Central Texas Regional Summit

The Austin region’s tremendous population growth and rapidly increasing housing costs, particularly in the urban core, are causing more people, especially those at lower income levels, to live further away from the jobs, services and educational opportunities they need. This trend exacerbates economic segregation, puts increasing pressure on those who provide public services and infrastructure, and imperils our region’s long-term economic security.

Numerous organizations and institutions, from the public sector and non-profits to the private sector and community-based groups, are working to address various aspects of these challenges. But these are often isolated efforts, which tackle only one aspect of these highly interdependent issues of transportation, housing, education, jobs, and social services. A lack of coordination between groups that fund, plan for and provide infrastructure and services limits our region’s ability to leverage its resources, increase efficiency, and innovate new solutions.

The regional summit is intended to help foster deeper understanding and exploration of these issues in the 5-County region (i.e., Bastrop, Caldwell, Hays, Travis & Williamson Counties). The purpose of the Summit is to:

  • Create a clearer sense of shared challenges and opportunities
  • Increase awareness of the connections between seemingly disparate efforts
  • Highlight collaborations already happening
  • Foster new connections, ideas and actions to create an economically inclusive future for all people

Presentations from November, 8 2018 Summit:

Demographic Profile of Central Texas by Chris Schreck, CAPCOG

Preserving Middle-Income Housing by David Steinwedell, Affordable Central Texas

Making Housing a Key Priority in San Antonio by Lourdes Castro-Ramirez, President of University Health System Foundation and Chair of San Antonio Mayor’s Housing Policy Task Force

Expanding Housing Opportunity in Central Texas by  Sean Garretson, Pegasus Planning