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Joe Sobran: The Jewish Establishment (1995)

July 20, 2019

(left, Joe Sobran, 1946-2010)
 How does a tiny country like Israel control the most powerful country on earth, the USA?  Israel is the Rothschild's personal fiefdom - their army, nuclear arsenal and secret service. The Rothschilds produce US currency out of thin air in the form of a debt to themselves. The US and all countries could do this themselves debt-and-interest free. The Rothschilds must enslave mankind in order to protect this scam and collect on their "debt." This is the essence of Communism.   The US is the Rothschild's bitch. Indeed anyone who wishes to succeed must be a witting or unwitting collaborator in the Rothschild's scam. 

For essays like "The Jewish Faction," Joe Sobran, an editor at the National Review, was fired. No country that allows its banking system to be controlled by its arch enemies can expect to remain free. The world has been colonized by the central banking cartel using Freemasonry & Organized Jewry as its instruments.  Sobran says "Jews" think they're persecuted when in fact their leaders persecute mankindThis has become evident as Westerners see their cultural values, freedom and security eroded, and genocide promoted by migration and miscegenation.

"At any rate, Christians knew from the start how the Tribe felt about them, and nothing has changed since then except that today's Christians have become remarkably naive about it. Christ tells us to forgive our enemies, but he doesn't ask us to pretend that they are our friends... "

by Joe Sobran
(Excerpt by 

The Jewish establishment, it hardly needs saying, is predominantly secularist and systematically anti-Christian. In fact, it is unified far more by its hostility to Christianity than by its support of Israel, on which it is somewhat divided. The more left-wing Jews are faintly critical of Israel, though never questioning its "right to exist" -- that is, its right to exist on terms forbidden to any Christian country; that is, its right to deny rights to non-Jews. 

A state that treated Jews as Israel treats gentiles would be condemned outright as Nazi-like. But Israel is called "democratic," even "pluralistic." 

Explicitly "Jewish" organizations like the American Jewish Committee and the Anti-Defamation League enforce a dual standard. What is permitted to Israel is forbidden to America. 

This is not just thoughtless inconsistency. These organizations consciously support one set of principles here -- equal rights for all, ethnic neutrality, separation of church and state -- and their precise opposites in Israel, where Jewish ancestry and religion enjoy privilege. They "pass" as Jeffersonians when it serves their purpose, espousing rules that win the assent of most Americans. At the same time, they are bent on sacrificing the national interest of the United States to the interests of Israel, under the pretense that both countries' interests are identical. (There is, of course, no countervailing American lobby in Israel.) 

The single most powerful Jewish lobbying group is the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which, as its former director Thomas Dine openly boasted, controls Congress. At a time when even Medicare may face budget cuts, aid to Israel remains untouchable. If the Israelis were to begin "ethnic cleansing" against Arabs in Israel and the occupied lands, it is inconceivable that any American political figure would demand the kind of military strike now being urged against the Serbs in ex-Yugoslavia. 

Jewish-owned publications like the Wall Street Journal, The New Republic, The Atlantic Monthly, U.S. News & World Report, the New York Post, and New York's Daily News emit relentless pro-Israel propaganda; so do such pundits as William Safire, A.M. Rosenthal, Charles Krauthammer, Jeane Kirkpatrick, and George Will, to name a few. 

That Israel's journalistic partisans include so many gentiles -- lapsed goyim, you might say -- is one more sign of the Jewish establishment's power. So is the fact that this fact isn't mentioned in public (though it is hardly unnoticed in private.) 


So is the fear of being called "anti-Semitic." Nobody worries about being called "anti-Italian" or "anti-French" or "anti-Christian"; these aren't words that launch avalanches of vituperation and make people afraid to do business with you. 

It's pointless to ask what "anti-Semitic" means. It means trouble. It's an attack signal. The practical function of the word is not to define or distinguish things, but to conflate them indiscriminately -- to equate the soberest criticism of Israel or Jewish power with the murderous hatred of Jews. And it works. Oh, how it works. 

When Joe McCarthy accused people of being Communists, the charge was relatively precise. You knew what he meant. The accusation could be falsified. In fact the burden of proof was on the accuser: when McCarthy couldn't make his loose charges stick, he was ruined. (Of course, McCarthy was hated less for his "loose" charges than for his accurate ones. His real offense was stigmatizing the Left.) 

The opposite applies to charges of "anti-Semitism." The word has no precise definition. An "anti-Semite" may or may not hate Jews. But he is certainly hated by Jews. There is no penalty for making the charge loosely; the accused has no way of falsifying the charge, since it isn't defined. 

A famous example. When Abe Rosenthal accused Pat Buchanan of "anti-Semitism," everyone on both sides understood the ground rules. There was a chance that Buchanan would be ruined, even if the charge was baseless. And there was no chance that Rosenthal would be ruined -- even if the charge was baseless. 

Such are the rules. I violate them, in a way, even by spelling them out. 

"Anti- Semitism" is therefore less a charge than a curse, an imprecation that must be uttered formulaically. Being a "bogus predicate," to use Gilbert Ryle's phrase, it has no real content, no functional equivalent in plain nouns and verbs. Its power comes from the knowledge of its potential targets, the gentiles, that powerful people are willing to back it up with material penalties. 

In other words, journalists are as afraid of Jewish power as politicians are. This means that public discussion is cramped and warped by unspoken fear -- a fear journalists won't acknowledge, because it embarrasses their pretence of being fearless critics of power. When there are incentives to accuse but no penalties for slander, the result is predictable. 

What is true of "anti-Semitism" is also true to a lesser degree of other bogus predicates like "racism," "sexism," and "homophobia." Other minorities have seen and adopted the successful model of the Jewish establishment. And so our public tongue has become not only Jewish-oriented but more generally minority-oriented in its inhibitions. 

The illusion that we enjoy free speech has been fostered by the breaking of Christian taboos, which has become not only safe but profitable. To violate minority taboos is "offensive" and "insensitive"; to violate Christian taboos -- many of them shared by religious Jews -- is to be "daring" and "irreverent." ("Irreverence," of course, has become good.) 


Jewry, like Gaul, may be divided into three parts, each defined by its borders vis-à-vis the gentile world. There are the Orthodox, who not only insist on borders but wear them. They often dress in attire that sets them apart; they are even willing to look outlandish to gentiles in order to affirm their identity and their distinctive way of life. At the other extreme are Jews who have no borders, who may (or may not) assimilate and intermarry, whose politics may range from left to right, but who in any case accept the same set of rules for everyone. I respect both types. 

But the third type presents problems. These are the Jews who maintain their borders furtively and deal disingenuously with gentiles. Raymond Chandler once observed of them that they want to be Jews among themselves but resent being seen as Jews by gentiles. They want to pursue their own distinct interests while pretending that they have no such interests, using the charge of "anti-Semitism" as sword and shield. As Chandler put it, they are like a man who refuses to give his real name and address but insists on being invited to all the best parties. Unfortunately, it's this third type that wields most of the power and skews the rules for gentiles. The columnist Richard Cohen cites an old maxim: "Dress British, think Yiddish." 

Americans ought to be free to discuss Jewish power and Jewish interests frankly, without being accused of denying the rights of Jews. That should go without saying. The truth is both otherwise and unmentionable. 

General Comment from Anthony Migchels

The template for the kosher 'Right'/'Opposition' couldn't be more transparent: - Pro Zion, as if Zionism is somehow just another example of 'Nationalism' (instead of ruthless disregard for the most basic human and national rights of the Palestinians and the other Arabs). - Anti Islam (instead of anti-migration, and anti semitic, and anti Banker, ie: anti the traitors warring on Islam in the ME, and importing them into Europe) - Ignoring Banking as the key issue, including as the driving force of Globalization.

They all fit this description: Trump, Farage, Bolsenaro, Guaido, the AfD, le Pen, Orban, Wilders, Thierry Baudet, even Salvini, although he's in many ways the best of them.

This tweet  you sent out a couple of months ago, about Nick Griffin and him getting offered massive bucks to bash Islam and ignore Banking was really absolutely tell all: it's really eerie: they DO all fit this description. All over the West.

How can we have an 'opposition' that ignores a handful of bastards that own everything, and who have gobbled up everything with the basest of tricks: compound interest? While we owe them 250 TRILLION bucks?

The Agenda of the controlled reaction is also quite well known: 'Christian' Zionism is supposed to fight to the death against Islam. Because the Jews of Palestine are just nationalists, and our natural ally. Well, according to mostly all of the controlled 'alternative media', which is 90% Jews or at least fitting the above description.

If there is ONE thing that makes whites hated (certainly also in Europe), it's their alliance with Zionism, which is gory poison, and which has destroyed the lives of untold millions of people. Also note that the UN is basically against Zionism, and I'm pretty sure the agenda was/is to bring Whites down as the enablers of hated Zionism. It's clear the West is being set up as the fall guy in the coming war.

People ARE catching on though: support for war against Iran is below 10% in the US. War weariness in America also stopped the invasion of Syria, a few years back: Obama had to humiliatingly backtrack because only 9% of the populace had bought his 'line in the sand' crap. Also: Prophecy indicates that there will be a seven year 'peace' before the Greatest War will commence. And it does look like the Jews are using prophecy as their playbook.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Joe Sobran: The Jewish Establishment (1995) "

Pedro said (July 21, 2019):

An Anti-Semite is someone the Jews hate.

If sufficient people had their thinking caps on they would see that the Jews of today have little to complain about, if people did sufficient study of them they would see a totally disproportionate amount of Jews
and crypto Jews in their media and if their thinking caps were still cool enough to keep on their hotted up heads, they might even ask why?

Either the Jews have the right God, who works only for them, or the Jews are so superior to everyone else they succeed beyond all expectations like no other groups, or there is some kind of conspiracy going on
behind the scenes in the form of then kind of discrimination and in group preference that these days is denied to all other groups. Or we, the people, really are this stupid.

Either way, a McCarthy level (if not style) inquisition, this time without the despoliation of a Roy Cohn and his gay buddy, would seem like a good idea to a President who wanted to make America great again,
perhaps this time without the East India Company flag.

The article targets Jewish sectors and Israel. The this involves the International Jew Bankers goes without saying.

Below- Was Hitler a Rothschild? (scroll down)

The West Belongs to People of European Descent

July 19, 2019


We are in a race war. It is not between
whites and coloureds. The "war" is
actually an insidious campaign by Organized Jewry,
an arm of the Rothschild banking cartel,
to use immigrants to displace people 
of European descent and erase their heritage. 
It's about time we recognized that the "hate" is 
all coming from the bankers and their Freemason shills.
 It's time we called "globalists" what they are,
communist traitors

by Henry Makow PhD

I confess that I was pleased that Trump told "the squad" that if they think America is so bad, they can leave.

I also welcomed the chant, "Send her back" at the rally in North Carolina. 

Under fire, Trump was forced to walk back this sentiment but it truly expressed how the majority of white Americans feel. 

Of course, the squad trotted out accusations of "racism."  Why not? Crying "antisemite" has always worked for their Jewish sponsors. 

But no one is buying it. What does condoning and promoting terrorist violence against the federal government and Trump supporters have to do with race? Ayanna Pressley encouraged her followers to "bring the fire"; one attacked an ICE facility with an automatic weapon and was killed. 

As with Organized Jewry, it's their behavior which defines them, not their race.  

Then, they trot out "white supremacy." 

Why don't we hear about Jewish Supremacy? That's what this is really all about. Why don't we ever hear about Chinese Supremacy in China or Indian Supremacy in India? 

(Swedish government ad) 

Our country is our home. This is like a home invader accusing you of being a "supremacist" because you don't want to hand over the keys. 

Later, homeless, you discover that the invader had been working for your banker who foreclosed on your home. 

Whites represent roughly 15% of the world population. Yet they are slated for displacement. Their countries are being invaded by uneducated young men of military age. Their events are being cancelled and their supporters intimated and beaten. Their free speech is being eliminated. 

Their cultural heritage is under attack. Statues are removed; schools renamed, and authors suppressed. Their values are ridiculed and dragged through the mud. They are becoming a minority in TV commercials which encourage them to intermarry. The word is genocide. 

Protocols of the Elders of Zion--16: "We must introduce into their education all those principles which have so brilliantly broken up their order." 

Colorado State University has decided that the terms "America" and "American" cannot be used because they are not "inclusive." 

Everyone but whites is entitled to a national home. And if whites so much as stir, they are viciously shamed, in true Communist fashion.


Whites are leaderless like a headless horseman.  The Masonic Jewish bankers have installed a traitor class of Freemasons who have sold out their country, religion and culture for a seat at the table. Yes, practically all politicians are traitors. (Do they tell the truth about 9-11??)

Whites are increasingly sick of being browbeaten and shamed into deferring to privileged minorities. It's another Jewish banker scam to elect more of their agents, disenfranchise whites and dismantle the nation. 

The West has always welcomed minorities. As a Jew, I am one of them. But we were expected to contribute to the country and respect its values. When you welcome someone into your home, you don't expect them to invite strangers, trash the place, and put you on the street. This is the banker's plan.

I appreciate that the majority of immigrants just want to better themselves. They don't want to be used for political purposes. Even better, they would rather stay in their own countries. Our efforts should be directed to helping them thrive at home. 

The average Jew wants to assimilate. But the Cabalist leadership hates whites and many opportunistic Jews adopt this view.  

Why do religious Jews hate whites? Why do you rob a bank? That's where the money is. 

(Notre Dame represents Christian values. It was burned for this reason.)

Whites also have a sense of economic and political entitlement that must be destroyed. They carry the residue of Christian values: a belief in country and individual freedom, a belief in God and a Moral Order, a belief in right and wrong, true and false; a belief in the fellowship of mankind, family as the red blood cell of society, a belief that people should be rewarded according to their ability and effort. We believe that man was created in the image of God and should express His perfection by behaving with dignity. We share these common values; if they weren't important, the bankers wouldn't try to destroy them. 

The Illuminati banker is taking away our freedom of expression. They claim "populists" threaten democracy when it is globalism that transfers power from elected representatives to international bureaucrats.  This enslavement is Communism.  
Communism is Satanism. The social insanity we are experiencing is satanic possession. Gaslighting and making us crazy are part of it. 

They are transferring ultimate authority from God to psychopaths and perverts. I can't overstate the seriousness of the crisis we face.

Religious Jews believe the world belongs to them alone. "God's Chosen People" are the only people. The goyim are animals born to serve them. Their paradise will rise like a phoenix on the ashes of Western civilization. 

It's time we stopped cringing before their "racist" voodoo, stopped deferring to their creatures of diversity, and told the white traitors and dupes who support the invaders, that while ethnic minorities are welcome, the West belongs to people of European descent. 

Related"Squad" criticized for "antisemitism." Nationalist and Jewish interests conflated. You can't be a nationalist unless under Zionist auspices.

First Comment from Ken Adachi

It's such a pleasure to read these magnificent essays. It's so concise and succinct;  it's almost poetic. These comments crystallize the feelings of your average white or black American raised with the Christian ethos of brotherhood and Good Will towards ones neighbors. Your traditional American is a Gary Cooper type of character inside. He's enthusiastic to build, wants to find the right girl, raise a family and be kindly and generous towards his neighbors who may need his help. He's willing to defend home, family, and country, but the cause must be just (and against evil aggressors; not to ACT as evil aggressors on other people's land!). However, he isn't snookered by communist/Marxist society-destroying, religion-destroying, morality-destroying propaganda, masquerading as "liberal," "Left,"  or "Progressive." (as heard daily on Marxist propaganda mills like Pacifica radio, especially KPFK radio station out of Los Angeles)

Your traditional American wants to maintain the stability, sovereignty, and cohesiveness of HIS American heritage and not be subverted nor overtaken by invading third worlders being used by Organized Jewish psychopaths intent on destroying the most liberty-protective nation in modern history so they can install their satanic Talmudic Hell Hole.  The satanic Cabalists who promote this takeover agenda are COWARDS to the core. They hide behind their wealth, their banking, corporate or political power power base from which they manipulate OTHERS to do their bidding (E.g. third world invaders, bribed, blackmailed 5th columnists playing 'politician', bought judges, etc) while never showing their face or names to the myriad websites and organizations which promote the Protocols' goals of societal destruction. 

The corruption of government agencies, police, and the military to serve the JWO destruction of America  must be addressed and countered. These "training" junkets to Israel by American police, etc MUST be stopped and made illegal. The Patriot Act must be repealed and every agency associated with it, starting with Homeland Security and TSA,  must be dismantled. FBI Fusion centers, NSA data collection centers, etc, etc etc, also must be dismantled. The 9/11 Israeli/CIA/Military Inside Job which spawned the War on Terror has always been a War of Terror against Americans citizens to cow us into submission for their communist takeover of this once great Land of Liberty.

Tony B adds:

All the racism in the U.S. (as well as the "west" in general) is against whites for no honest reason other than that they are white.  The multitude of "crimes" of which whites are constantly accused are common to all races in all places and exist to a much less degree in white nations.  

Even in "white" nations, most violent crimes especially, hardly exist among whites, a giant majority being committed by other races allowed into the nation.  This is the reason the FBI quit keeping criminal statistics by race as, every year, by far the greatest number of crimes against people are committed by the once much smaller number of non-whites. 
In fact, most of the white haters today in the U.S. are criminals who broke, at the very least, the national laws of immigration and, by this fact, belong in prison or back in their nation of origin, which nations seem in no hurry to reclaim their citizens as well as the talmudic masters of the U.S. are loath to expel them.

Up until WW2, when the U.S. was very white, Americans were known around the world as the most kind hearted people on earth, always ready to help those in need wherever they were.  This FACT has been buried very deep, out of the minds of young Americans today.

Since WW2 the talmudic/cabalic/masonic/satanic conquest of all American venues of authority at the top has been completed and national objectives turned into just another talmudic/satanic hatred of humanity driven in the "trenches" primarily by greed for all worldly wealth; an agenda dead set against the opposite wishes of normal white Americans (as well as a great many non-white Americans).  Thus the agenda desire to destroy the whites whom they know to have the ability to organize and destroy the agenda and its perpetrators.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "The West Belongs to People of European Descent "

Coco said (July 21, 2019):

My family immigrated to Canada in the late 1980s. We are originally Palestinian (stateless). When my parents moved to Canada they invested in a small business, employed several people, and basically interacted with people from all sorts of backgrounds. We were taught to be proud of our heritage but never encouraged to segregate ourselves from other communities.

While I experienced some mild racism on very few occasions, I also had friends from many backgrounds. To a large extent as immigrant children we did assimilate in many respects.

I recently visited Canada after a 14 year absence and in certain big cities in Ontario I was shocked at the amount of new immigrants, but it is not simply their size that is worrying. There is no longer any need to assimilate since you can just hang out with members of your own community, and this I believe is a breeding ground for creating societal divisions, potential resentment and ethnic gangs.

Don't get me wrong, it's nice from my perspective to have some multiculturalism, but I just find it that it's being promoted so intensely and so artificially.

Furthermore, the sense of entitlement of new immigrants is staggering. I've heard stories of wealthy immigrants who have large sums of money earned abroad, and still claim child credits and other benefits because the Canadian government assesses them based on their incomes; since their incomes were earned abroad, they appear to be low-income while in Canada despite having large amounts of financial and non-financial assets.

I've also heard stories of non-refugee Syrians living and working outside of Syria that have claimed refugee status (even though they have not been to Syria in years and largely escaped the horrors of the war) and have been granted immigration to Canada and apparently (I did not verify this independently) have been granted some sort of stipend per family member by the Canadian government when they are settled (around 500 or 600 dollars per family member I believe). What is this insanity? Some of these people being granted immigration aren't even proper refugees.

I honestly just feel like there's a lack of common sense in many western governments. If immigration was more selective, more limited and gradual, you can ensure that the people that arrive will have the ability to assimilate and contribute. But the sheer scale of what's happening now is unnerving.

Of course it's not immigration that's unnerving, the fractional reserve banking system, the debt based money creation process, the heavy tax burden, the massive government involvement in the economy. AHHHHH!

MOHAMMED (SOUTH AFRICA) said (July 20, 2019):

i agree with a lot of whats in the article but from what i see, one of the main causes of this issue is the fact that a lot of Americans still enlist in the military.

before WW2, the British military was the main enforcer of the Zionist banking cartel. After WW2, that role was given to the US military. Since then, every war/conflict that the US military has benn involved in, has NOT been for any justifiable or morally righteous reason- all has been for the benefit of the Zionist bankers & the big corporations that they control.

many whites think that without their govts interfering in the affairs of poorer nations, esp in Africa, these countries will become unstable & a breeding ground for extremists etc.
actually, the opposite is true.

have any of you watched John Perkins | New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man?

it seems that many whites conveniently believe that other races hate them just bcos they are whites. they dont want to get into the actual reasons bcos the truth hurts.
the Zionists have exploited that but you white westerners are still guilty to a great degree.

when it comes to immigrants, you seem to realise that the vast majority of them are in the west just to try & build a better life & future for their families. what many of you dont seem to understand is that most of these immigrants would prefer to remain in their home countries if they were safe, stable & prosperous but the constant interference of western nations makes that impossible.

of course, mainstream media wont tell you that- they will spin another story that makes you feel good about your govts & your militaries. do you think that if African countries has NO mineral resources at all, that western nations would have ANY troops stationed there?

the big corporation want the minerals under the soil of these poorer countries & they want your sons & daughters to enlist so that they can send them to enforce their will.
and these men & women who enlist- they just see the military as a career move- theyre there for the paycheck & benefits- maybe to be able to complete a college degree etc- they dont care that theyre being used to mess up other sovereign nations.
so when these countries become shitholes, as Trump mentioned, wouldnt you also try to leave and look for greener pastures if you could?
and wouldnt you also have some degree of animosity towards these white nations that you migrate to?
after all, its THEIR govts & militaries that were behind the mess your country has turned into.

the vast majority of immigrants dont know about the Zionist banking cartel- all they see is the white man.

am i wrong?
so the VERY FIRST step for ALL white westerners is to NOT enlist in the military & those who are already there, to get out ASAP- its more honorable to work a dead end job for minimum wage at Dunkin Donuts etc.

as far as AOC etc are concerned, theyre yet more puppets who are fulfilling a role(like Trump)- maybe they know exactly what theyre doing or maybe they dont- i have my doubts bcos sometimes they seem really dumb & sometimes i feel that a person just cant be that dumb so theyre just really good actors.

just look at Ilhan Omar- im a muslim & i cant believe she supports the LGBT community- even non muslims know that Islam and LGBT are about as far apart as you can get- so shes either really dumb or a good actor.

James C said (July 20, 2019):

Henry Makow wrote: “Whites represent roughly 15% of the world population. Yet they are slated for displacement. Their countries are being invaded by uneducated young men of military age.”

Accessed 20 July 2019.

I submit the following 5 points for consideration as a possible explanation:

1. Whites are called Caucasians because the German physiologist Blumenbach believed that their place of origin was the Caucasus region of southeastern Europe. Likewise, the Scottish Declaration of Independence of 1320 claimed “greater Scythia” as the Scots original homeland. This is the exact same area that the so-called “Lost Ten Tribes of Israel” had been deported to in 718 B.C. by the Assyrians.

2. Contrary to widespread popular opinion, true biblical Semites are never
described as a dark and swarthy people. Many biblical and extra-biblical sources describe true biblical Semites as being of a fair complexion, like that of the Caucasians of northwestern Europe.

3. There are historical examples of Semites being attacked by other racial
groups. Nimrod, as the son of Cush, was a Negro (see Gen. 10:8; Jer. 13:23). Since Assyria evidently derived its name from Shem’s son Asshur, Nimrod’s invasion of Assyria is an historical example of the dark-complexioned branch of the human family attacking the fair-complexioned branch (Gen. 10:8-12). Another example that can be cited are the Mongol invasions of Europe in the 13th century. The Mongol invasions were a yellow-skinned branch of the human family attacking the fair-complexioned branch, the Semitic branch.

4. From the Atlantic to the Urals, Europe is Shem, the home of the Caucasoids par excellence. The peoples of northwestern Europe fit the biblical and historical descriptions of true Semites. The black and the yellow races do not. As predicted, Caucasians also became the greatest colonial powers the world had ever seen (Gen. 22:17; 24:60).

5. As the examples above indicate, Satan has always used other racial groups to attack the true people of Shem. This current attack on the white race is no exception. It is pictured symbolically in the 12th chapter of Revelation (verses 12-17). The sun-clothed woman of Rev. 12:1 refers to the twelve tribes of Israel that eventually ended up in northwestern Europe and the North American continent.

Doug P said (July 20, 2019):

The reason for this war is not white skin. The West is Christian. It is the foundational aspects of Western Jurisprudence they wish to destroy. Western Jurisprudence is based on the ideas of Christianity as well as the Roman "right of self". All forms of Western Jurisprudence are all based on the same fundamental idea: The "common law", that universal law (reason) which is understood by any un-stunted human being by the time they reach early to mid teens.

This universal law directly opposes Jewish Supremism.

Stunted personalities remain in super-ego, which makes moral judgements only by rules. The stunted NWO wants a humanity that is more easily ruled by autocrats rather than a population that judges by reason.

I elaborate on this in my 16 minute youtube video "Christian Doctrine: Why They Hate Us (Exactly)"

We must not turn this into a race war. Christ never talked about race. The only thing that matters is how one views right and wrong. Everything else is noise.

Racism is our enemy and its cruel in the deepest sense. It is so sad that an otherwise great movement is being duped by those who mix the water with the wine.

Gabriel said (July 20, 2019):

It's such a shame what's going on. As a 25 year assimilated Argentinian Jew in the States I see the Jews opened the gates to the enemies; as the have done trough the ages, bringing down empires for millennia, I'm getting pretty fed up with this Jewish mafia that seems to be controlling everything. Brainwashing a majority of naive everyday Jews into support them. And 30 million or so foolish evangelists But there's hope, Henry and I are fricking Jews. Come on my people, get a grip !

Andy said (July 20, 2019):

I like the article because it is spirited and a 'trumpet blast'. At the moment we have a thousand armchair analysts, who for the most part, don't recognize the reality of what we face. I say without exaggeration, if we don't coagulate and mobilise we are finished.

In remedy, we have to consider hitherto inconceivable actions, such as (preferably discrete) military arrest of public and private conspirators. As I said yesterday, we are truly under attack. If you will forgive me, the enemy is not the 'globalists' - they fall within the designation of the 'evil western cabal'. It is international Jewry and (high-level) freemasonry controlling both East and West. Organised socialism and communism must be prohibited and subversive of the state and liberty and abortion outlawed.

As Yuri Bezmenov said 'the time-bomb is ticking; with every second the disaster is coming closer and closer.'

9m 29- 9m 34

Al Thompson said (July 20, 2019):

This is a good article. My take on this is that the people of the world do not focus on the morality of any course of action. There is a right and a wrong way to do something and the wrong way will get bad results; do something right, then good results will follow.

This concept should have been taught to everyone at a very early age. It is simply staying within the natural law or natural order the way God intended. I believe that the governments and the religions of the world are hopelessly corrupted. If they were not so corrupted, we would not see such bad results. And it is the results of bad decisions based on bogus information that can do a lot of damage.

The people should simply demand the truth so that they can make informed decisions as to whether something is right or wrong. People need to take more time to check the facts before forming opinions or taking action. The truth works to the benefit of mankind every time.

Chris G said (July 19, 2019):

We really belong to the Earth and Our Creator; Humans trying to own the planet is madness. When we all leave this world we can't take the world with us. However, Indigenous aboriginals of America will finally get their overdue justice when China and Russia invade and take America outright for all the crimes perpetrated on them. Also, justice for Vietnamese, Iraqis, Libyans, Germans(firebombed in Dresden), Japanese, etc.etc.. Babylon(America) is being judged by Eternal God for her sins and crimes. Jewish devil worshipers(Rothschilds) already sold American debt to China and they are left holding the empty bag. What does the mafia do when you don't pay up?

THE WEST BELONGS TO CHINA AND RUSSIA! China will take the west coast of the USA and Russia will take the East.

Many people are having dreams and visions about China and Russia's takeover of America. A race (civil) war is the least of America's problem:


Invasion of America Vision China Russia Nuclear WW3:;=1s

Chinese Invasion and Ammo Shortage:;=3s

Insider George Green lives in Ecuador and says what's left of US after nuked will produce food for China:;=7s

Where should US CITIZENS flee to escape Martial Law?:

Below- Homosexuality is Not a Life Sentence, says Ex-Gay (scroll down)

Was Hitler a Rothschild?

July 18, 2019

Anselm_Salomon_Rothschild (1).jpg
(Anselm Solomon Rothschild 1803-1874.) 

The identity of Hitler's paternal grandfather is 
the best kept secret of modern history.

by Clifford Shack 

Adolf Hitler required Nazi party candidates to trace family pedigree back to the year 1800 (1750 for SS officers). Those free of non-Aryan (i.e. Jewish, Gypsy, Slavic) ancestors were considered eligible, and were awarded an Aryan Certificate.

Curiously, Adolf Hitler didn't have an Aryan Certificate. He exempted himself from needing one.

Smart thing.

It would have looked quite  ridiculous when his application was rejected for being the grandson of an international Jewish banker!

AloisHitlerSr_original.jpgAdolf Hitler's father, Alois Hitler,  was born Aloys Schicklgruber on June 7, 1837. He was the illegitimate son of a 42 year old, unwed peasant woman from Lower Austria. Her name was  Maria Anna Schicklgruber.

In an attempt to hurt Hitler's political career, the day before the 1932 German presidential elections, a newspaper article titled, "Heil Schicklgruber!", appeared around the world. It reported that the original surname of Hitler's father was Schicklgruber. 

The article was the brainchild of then soon-to-be Austrian Chancellor, Englebert Dollfuss. Dollfuss happened to also be an illegitimate son of an unwed Austrian peasant woman from Lower Austria. Hitler was, no doubt, furious.

Obviously, the article didn't diminish Hitler political career.

Undaunted, Dollfuss allegedly  persevered and launched a second investigation into Hitler's family origins. This time he discovered that Maria Anna Schicklgruber, (1795-1847) left, was employed at the Vienna mansion of the bankers Salomon and Anselm Rothschild at the time that she conceived Hitler's father.

Hitler ordered a takeover of the Austrian chancellery and Dollfuss was assassinated. According to the British historian, Sir Ian Kershaw, the damning  evidence is said to be in the archives of the British Secret Service.

Though both Salomon and his son, Anselm were frequent business travellers, it would appear that at least one of them was at home when Maria Anna conceived.

According to the historian, R.G.L. Waite, "Hitler thought himself Jewish." Thinking a thick beard to be a Jewish characteristic, Hitler shaved twice a day. Believing Jews to have a distinctive tell-tale body odor, Hitler bathed twice daily.

 Hitler tried desperately to hide his Jewishness and link to the powerful Rothschild banking family. He once ranted to his nephew, William Patrick Hitler:  "People must not know who I am or which family I come from!"

 Hitler's sister Paula referred to the 1935 Nuremberg anti-Jewish racial purity laws thus: 
"Since the race laws, Adolf and I lost our grandfather."


To verify which, if any of the  Rothschilds were home in September of 1836, an online enquiry was initiated with the Rothschild's London Archive.

According to dated business correspondence discovered in the files known as The Moscow Papers, Anselm Salomon von Rothschild was indeed in Vienna during September of 1836 - the month that Hitler's grandmother conceived. 

Anselm's father, Salomon, had not been in Vienna at the time that Hitler's grandmother conceived in September of 1836. He left Vienna in June of that year and didn't return until sometime in 1837. (Salomon maintained a second residence in Paris where his wife's family lived. It was his custom to return to Paris for the Jewish High Holidays. His daughter, Betty, who was married to his brother, James also lived in Paris. By 1836, they had bore Salomon four grandchildren. 

According to reverse ovulation calculations, Maria Anna Schicklgruber conceived on or near Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. The holiday fell that year on September 12th.

Hermann von Goldschmidt, the son of Salomon Mayer's senior clerk, wrote a book, published in 1917, which said of Salomon: " the 1840s he had developed a somewhat reckless enthusiasm for young girls.." and "He had a lecherous passion for very young girls, his adventures with whom had to be hushed up by the police." 


Anselm, a notorious playboy, was in Vienna with his family for the holidays that late summer to cover his father's absence. By that time, he was a full partner in the family banking business. His wife, Charlotte, gave birth in Vienna to "Puggy", the first of their three sons the following month. The resemblance between Alois and his half-brothers was striking.

Hitler appeared in Vienna in 1907, after his mother died. At the time, his cousin Louis Rothschild was running the Vienna bank. It appears that he was Hitler's point man until the annexation of Austria. 

Adolf Hitler lived for several years in the Vienna Men's Hostel built by his uncle, Nathaniel Mayer "Puggy" Rothschild.

220px-Louis_Freiherr_von_Rothschild_(1882-1955)__1930_©_Georg_Fayer_(1892-1950)_OeNB_12995689.jpg(LOUIS ROTHSCHILD, 1882-1955)

When Hitler annexed Austria he arrested his cousin Louis for the sake of appearance. Louis remained arrested for months in comfort until the other Rothschilds provided a donation of 27 million dollars. History called it ransom- the largest in history at that time. Louis moved to Vermont and died swimming in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

The Rothschilds have used other illegitimate sons to foster their macroeconomic initiatives. Hitler showed up on their doorstep when they needed a hidden asset to cleanse Europe of what they felt to be human debris (Jews, Gypsies, Slavs) in preparation for the emerging modern continent, designed according to the impeccable standards of those in the business of haute finance. 

By the 20th century, the rulers of finance had thrown off the yoke of the superstitious religion of their forebears and had adopted an end-justifies-the-means, survival of the fittest business strategy. 

In God We Trust was replaced by God Be Damned.


Related another - Was Hitler a Rothschild?


There is a serving girl (maid) codicil which Hitler insisted on including in the 1935 Nuremberg racial laws, a codicil that not only specifically outlawed intercourse between Jews and Aryans but also explicitly forbade Jews even to employ Aryan women under the age of forty-five in their homes: Article 3 - "Jews cannot employ female  household servants of German or related blood who are under 45 years of age."

Hitler's own grandmother had been no older than 41 when she became pregnant while working, according to Hitler's suspicions, in a Jewish household.

First Comment by Anders Laursen

In fact, Hitler´s security chief, Gen. Reinhold Heydrich, the man behind the Holocaust organisation/Wannsee Conference, launched an intense campaign to obtain Dollfuss´ records on Hitler´s origin because these records could deliver a mortal blow to the Führer cult.

Now Hitler being a Rothschild presupposes that Alois Hitler was Adolf Hitler´s father.

But acc. To the respected Jewish Rabbi and scientist Marvin Antelman that is not the case. In his book "To Eliminate the Opiates" part 2 he writes that Hitler´s mother, Clara, was Jewish.

And furthermore: The Sabbatian ritual which conceived Adolph Hitler on the 9th of Av, fast Day for the destruction of the First and Second Temples on July 20, 1888, Hitler was born 9 months later April 20, 1889. Accordingly his real father was not Alois Shickelgruber and his Sabbatian roots are also maternal stemming from the Strones family. 

Hitler´s official father, Alois Schickelgruber, an illegitimate child of a maid in the house of Rothschild, was forced by his father-in-law to take the Jewish name of Hitler, the maiden name of Hitler´s maternal grandmother.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Comments for "Was Hitler a Rothschild?"

Mario C said (July 19, 2019):

Here in an interview of Otto Strasser in Spanish ( I did not find in english). He knows Hitler in 1920. He was brother of Georg Strasser that was one of the founders of NationalSocialism and was killed in 1934 in Rohem purge.

He said that Hitler was without any doubt Jew. Otto Strasser was friend of Alois Hitler ( half brother of Adolf). Alois was in 1930 a maître of restaurant in a hotel in Berlin. Alois consider himself Jew. He has the letters of the Jewish grandfather to the grandmother (Schickelgruber) . He blackmail Adolf with the letters in 1932. Hans Frank personal lawyer of Adolph ( Frank was half Jewish and future governor of Poland) was the person in charge to negotiate with Alois for the letters.

In the interview Otto Strasser said that he does not understand how the Allies ( Great Britain, USA etc.) that surely know about the Jewishness of Adolph Hitler don’t made public that knowledge. That this information if was made public was enough to destroy the A. Hitler run to power.

Also that Hitler was released quick from prison and was not forbidden to do politics in south Germany even that has has criminal charges.

Otto Strasser said also that Hitler does not write Mein Kampf ( Mi lucha). That Hitler speak to Hess in prison about his life, that Hess write all information and send it to Gottfried Feder that write the book.

Phil said (July 19, 2019):

Your recent article on Hitler reminded me of a paper done a few years ago by Miles Mathis. The maternal side of Hitler is rarely looked at and instead the paternal one is offered. I feel this is another misdirection to keep people focused on other things. According to Mathis’ article, Hitler was even more jewish than we imagined, coming from his mother’s side as much as his father’s. Here is the link to that paper if you are interested. Thank you.

Ann said (July 19, 2019):

Hitler (a satanist, anti-Christ, counterfeit-jew) took the fall so his counterfeit-jew cohorts (Rothschild) could set up Palestine from which to rule the NWO (or as some have called it …. the jew world order).

Knowing that is only the beginning. Actually, it is useless
information if it is not understood what a counterfeit-jew is. What is a counterfeit-jew? Any jew with no ties to the Israelites of the Holy Bible. Such is the case for the majority of jews. Why continue to support a counterfeit State and its people? It was the jewish religion
that killed Jesus and yet the churches and people of the West support Israel. It is total insanity! Palestine belongs at the very least to the Semites of which modern-day jews are not!

Solution: Expose modern-day jews for what they are: mostly secular, atheist, not Semites and not Israelites!

Jesus came to the Holy Land 2000 years ago and then the land is given to the jews who denied Him?! Obviously there has been a longstanding plot to destroy Truth and destroy True Israel and The Torah.

Jewish National Poet Confessed to Penetration of Christian society by Crypto-Jews

July 18, 2019

Confessed penetration of Christian society by Crypto-Jews .

Hayim Bialik - the Israeli 'National Poet' and Zionist, stated in a speech given at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, May 11, 1933 .

"Judaism, which was destroyed politically (following the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD), went to the big world and adapted its goods to its wanderings as an army going to war, a 'moveable state'." The Jews were forced to smuggle their goods from border to border, so they chose abstract goods, easy to smuggle, which allowed them, despite the ghettoes and restrictions, to penetrate everywhere.

Such penetration was not without the deliberate connivance of the Jews in the form of assistance provided in a thousand ways, means and disguises.It has been affected in great measure by crypto-Jews, who permeated Christianity and spoke through the mouth of Christianity.  

By these means, by the Jewish will and by the power of their Jewish blood and by instinct of 'reprisal', it is they who, in principle, are the creators of the Renaissance (reason displaces faith in Christ), liberalism, democracy, socialism and communism.

All this was done mainly by unknown anonymous Jews, secret Jews, crypto-Jews who mingled with the Gentiles and fed great thinkers or by the influence of the Jews who, in the great crises of freedom, stood behind the scenes or through Jewish teachers and scholars of the Middle Ages.They were disciples of Jewish teachers who led Protestant movements."   


July 11, 2019



"Henry, one of the reasons I chose to write about Roberto 
Clemente is that America needs genuine role models. 
The public's role models today are the selfish 
entertainers and the politicians who are nothing more than  
sellouts to the Deep State lobby in Washington."

by JG

I went to my first baseball game in 1960. The Boston Red Sox were in town and it was Ted William's last year playing at Brigg's Stadium. 

I can still recall the exciting atmosphere of the stadium  Box seats were $3.50 and not $300. The average baseball salary was around $20,000 a year and not $2,000,000 million a year. There was no rock music in between innings and every game was played like it was the last game of the World Series.

There was another player who I would have liked to watch back then and it was Roberto Clemente. Roberto was the Pittsburg Pirates best player in 1960 and was only earning around $23,000 that year. He was not the first Latino to ever play professional baseball in America but he was undoubtably the greatest Latino baseball player in the history of Major League Baseball. He had a lifetime batting average of 317 and got his 3000th hit in his last at bat. Only 10 players in the history of baseball had ever had 3000 hits at the time he achieved it. 

I remember the pitcher Bob Gibson saying in an interview that he intentionally threw at batters to move them off the plate. However, he said it didn't work with Roberto Clemente too well. He was so quick with his bat speed that he once hit him with a line drive that went off his ankle.
Roberto was from Puerto Rico where organized baseball was popular with it's people and he still remains a national hero there to this day. But, most of all, he was Roberto Clemente the person.

Roberto didn't hate the President or America. He enlisted in the United States Marine Reserve in 1958 and served for 6 years. He once said, "a nation without heroes is nothing". 

You didn't hear stories about Roberto going out "clubbing" or having a girl in every town while playing on the road. He married a woman from the old country and raised a family.

Roberto was also a strong man of the faith saying in an interview when asked how long he would be playing baseball he said that only God would know how long he would play. 

A lot of today's athletes are of the "New Age" religious  fold. They talk the walk and can quote scripture but don't get in the way of their money or long term contract.

In the off season Roberto wasn't taking pleasure cruises. He was actively engaged in charity functions in Latin America by donating food to the hungry and baseball equipment to the poor.

His final humanitarian effort was in Nicaragua. He had helped arrange  relief for earthquake victims there but they failed as supplies were stolen before the planes could even get there. This happened three times. The fourth time Roberto decided to supervise the mission himself and ride in the plane to make sure the supplies got there. The plane mysteriously crashed shortly after take off and his body was never found.
He once said he had two lives. One being  in 1934 and his second in1955 the day he arrived in Pittsburg. He loved the people in Pittsburg but also didn't forget the people where he came from.

Roberto wasn't involved in political rallies or hating people, he was too busy helping the less fortunate.

A lot of your professional athlete "heroes" of today are the ones who appreciate nothing and expect everything. They hold no loyalty to the nation's flag or even the team they play for. They are on performing enhancing drugs and have multiple marriages and live unstable lives.
Let it be said that we once had true heroes like Roberto Clemente.

More on the Communist Threat

This is not some vain vying for analytical supremacy, but the urgent work of exposing the truth of Putin, the East and the overall conspiracy and I hope you will find conviction so you can alert your readers.

It is summed up succinctly in Louis Marschalko's priceless book - 'The World Conquerors';
'An unknown Catholic friar, Sziliczei-Varady Gyula, once wrote prophecies that were soon forgotten in a book called From the Ghetto to the Throne, and herein is Nemesis:
" The Western Jew will equip an army of twenty million men in the East to destroy Christianity and human culture and to establish the Jewish world kingdom!"

'Oh, Europe, heart-land of civilisation, do you not yet understand? Can you not perceive where Jewish national unity coupled with your own internal conflicts lead? Can you not see the abyss towards which you are being driven by forces imbued with the cruelty and purposefulness of a supranational people. Alas ! There are so few who see it even now."

That army of 20 million men is what you have just covered in this article! And they will come in guise of 'liberators'
A brief video - as something from the 'Lord of the Rings'. Common-sense is all that is required to see they they are preparing.

'According to GRU Colonel Stanislav Lunev, the Russian Generals "were still committed to fighting and winning a future nuclear war against America. 'The nuclear war plan is still on,' he was told. But there would be changes. No longer would Russian troops be responsible for a follow-up invasion of the lower 48 states (U.S. mainland). Russian forces would be responsible for occupying 'Alaska and parts of Canada.' The Chinese would occupy the lower 48 states. In addition, certain Third World countries would be given 'looting rights.'" J.R. Nyquist, as told to him by GRU Colonel Stanislav Lunev

Soviet Defector Major General Jan Sejna
"Portions of the Soviet plans for seizing control of the United States following a nuclear strike were described by the head of the Administration for Special Propaganda to Sejna just prior to Sejna's defection. The description provides an interesting insight into the possible nature of Soviet plans and, in a certain regard, their efforts to clothe mechanisms in indigenous or nationalistic trappings. In 1967 the Soviets believed that, in addition to strikes against nuclear and critical military targets, roughly 110 nuclear strikes would be adequate to cripple the United States. In the attack, Europe would not be destroyed. Rather, Moscow would launch a propaganda campaign to tell the Europeans that the Soviets had saved their livesThe United States would be blamed for starting the war and an international committee for the neutrality of the United States would be formed. Pressure would be produced from the left and from Europe and elsewhere for the United States to give up." 

We confront Alexander Dugin's 'fourth political theory' or re-branded bolshevism and the salvation of 'Logos' (Christ) by chaos!
"The American Empire should be destroyed Dugin says and urges the acceptance of 'mythic, sociological Marxism' as a key element of an ideology that aims at the destruction of that 'empire'. He says;
'So we arrive at National Bolshevism, which represents socialism without materialism, atheism, progressivism, and modernism, as well as the modified Third Way theories....
The only thing that we insist on in creating such a pact of cooperation is to put aside anti-Communist, as well as anti-fascist, prejudices.'
Chaos can think. We should ask her how she does this. We have asked logos (John 1:1 &14). Now it is the turn of chaosWe must learn to think with chaos and within the chaos.... To make an appeal to chaos is the only way to save logosLogos needs a savior, it cannot save itself." 
As Iskander said to Daryl, the Russians are just pretending a new 'refreshed image' ....but not many people realise this is the same tool of the Jews' (ie. 'East good'/'West bad' dialectic). 25m 57 s - 28m 05 s
I am not exaggerating - as the friar foresaw above, we face the complete destruction of Western, Christian civilisation. Or as Dugin says above, the 'salvation' of Logos (Christ) by chaos!

The Jew, Harold Wallace Rosenthal, administrative assistant to Senator Jacob Javits in an interview with Walter White, when asked about men in high political office, stated that no one in the last three decades has achieved any political power without Jewish approval. "Americans have not had a presidential choice since 1932 when (the Jew) Franklin Roosevelt was our man; every president since Roosevelt has been our man" (Frank Britton, The Hidden Tyranny Behind Communism). Rosenthal's death in 1976 has been attributed to his loose lips.

Even before Roosevelt, the Jewish influence upon Woodrow Wilson (the Jew "Wolfsohn") was quite evident, as Henry Ford wrote in 1921--"Mr. Wilson, while President, was very close to the Jews. His administration, as everyone knows, was predominantly Jewish." The International Jew, Dearborn Publishing Co., III, p. 28-9). 

Rabbi Cohen is recorded as saying. ". . .Fortunately for us at this time, we have ensconced in the White House the greatest friend that the "Jews" have ever had. President Bill Clinton has been of great benefit to us Jews. . . When the goyim of the United States discover his treason, they will probably dig up his corpse and chop it into pieces anyway. Black, white, yellow, brown or red, they are all stupid goyim, all animals. But we Jews pay honor to those who serve us well. And what better reward can anyone have than to be buried in Arlington? (Applause) Except for Woodrow Wilson, no other US President has helped the "Jews" more than has Bill Clinton. . ." 

(Transcripts from tape labeled Yesivah Lecture #5 by Rabbi Cohen and translated from his Yiddish lecture tapes by David Goldstein. "The Spotlight", 300 Independence Avenue SE Washington DC; "The Truth at Last", PO Box 1311 Marletta, CA 30061).

As a confirmation, as I said to a UK contact today (who used to work for GCHQ) and can see it;
'You might note the gradual signs of the Europe/USA split with for example the UK ambassador to the USA incident or the fact of Macron attending Russia 'victory day' next year;
The plans have been made clear. When the USA and Europe are separated politically and NATO dissolved, then they strike. The West is in the most disastrous mass blindness to threat in human history. In my estimation, they have have already planned out the design of the world after WW3 as here; 

I hope we can get some trustworthy Government and military persons in the know, because we must have co-conspirators/traitors within our government and military structures to make all this happen. But we must not underestimate what may be possible, if we can alert people and mobilise. Big things come from little things (Matthew 13:31-32).'