, and price of the Micom Induction Cookers:
Compared to the Micom cookers, this is the best and perfect cooker that is widely renowned in making your rice perfect with the high tech features. If money is not a problem for you, you can have the IH cookers with a range of $200-$400.

4. Micom Pressurized Induction Heating Rice Cookers:

If you are searching the fanciest rice cookers with modern features, Pressurized induction Japanese cookers are undoubtedly the eye-catching cooking appliance for you.

Induction heating makes a better combination with stronger pressure cooking here. This ultimately produces the desired temperature in the cooking container.

Additionally, the high temperature is solely responsible to make the texture of the rice perfect and suitable for better digestion.
Actually, it will generate the best rice that you have ever eaten in your lifetime.

Quality, taste, and price of the pressurized and Induction heating cookers:
In quality, it never makes any compromise at all. It simply produces better rice with the perfection in taste. The properties of rice will make the noticeable difference compared to the other kinds of cookers.
It seems to have a feeling to bring rice from any top quality restaurant in Japan. These cookers are really worth for your price. You will get both fluffy and tasty rice in your every bite.

Pressurized IH Japanese cookers are the highest quality cookers with the great price range. It starts from a range of $300 and there are more models up to this range. Some of the models have crossed the range of $800 too.

How to select the best Japanese rice cooker

However, it is true that Japanese are very conscious of making their products unprecedented and peerless. They leave no stone un-turned to make their rice cookers the best one.
Now the question is in which qualities a consumer must seek in a Japanese appliance. Below I am trying to put them all together for the convenient of the customers.

1. Pot capacity: It needs less to mention the importance of cooking pot capacity. Before buying a Japanese cooker, you must spare some time to think about your family size.
Based on your family size or your need, after all depends on how much pot capacity you want.

There are multiple sizes in a rice cooker. If you are single, you can buy 1-3 cup of the capacity cooker. Also, there are plenty of cookers which are bigger in size and have the capacity of 10 cups of cooker too.
Keep a Thing in mind and that is a Japanese cup is approximately equivalent to 6 ounces of the cup. Never mix it with a US cup.

2. Cooker’s innovative modes:

As I have already mentioned above that Japanese cookers have a variety of classifications. Now which one you want to buy completely depends on you. Your decision of buying also depends on some factors.
Let me make it as concise and understandable. Before buying cookers, you need to think about in which temperature and time you want in cooking rice.

Again which types of rice you want to cook and how much water the cooker needs as to the manual instruction. For an example, Porridge rice needs plenty of water while cooking. On the other hand, white rice doesn’t require that.

The best thing about the Japanese cooker is it is versatile and most programmable in settings and functions. That’s why whatever you want to cook, there is pre-programmable functions set-up on the cooker. Just pressing a simple button, then you can prepare your desired dishes.

3. Timer option: In most cases, people want to fix the timing of cooking rice. A timer provides you those facilities to follow. All just you have to do is to set the start in time as well as with delay time.
This will enable the cooker easily turn on to the automatic programmable functions. If you have to go for office work early morning, then you must set the timer such a way so that you can return at the lunch time and have fluffy and warm tic till then.

4. Keeping-warm function:

This is an important function in any rice cooker. Japanese rice cooker also have this programs. If you have a cooker that has been ideally equipped with a keeping warm function is simply the best for you.
Additionally, it helps you retain the rice properties with actual flavor and aroma you desire. This will save your electricity bill to an extent. In this way, the rice cooker itself doesn’t consume too much heat and use less energy to operate.

In most of the Japanese cooker, this keeps warm mode is found automatically. Enjoy this functional program and produce good aroma small rice cooker.

5. Non-stick utensils: Japanese manufacturers always maintain their quality of the products strictly. That’s why they use non-stick pots to save the rice from unnecessary burning.
Again the non-sticky layer is ready to help you in removing the stains badly. Amidst all non-stick materials, aluminum could be the quality one that is the most effective material for you.

6. Watts: If you want to buy a family cooking appliance then it requires flexible size wattage that is suitable for your family. Thus it can produce a lot of rice for your family.
Generally, watts indicate the ultimate strength and the superior speed of a rice cooker. Often in most cookers, you will find 600 spots. But moreover a best mini rice cooker, it is about 300 watts.

7. Kitchen options:

In fact some Japanese cooker models, there are options only to cook rice. But in other models, you will surely find some extra features that contain a heating element with a variety of cooking procedure.
To make this conception clear to you, I am making it more transparent. Apart from rice, it can provoke your mind to prepare some other tasty and delicious dishes.

For an example, you made up your mind to cook other vegetables, soups many kinds of cereals, you can prepare them also with the Japanese cooker.

At each and every phase, you will get the right texture of the rice as there are various cooking options for you.

8. Dimensions: Dimension is an important notion that you can’t overlook is the size of the rice cooker. After all this is most important for the students who have to live in small spaces sharing the room with others.

Best rice cooker offers you the most valuable opportunities with high tech programmable functions. If you have a small room with small family, you can prefer using the best small rice cooker to manage the kitchen room with easy transportation.

Basically small cookers are easy to carry and flexible to use. Therefore, you can easily pack it and move from one place to another comfortably.

9. Digital Display:

In Japanese cookers, there is a notable and spectacular function is the display. This is visible to you. Through the Digital LCD monitor, you can easily view the temperature and cooking process finally.

10. Weight:  In most cases, heavy weight rice cookers are designed with stainless steel. These are not only easy to carry but also these cookers will be damage as soon as. That’s why weight is another considerable factor that goes up to your choice.

If you want light weight cookers, also you will find that. They are portable and that’s why easy to carry. If you are living in an apartment and don’t love to carry heavy cookers, then it is good for you to choose light one.

Conclusion: Equally we have reached the final note of this article. Here we have discussed about the best Japanese rice cooker, their important and considerable features and also some best Japanese cookers models too.

People who are a new comer in the first place buying purpose, this article will help the lot I think. Moreover, who are looking for the best one, this guide may assist them. Finally I want to say that the Aroma, Zojirushi, Tiger and Cuckoo is the best Japanese brands rice cooker. Panasonic is also a best rice cooker.