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     "Detektiv" Drama CD
äumend Drama CD
     Character Drama Vol. 1

     Character Drama Vol. 2
     Character Drama Vol. 3
     Character Drama Vol. 4
     Character Drama Vol. 5
     Character Drama Vol. 6

     Character Drama Vol. 7

     Koyoi mo Ennu~i
     Koyoi mo Ennu~i Vol. 3



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Welcome to Unyuunymous's Homepage, an archive dedicated to my humble translations from Japanese to English of various materials related to the Rozen Maiden anime/manga series. I originally built this site in February 2006 as a home for a few translations of Japanese web-comics that I had first posted on the 4chan anime image board. Since that time, it has grown to include not only hundreds of Rozen Maiden web-comic translations, but also English scripts for the official drama CDs, the "Koyoi mo Ennui~" radio program, and occasional non-Rozen items.

As you may be able to tell from the lengthening intervals between site updates, I find that fodder for translation is growing scarcer, as the drama CDs have all been released and many of the fan artists are moving on to other things. One may hope that there might be a wealth of inspiration new material if when the third season of the anime airs. Until then, I would be grateful if you can still find the time to check in here on occasion to see what treasures I am able dig up for you, and of course also continue to patronize the sites of the original artists.      (4/9/2007)


NEW     April 15, 2008               Added 16 new images to Translations | Oto-Fu / Material (here and here).

March 2, 2008               Added six new images to Translations | Shinkon Maiden.


Disclaimer: Although none of the material on this site is (in my judgement) pornographic in nature, there are some comics that depict sexual situations and/or language. Please use caution in browsing this site if you are sensitive to such things or are in an environment where viewing may not be allowed.

Addendum October 17, 2007: To protect the reader, some materials that are a bit on the more explicit side, in my judgment, will be clearly marked in pink in the table of thumbnails thusly. Please do not click on these if you are under 18 or are sensitive to that kind of material.