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What We Do For Workers


Inform your employer and come see us. We assist you in filing your claim, and your employer’s work insurance will take care of your expenses.

  • We accept walk-in patients for new work related injuries that are not life-threatening (strains, sprains, eye injuries, lacerations, burns, respiratory injuries, contusions and abrasions, chemical exposure, and blood borne pathogen exposure)
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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires interstate commercial motor vehicle drivers to maintain a Medical Examiner’s Certificate in order to drive. We are able to provide that to keep you cruising.

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We are able to provide full panel drug screens partnered with an external laboratory. Amphetamines, opiates, THC, cocaine, barbiturates, PCP — we can test for them all. Plus, you have the option to get results express delivered.

We also have a electrochemical breathalyzer that is DOT-certified to measure breath-alcohol levels. We would tell (with high precision) if you’ve been drinking.

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Physicals are important in ensuring the safety of you and others around you. DOT, non-DOT, pre/post-employment, re-certification, police officer, firefighter, cruise worker physicals, coastguard, pilot physicals– we do them all to ensure you can do your job.

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What We Do For Employers


This is the Work Clinic’s specialty so we have a lot of experience on filing, faxing, and recording related work injury paperwork so you don’t have to. Of course, we also provide comprehensive occupational healthcare to patients, so they can get back on their feet quicker, but for cheaper.

Too busy to schedule an appointment? We accept walk-ins, as long as the patient provides their name and the company they work for.

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Many substances impact a person’s ability to work. Keep your business running at its full potential by ensuring that your workers can work at theirs.

Regular drug and alcohol screenings are the best option to prevent any injuries influenced by mind and body-altering substances. We also have certified Medical Review Officers that can assess the results and provide an accurate analysis of the screenings.

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Keep your workers strong and sturdy with by keeping up-to-date with routine vaccinations.

The Work Clinic offers a ride array of vaccines so the flu, tetanus or other preventable diseases can stay away from your business and keep your employees working healthy.

Influenza Vaccine Patient Questionnaire

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Any potential employee needs to fit the requirements on their resume while also fitting their requirements physically. If not, harmful and injurious results come as consequence. Fortunately, the Work Clinic offers many examinations to ensure your future employees are a good match for their job description.


Services are not limited to within our clinics. The Work Clinic offers “on-site” services where we bring our healthcare services to your company’s location. It’s a convenient way to test, vaccinate, or monitor your employees.

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Monitoring employee health and work statuses is key to determining trends to certain injuries. Once a trend is determined, steps can be put in place to prevent that specific injury in the future. This increases workplace safety (while also saving you money).

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The Work Clinic

Physical Exams

Keeping workers fit

Why Get a Physical Exam? Individuals being evaluated for hire or placement are not required to divulge past medical problems to a prospective employer. In fact, employers cannot ask questions that may...

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Work Injuries

Treating injuries sustained at work

The Work Clinic defines primary injury care as treating non-emergency injuries sustained at work. Typical examples include cuts and bruises, exposure to chemicals or blood-borne pathogens, back injury...

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Drug & Alcohol Screening

testing with precision

Drug Screens: The Work Clinic provides 5, 7 or 10 panel drug screens that identify various substances (amphetamines, opiates, THC, PCP, barbiturates, etc). We use a laboratory certified by the Subst...

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Medical Surveillance

Preventing long-term injuries

Medical surveillance makes sure workers are healthy when they are exposed or potentially exposed to occupational hazards. It ensures employee fitness is optimal by monitoring their health and work...

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Certified Medical Review Officer

Verifying results

A Medical Review Officer (MRO) is a licensed physician that reviews test results with the donor and has the final decision on whether the results are positive or negative, legitimate or adulterated....

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Travel Medicine

traveling safe

There are many health risks associated with traveling and living in any part of the world. The Work Clinic can help reduce those risks and provide you with travel information, proper immunizations an...

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Keeping you healthy

The best medicine is preventative medicine. Fortunately, there are many vaccine-preventable diseases such as the flu, meningitis, and the Chickenpox. To help reduce your risk of falling ill and spread...

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On-Site Services

Our business at your convenience

Let us come to you. The Work Clinic provides immunizations, urine drug specimen collection and breath-alcohol testing, where you need it. For breath-alcohol testing, we provide a pager that lets us kn...

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