Check out the promo for the WGN story on Reunification Ride and the harm of incarceration to moms and kids. Full piece airs on Monday, 2/27, at 9pm. We are still raising funds to have 2 buses for the trip in May: Thanks in advance for any and all support!
Join the Chicago General Defense Committee, Local 3, Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement Chicago, Cabrini Green Legal Aid/CLAIM, Moms United Against Violence and Incarceration and more for a vigil in solidarity with ppl inside jails and prisons and detention centers across the country, preparing to strike, AND resisting in all the ways they do everyday to survive and support one another. What: #August21 Vigil Where: Cook County Jail, across from main gate When: 7pm #August21 #PrisonStrike #FreeThemAll Video: Moni Cosby
Check out the video of a brilliant, badass comrade, Marcia Iza, reading Nicky Finney's powerful poem "Flare"-- as a fellow survivor and a fighter, in solidarity with Marissa Alexander. Marcia knows too what it means to be criminalized for fighting back. When she was finally able to get out, her ex-husband tried to have her deported, which would also mean losing her daughter, born in the US. She fought that and won, but during that long process, her former husband stopped making payments on the house, refused to allow her name on the mortgage, which means that she and her daughter and baby granddaughter face eviction at any time. At any time. This is what the criminalization of self-defense looks like. As Marica put it so profoundly, "Why is the bank choosing to collaborate in this abuse? When did I become Invisible?". So, what will you do now? Will you sign the hell out of the petition linked below, and share it with friends? Will you help in other ways if called? Will you come together with women in the struggle to draw these connections to domestic and other forms of structural violence--a violence that incarcerates, deports, evicts; takes children, safety and even self from women?