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Dynasty's focus is the development of fundamental science and education in Russia. The Foundation works in several areas:

  • Support for Science and Education. Here, our focus is on programs that foster and support theoretical physicists, mathematicians and biologists. We support talented schoolchildren, high school students, young mathematicians, physicists, biologists, high school math and science teachers, and respected researchers and theorists. We also have separate programs for training world-class economists in Russia. The Foundation has likewise helped to create a laboratory for the study of the molecular mechanisms of aging.
  • Popularization of Science. Our programs in this area include the Enlightener Prize for Non-Fiction Literature, the popular science website Elements, the Dynasty Foundation Library, a series of public lectures delivered by world-famous scientists, and Science Cafes.
  • Our Special Projects involve support for culture and finding solutions to social problems. Dynasty supports unique projects that have no immediate relationship to our other strategic support programs but that foster the values we uphold.
    One of the most long-term and successful projects is the Moscow Time cultural education project.

Support of Science and Education

Popularization of Science

Special Projects

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The Dmitry Zimin Dynasty Foundation was included in the Register of ‘Nonprofit Organizations Performing the Functions of a Foreign Agent’ by the Russian Ministry of Justice on 25 May 2015.