I have been getting a lot of calls lately of families who want to stay at a good hotel and yet don’t want to splurge too much on it, they want a hotel with swimming pool right in city centre. The obvious choice naturally would be in one of those 5 star hotels.

These families however don’t want to stay at a 5 star hotel for obvious reasons, ($). So the next best thing is to look for a 3-4 star hotel at 3 star pricing. I am sure many of you would have read a review or 2 about 360 Urban Resort Hotel. This hotel is located beside Hock Lee Shopping Mall. However, it is at the other side of the city. You cannot walk over to Waterfront where all the happening touristy attractions are. You need to have transport to bring you over to Waterfront area. Then the other choice is Grand Continental Hotel. This hotel is in city centre but it is a bit old hotel. The rooms as many hotel reviews would tell you is that the rooms are large. Another choice would be Ariva Gateway Hotel, 4 star located beside SEGI University in city area. The hotel lobby is not at ground floor though. You need to take lift up to the lobby floor. The other more upmarket hotels are the 4 star Grand Margherita Hotel right at Waterfront, 5 star Riverside Majestic Hotel and 5 star Pullman Hotel, the newest baby in this Golden Triangle of Kuching.

Having mentioned the above, the next thing to look at if you are budget conscious is to check which website allows you to book any of these hotel at the lowest price hotel.

Compare pricing first before you book. Do remember that sometimes travel agent could give you lower rates than online booking as they give you nett rate without the 16% service or government tax and includes 2 daily breakfasts too.

If you are a backpacker, you would be easily satisfied with a clean bed, clean hot shower and hopefully with breakfasts at a decent price. There are quite a number of cheap backpacker’s hotel by the Kuching Waterfront. Currently, the most popular cheap hotel, no frills one will be Tune Hotel Kuching. Do read the fine prints before you book especially on the check in time, check out time and the rates for the number of hours for air cond usage.

If you come travelling with a family and a baby, you would want the hotel in Kuching to be near eating places and convenient to move around. You wouldn’t want to stay at a place that is miles away only because it is cheap if it causes so much inconvenience to you and your family. Everyone would end up no enjoying your Kuching holiday. You would perhaps opt for a 3 star hotel in city area.

The popular hotels are Harbour View Hotel in Kuching which is located by the waterfront. 360 Xpress Hotel and 360 Urban Resort Hotel, Kuching for its cheap rates and freebies like free self laundry, free wifi and nice cozy rooms. The latter hotel is higher end but is not located at the centre of town, and so if you want to visit the Waterfront, there is free shuttle service to send you. Both these 360 Hotels believe in Give in order to Receive and so far, their occupancy is full most days.

If you are more of the high end type, then you would settle nothing less than “Take me to the Hilton”. However, for the past few years, Kuching city has seen many developments and new hotels in kuching, from budget to 5 star have spring up like mushrooms to care to the increasing number of tourist arrivals.

There are now several hotels that is giving Kuching Hilton hotel a run for their dollar. The new Pullman Hotel is a very nice brightly white iconic hotel that stands atop a hill overlooking the city below like a mother would over her children. Other hotels have done with a face lift eg. Riverside Majestic Hotel, Grand Margherita Hotel that used to be known as Holiday Inn Kuching has also had a face lift. Another favourite 4 star hotel of mine is Four Points Hotel by Sheraton. Big hotel with large spacious rooms and very comfortable large beds.

Next, you may opt to stay in a Kuching resort hotel that is by the seaside. My highly recommended resort hotel is Damai Beach Resort, It is a 4 star resort. A beautiful piece of property located by the seaside. If you come during the Rainforest World Music Festival, usually the rooms would be full and the hotel will try to earn more by packaging up their rooms with minimum 2 nites stay with BBQ dinner at a higher price. Most guests would take the package deal because it is just a few minutes walk to Sarawak Cultural village where the annual event is being held. Other properties in Satubong are Damai Puri Resort, One Hotel Santubong Resort and Santubong Homestay.

Damai Beach Resort is located on Teluk Bandung’s sandy beach. It faces the South China Sea with over 90 acres of sea frontage. This resort is just beside the Borneo rainforests. Damai Beach Resort’s advantage is that it is just beside Sarawak Cultural Village and guests need not take the shuttle to visit the cultural village.

One Hotel Santubong sprawls over 25 acres amidst lush jungles with Mount Santubong as its guardian and also overlooking the South China Sea.

Santubong Homestay is a great place to stay if you are planning to experience Kampung or Village Life. The village comes to life with activities to welcome you if you are coming in a group as then many activities can be created just for your group. The activities are futsal by the beach, morning aerobics, telematch games, and even pot luck meals where the whole village comes together to welcome their guests with a dish or two and enjoy the meal together.

To find out locations of Kuching City, please click here for Kuching City Map.

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